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The Secret of Jordan Fisher’s New Tattoo

The Secret of Jordan Fisher’s New Tattoo

Do you have other tattoos?
>>I do [LAUGH] I do. I’m kinda tatted up, I’m bad, okay?
>>How many do you have?>>I don’t even know how to count, I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff. All right, I’ve got a Big Ben on
my shoulder, the face is blank. It’s gonna be the time
of my first kid’s birth.>>My goodness.>>Cuz it’s more than anything in my life.>>That is cute.>>[APPLAUSE]>>That is so dull.>>More than anything in my life, I love my family. I’ve got an incredible family. If you guys watched the show, I was able to honor my family in
some beautiful ways in the show, and I want that of my own more than anything.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wow, that’s so sweet.>>I love that.>>Yeah.

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