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The secret to clear aquarium water!

The secret to clear aquarium water!

What is the secret to clear aquarium water? There’s really no secret. Let me explain So you see first of all if you state that there’s a secret to clear aquarium water, you’re also Insinuating that there’s only one contributing factor as to the clarity issues that you’re having when that’s simply just not the case You see there’s a massive amount of things that can cause water clarity issues for you And what I want to do is instead of come up with this magical way that clear everybody’s aquarium Which is simply not going to [happen] I would much rather help you understand what’s going on with your tank, so in today’s video We’re going to look at when you’re having water clarity issues. What is it? You’re actually looking at What’s causing it? And then we’ll look at some of the ways that you can fix it, so let’s get started The first one we’re going to look at is actually green water and what you’re looking at is microscopic Free-floating algae, it’s really just that simple Unfortunately, this is one [of] the most unsightly types of clarity issues You can have in your [aquarium] and a lot of people panic and look for quick fixes, but [first] let’s understand What’s causing it for the most part when this happens? It’s due to excessive light and/or excessive nutrients You’ll see this being a problem for tanks that are literally in direct sunlight either from a window and or ponds that have [direct] sunlight Beaming down on them you’ll also tend to see this in tanks that are heavily populated So the reasoning for this is simple the free-floating microscopic algae is simply getting more than it needs to survive now free-floating algae is present in any aquarium with the nitrogen cycle and [light] source present meaning that there’s nitrate and a white luckily most of us have a good balance with these and will never incur Excessive algae for those of you that are let’s talk about short term and long term Fixes short term the fastest way to get rid of microscopic Free-floating algae has got to be a mass of water change obviously if you change out all that water it’s going to be gone however within a few days it’s going to be completely back if you don’t to anything so another short-term fix would be to add in a Ultraviolet Sterilizer this will not only take care of the issue But it will keep the free floating algae gone out of your tank most likely forever But then ultraviolet sterilizer is more so of a band-aid at this point. So we need to look at Long-term Fixes now since we already know why the algae is there and we know that it’s a living organism [we] know we can kill it I’m not a fan of using chemicals to treat simple things like this And I wouldn’t advise anybody to do so so I’m going to stay away from those completely Within this video the first thing you want to do is look at your lighting is your photo period Simply too long Or do you have direct sunlight hitting the tank these are the two first things? I would change I would also then start looking at the nutrients in the tank Obviously these nutrients are coming from your fish and one of the simplest things you can do to decrease Nutrients is to decrease feeding you also might need to consider your stocking levels perhaps You simply have the tank stock too much while you’re at it consider your maintenance as well as your water change schedule perhaps You’re simply not doing enough the overall goal here is to starve off the algae while finding a balance for the aquarium that works right for its location If free-floating algae is always something that you’re struggling with my suggestion would to keep that UV sterilizer on it These are [hands-down] one of the best ways [to] treat free-floating algae the next clarity issue. That is a very popular one is milky what I mean by melky is imagine you have a tank of water And you literally pour it a bit of milk into it the color that it turns is what I’m speaking on what you’re actually seeing is a Bacterial bloom these are very common and newly established Tanks And/or tanks that were simply [cleaned] too much and have gone through [a] shock That shock being an influx of the bio load you’ve probably killed off a massive amount of Bacteria [perhaps] you also added in too many fish at once and your current bio Load was not able to handle it now while it doesn’t look very good These can also be very [dangerous] as well because your tank is trying to Establish itself again a [short-term] fix for this would be water changing you’re not only diluting the color that’s causing clarity But you’re also diluting ammonia in the tank which will be better for the fish now although I mentioned I don’t like to add Chemicals and or additives there are media out there that could help deal with ammonia So I suggest adding a bit of your favorite type [of] media design to deal with ammonia into your filter Now the long term fix is something people don’t like to hear and essentially it is weight your tank needs time to establish itself with time proper stocking and proper filtration The tank will clear itself in the meantime just stay up on your water changes [and] monitor the quality of it again We’re looking to find balance here Maybe you need to increase the amount of media within your filtration and or lower your stocking levels The next type of Clarity issue that I see that is [a] popular one is When your tank is a tea or Amber color what you’re seeing here is Tannins now tannins are fusia leaf from wood and or bog wood [especially], but what are tannins well tannins are actually a yellowish or brownish organic substance found in many plants [and/or]? Trees now the purpose of these tannins are to protect the trees and plants that they’re founded From predators because the tannins actually have a bitter taste [however] when you submerge [that] log Or leaf or whatever it may be in the water these tannins leach out and in turn It turns the water colors as well as makes Acidic so although that sounds bad is really not that bad in fact not enough tannins are really leached out of [a] piece of wood to make a Massive impact on the perimeters of your tank it just doesn’t look good for a lot of people tannins are not that bad They do look make the tanks look a little bit more [natural] and they do Make the water a little bit more acidic which can be beneficial depending on the type of fish you’re keeping the short term fixes for This is really simple take the wood out and boil it and or soak it in a container until all the tannins have leached out You can also add things to your filter like activated carbon Which will absorb those tannins now obviously those are the fastest ways to do it however the long term? simply time and water changes Over time tannins are going to continue to leak Joe and your water changes are going to remove them with enough time You’re simply not going to have any more tannins in the tank personally I like to boil them in water as much as I can [and] then add them into the tank and Naturally remove the tannins that way another clarity issue is particles in the [water] meaning that when you look in the tank It’s simply not clear because there’s a lot of something float in it what you’re looking at could be really anything For the most part it’s uneaten food Fish waste perhaps it’s pieces of plants and or wood that are breaking off the causes here are really simple you’re Overfeeding or you have to simply have hassey fish and of course you might just have poor husbandry Meaning that you’re not taking care of the tank as much as you say you were Short term fixes for these are actually pretty simple once again Water changes and/or use some polishers in your tank really simple one would be to use a water bottle Polisher like [I’ve] shown you how to do in many videos before Or perhaps if you want to do some surface skimming whatever the case may be we have all kinds of projects that we’ve shown you Have to polish your water some long term fixes or some considerations that you need to make are the food that you’re feeding perhaps the food that you’re feeding simply breaks up too much for the fish that you’re feeding and Or perhaps it has too many color additives and those are leaching out into the water every time you feed it Sometimes switching your foods can improve water clarity personally for me I notice a big difference when I’m feeding pellets compared to feeding homemade food [I] Noticed that when I feed the homemade food my water clarity is Considerably better that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same for you But it does tell me that sometimes the type of foods can have an impact on your water clarity perhaps you also don’t have enough mechanical filtration which is Responsible for removing all the particles from the water you might not have enough and or it just might not be efficient enough and one thing a lot of people forget to consider is the circulation of the tank how well the water is being circulated and the To the filter giving it a chance to do what it’s there to do Personally I like to add a couple of air stones here. They’re simply to add a little bit more Circulation powerheads work really well as well the key here is Observation though you want to try placement throughout the tank and move them [around] until you find the sweet spots meaning that Meaning that you find the spot in your tank that you place this extra circulation and there’s no more dead spots you might also want to consider your Stocking you might have simply stopped too many fish for that tank And it’s causing the tank to always stay cloudy the last thing is a hazy Tank now hazy means that it’s almost gray [and/or] it’s clear, and it’s not one of the others But it’s just foggy slightly now. This is a tricky one [because] it could be a number of things Some popular items that I have found is it could be substrate and/or decorations Perhaps your substrate was never rinsed thoroughly and or well And it’s continuously being stored stirred up and causing clarity issues Perhaps some of the decorations [may] [be] they’re fake are [leaching] some of the paint off and causing clarity issues what I like to do is slowly remove one decoration or the other and see if things improve again This is something that takes time Because you can’t just remove it and expect results tomorrow you have to wait a few days to even over a week So I think I covered some of the more popular reasons your tank might be cloudy And I hope this gave you a better understanding Of all of them now that you know some general information as to what’s causing them. You are better suited to act on that [I] guess the point that I’m [trying] to get across is the secret [to] water clarity is Understanding what the problem is in the first place and knowing what to do which was the whole point of this video? I definitely am enjoying talking about all of this water though, so perhaps next week I give you my thoughts and ideas on water perimeters. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below once again That’s been this week’s topic of the week. I hope you guys enjoyed it If not come back next week, and I’ll have something different for you you

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  8. My water has a tannin like tint to it in my newly setup 40 gallon but I know it's from my substrate. I used a layer of baked clay covered with potting soil I sifted to remove everything but the soil itself. I then covered the soil with a thin 1/4 inch layer of flora max. I did a dry start and grew a carpet across the complete bottom on the tank but the soil is still leaching out the tannin like color. The plants are thriving in this substrate and I'm pretty sure that with time and enough water changes the water will clear up

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  12. I’ve done many tanks throughout my life and really never had an issue with cloudy water until now. I just set up a new tank, filtered and stocked it well. It seems to be a little cloudier than normal but I understand it and everything in it is new. You’re dead on about just giving it time and make sure you clean any new decorations you put in it. For everyone out there this video is great and like I said dead on. So just give it time. Check your ph and ammonia levels and relax. You’ll be ok.

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  22. I have a pond (2.500 galons) it turned green within a month… I let it overflow with clean water, it worked great! 2 weeks later it turned brown but I let it go, 1 month later it was cristal clear and it still is (5 year later)

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  29. Oh Wow I finally have an answer!!!! I have a piece of river wood in my tank that my Koi Hybrid seems to love. But the water was always yellowish no matter how much I changed the water. My bud who breeds these hybrids kept telling me not to worry about it cause it was ok but I kept freaking over it. And I ended up killing my Hybrids brother cause he got stressed by the constant changing of the water. My bud said that it sometimes happens to these hybrids cause they are a mix of gold fish but also Koi. And he said that Koi dont need you to mess with them much once things are established and that they are ok with wood and even leaves being in the water. I was so saddened by Yukihi dieing and I swore I wasnt going to kill Hiyuki so i stopped bothering the water and just did regular changes twice a month like I usually did before. But the water always got that yellowish tea like color. My Bud never had an explanation as to why. He just would come look at my fish and say relax hes fine. Which for me, did NOT help cause I need a reason WHY. So this video has greatly calmed me down cause when Id Google things all Id get was articles saying YOURE NOT CLEANING THE TANK ENOUGH. And Im reading like OMG YES I AM!! So this about the wood explains alot and makes sense now that I think of it cause the water didnt start doing the yellowing till I added the log. So Thanks Alot For The Video!! Ill be sure to let my Bud know he was right and Why he was right. His family os from Japan and has a natural traditional pond at his home so he just, knows how to care for these hybrids and koi cause he grew up with them. So when I ask him why about things he often doesnt have the Scientific answer Im needing to hear to stop worrying. LOLZ!!

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