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The shark eggs in my aquarium

The shark eggs in my aquarium

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live from the aquarium gallery, my apologies for a late video Today you see i had full intentions on creating a, video i filmed it i didn’t realize it Was like 5 o’clock here i still have a couple hours of editing to do but i spent all day Getting shots of the fish eating and it was a really good video than i thought ah Why, don’t i just go live, and we’ll do it live on video thanks for those that were waiting for me I’ve never gone live on a sunday so this will be interesting this video could potentially cut out at any time as, well simply because i’m using, my phone no worries though i’ve got the proper, software and Camera and microphone system that eventually we’re Gonna, have, some higher quality, live streams just not gonna be as portable as this which is what i really enjoy? Today i want to talk about The salt water aquarium a number of things i want to talk about just want to make sure we’re live over here just a second unfortunately all the lights in the agrarian gallery are off but i Turn the salt water back on see the lights on the come on total five o’clock out here This is different we’ll talk about that a few others are different, we’ll look at frank – don’t worry, ok? Let’s talk, about the shark eggs first, oh? Well yeah i could, talk, about shark, eggs first so they’re Now over here still on those little clips rico’s reef is in the tank because reef tank that’s, my, man he’s usually Live i’m usually over there check him out The shark, eggs are now in these mesh filter bags as you can, see i did this for two reasons one still clearly Visible – they’re protected now when i originally added them to the veggie clips that is a common practice to kind of clip Them up, like that if they’re not clipping on to the yolk sack or that the egg sack hard enough to damage them However i started getting concerned with, like if i have them up Like this too long i want to give them the best most amount of room by laying them horizontal however you, also Want to keep them, like, this so they have enough flow Around them now for fresh water obviously know. That using egg tumblers for say, african cichlids Allows the eggs to be lightly tumbled in those tumblers Assimilating what it would be like in the mother’s mouth when, their mouth brotr She does this in tumbles them so algae doesn’t get attached So that the no fungus, so that the egg, stay nice and healthy And that’s kind of what i’m trying to do and simile over here? Let’s take a, look at his mother fish there’s a ton of things i want to talk about Lionfish is doing fantastic let’s keep in mind one thing, oh boy i got to contain myself, oh? Hillocks, cracks, me up so when i first added these fish to the aquarium Everything, was done the same night within a 30-minute window Got the fish got the eggs everything Was the same day except it was two separate videos if you notice my clothes are the same all sit filled in the same Day so i didn’t have time to do, any, adjustments or anything like, that and over the course of like Five days on those two videos came out it looks, like nothing, had changed Flow has been? Adjusted to better suit the lionfish The tank is now more clear of course When i before i added the fish i added some more bacteria so it was a little bit cloudy We only have one light on right now Which is shining down this way the lights supposed to be off so i don’t, want to freak the fish out too much okay When this video goes live on my channel i want you guys to suggest, some names For the snowflake deal who is eating, by the way, look i’m yawning, ah i just fed him Earlier in the video that iphones perhaps will use that footage in a future video We need, to talk about something first, about these, eggs they’re, not what we think they are Or, what i said they were? So on a monday i got a text message from, my, local fish store one fish two fish in dartmouth nova scotia By the way i’m in truro nova, scotia it’s not local is about 45 minutes to me from, me but it’s My closest happens to be the best Tells me look i can get your fish But if you, want to get in on this order there is no porcupine puffers coming remember i wanted a lionfish porcupine puffer as well as a Lionfish, she’s like i get you an, awesome lionfish and a snowflake porcupine puffers and no go but i can get you Some bamboo shark eggs that are listed here, what do you think i was like yeah this is an awesome opportunity? That would be entirely interesting this, gotta go Two, days later The fish arrived i go and pick them up And what you’ve seen in the past two videos was all the same day so on that list that were bamboo bamboo sharks Gets them to the store they’re unboxing all their fish adding them to their tanks this one’s put into a net inside the aquarium you Showed you they have, no other reason to not to believe it’s been bamboo shark i run In i’m filming paying attention to filming audio what i’m saying you know trying to maintain the pace of the video grab them Bring them home this is a very hectic. Night all that, was filmed at Like 11:00 or 12:00 at night i didn’t get finished till like 1:00 in the morning something like that The entire time i’m looking at. These, eggs, and i’m thinking This, isn’t like a bamboo shark, egg, that i’ve seen, before let, me see if i get a Good look at it you see those prongs on the end bamboo sharks don’t have those they’re More rounded in fact this isn’t a long gated pouch and it doesn’t look like Bamboo shark pouch at all but i had no reason to believe it wasn’t of course After the videos filming i started taking a closer look i was like Oh man both those videos are already filmed i’m gonna have to correct. This you See sharks aren’t not all sharks lay, eggs Some skates to it which kind of look like a long stingray, we catch them locally Trying to catch, bass and we get skates at night, which scream if you take Them out of the water i’m not huge on fishing but, maybe someday i can show You, that it’s really cool, and then of course, some stingrays lay, eggs all of their shark pouches look different Some are just very minor changes others are more dramatic. While other sharks skates and rays all the last mile branches, by the way they Give birth to fully formed young Pretty interesting stuff however these are simply not Bamboo, sharks what are they they’re coral cat sharks uh-huh It sucks to misidentify them so quickly like that but it was a hectic night etc so i gave you, the backstory Bindle sharks get to about three feet quarrel should, coral cay Sharks two feet coral cat sharks are a fire more prettier fish So i’m kind of benefitting from this and it was really interesting to know this And i feel like i lucked out One concern with the video though, was like a lot of you were saying those tanks are way too small as a Wide-angle lens it makes things see further than they appeared But it’s because i blog when i’m when i’m doing this this is how far the camera is like a foot, away It looks like i’m wafer this wire then, went and distorts everything Behind me is what it’s kind of doing making things look, smaller than they appear but We can, see that these are clearly 120 gallon tanks four, by two, by two Which in the long run is fine for a lionfish and It’s fine for a snowflake, eel That fish has way more to them than just a head which by the way, some people said There’s no where’s for? the snowflake eel to hide i Started thinking, well this must be the first video these guys seen Because all of these rock structures here these are all like doughnut straw a hollow Clearly the smoke flaky all has somewheres to go he climbs in there and he wraps himself up this structure that structure and This, structure are all identical of course over time i can, accommodate and change things because they’re, not actually cemented together But the lionfish is certainly enjoying himself out about Maybe the flow is still a little bit much but you know it’s only been a few? Days, we’re going to experiment with it and change things over time back to the story though So, some people thought those tanks are big enough for those fish individually short but i only have the lionfish and We only, had the snowflake eel and we only had the sharks like individually not all together plenty big The sharks are a carpet shark they’re, not an open, water swimmer they don’t need A round tank i seem that a lot of times where people were commenting that the need of a circular tank looking for open water Predators of course that’s a lot, better so they Don’t bump their noses which has a lot of sensories and damages but with carpet sharks and these type Rectangular and basic tanks are just fun Now when we say it’s a two-foot-long shark like, oh, man that’s just you’re responsible to get such big fish, let’s remind you These guys are gonna get to two and a half feet long probably, way i don’t know Five seven pounds apiece then the rays, which will get a better angle over here Black diamonds the males get to about 24 inches wide side to side three feet long the pearl 36 inches wide Probably, four four five feet long i’ve seen adult in person they get absolutely monstrous the little Baby pearl is usually under the roots However on the topic of the two thousand plants are finally here that i want will be planting the 2000 shortly meaning i’ve got to drain it and get in it not looking forward to that but i think it’s. Gonna be pretty awesome back to the sizing of fish Those are big fish This, guy! Who, we will name? Stein he’s a buy, sure he’s eight inches long Frank is also eight inches long Do, we see any difference whatsoever in these two fish they’re the same length they should have the same requirements and not really Which angles so you get the point you get the idea of what i’m getting at um? Mind you if we really take a look, back, we don’t need the camera here we really take a look, back at like
Say, joey shouldn’t be having these tanks all of this is temporary the? Eggs are in there for a simple reason i didn’t Want to set up i had three days i didn’t wanna have to set up an entirely, new Saltwater aquarium just to float some eggs in it for four months didn’t make sense to me of course i’m not gonna let Them hatch in here that’s gonna be a nice little meal for the The lionfish of course i’m not going to do that my intentions are never to Put fish in danger in any way whatsoever but if we kind of look back a quick example very quick there’s a hundred Gallon, tank i built it to temporarily house the rays then, we went on to build a 2,000 gallon aquarium completely capable Of doing so Inside of a building that is separate from, my house dedicated to aquariums that, was not here twelve months Ago, so obviously i’m willing and able to Accommodate upgrade etc now i did mention that navy will turn the 375 into a saltwater tank maybe We’ll turn the 2000 neither one of those are happening absolutely not i was testing the waters why, i want to know Why, nobody has ever asked Me what’s going on behind door i’d never show it and i never do anything back there but i can Tell you rachel knows, what’s back there right, now but that is changing? dramatically Why didn’t anybody curious, so what does that mean, well? it means that This is probably just gonna be a temporary system Okay, i gotta check out super chat sign you sometimes miss your super chats and if i miss them during the live stream i always follow up and Message you privately and thank you dylan, quadros thank you for your, super chat rico i already got you as Well hope i didn’t, miss anybody else if i did my apologies So he said, why is the channel called king of diy, well for nine years i did weekly do-it-yourself projects, new project Every day every week Those videos took 20 to 40 hours per video to meet make and i did about 300 or so of those i Built projects when i needed them or when i didn’t have, a video on it already to this Day i’ve created so many do-it-yourself projects. There’s not a Whole lot left to build and i still build things if i need them for example a 2000 gallon tank 370 500 gallon You know lots of stuff out here including the building we’re in you know. Like i said this, wasn’t here a, year, ago But to be honest with you do-it-yourself projects for me got roboticle The viewership, was like i put out. A video that took me 20 40 hours i’d get maybe 10,000 views on it which is a lot but It was just no longer happy i? Wasn’t happy anymore At all it was robotic i needed to change people evolve and change over time like i’m at the same person i was yesterday Type of thing let, alone 10 years, ago so As soon as i started making videos like this viewership, exploded i became Visibly, more happy and my videos became more enjoyable to make and i started making three videos a week? I’m able to just talk, about so much more than i used to We’ll do it yourself ever leave of course, not i’m clearly, still doing do yourself but nobody, watches my Step-by-step do-it-yourself videos anymore i’ve tested them i do it yourself filter just a few weeks, ago viewership Was horrible and then i started hiding, them within videos like, hey here’s a bunch of stuff we’re doing but Oh, look at this do-it-yourself project, we’re making food we’re you know Building all kinds of different little things but nobody, was really interested in them so you Know just changing just evolving Will i go back to them probably not i will never go back to one video a week but i spend 20 or 40 hours A week, making that nobody’s really watching But i will say the entire youtube community kind of follows the trends that i sent for example everybody used to do how-to Videos then joey started vlogging mostly everybody started vlogging then Joey, started doing like, videos like this and everybody started doing it perhaps if i go back to the how To’s people will follow but i just don’t know. How. That will go and I’m just happy doing what i’m doing i hope you are as Well and if you enjoy what i’m doing watch if you, don’t know, watch i am more than happy than Going, back to the, days, when nobody watched me at all i mean i remember In the comments in the last video somebody said Joey, does this for views and money i really Want to touch base on that because that hurts that hurts a lot it hurts Me when anybody thinks i would do anything for money that could injure or hurt my animals and for those that have been around for long enough knows that for the first like four or five six years of My channel i made videos every week without, making a Penny, my heart is and always has been in the right place nowadays i’m more successful and i do make money sometimes it feels like it’s more money than i deserve for just talking about fish but at the same time i’m always reinvesting in and expanding and doing more as much like him for the hobby let’s get back to the actual fish though, no more sob stories i Just fed the fish today Before the video, well let’s see if we can get Somebody to eat again, this just cut. Up shrimp, oh i’m not, even showing. You so this just cut Up shrimp, we need, some tongs like this to, wiggle it around i Know that you i know the the lionfish probably, won’t eat this right yet But i’m pretty sure the eel will even though he ate up almost a full serving of Almost a full shrimp to himself earlier but, we’ll see so What i like to do if i haven’t fed them that day or the day before is alway going around in here within a few Seconds they’ll taste it in here so maybe the flowerhorn, were the, oh He showed interest see that so he tastes it oh look, who’s coming he’s like bro get out of the way? Okay, gotta watch myself look, he’s trying to he’s nibble, one that his fins like, is that you that tastes delicious Look, at this yeah you see that And you go you didn’t bring his, whole body out he’s not that hungry Hawaiian, side roads you just ate my, meal We ate it went back in there This, is what the lionfish does a lot And that’s what lionfish do a lot in the wild is they’ll find a perch no sit there Look, he’s still eating it in there He’s already, today, so i’m surprised he’s eaten anything i don’t drop the food in there like that yet this is just to control the Feedings and file levels in my aquarium itself yeah Shall, we take a look at the shark eggs i’ve got the flashlight here, which i dropped in the water earlier so it’s not as bright as it was i Need, a waterproof flashlight One-handed doing this stuff is not that easy either What maybe i could do it okay? Okay, this is really i don’t know, if i’m gonna be able to do this or not Shoot i don’t think i’m going to be able to because i don’t, want to take it out of the water anymore the night i did was it combined, maybe 30 seconds um Yeah, it’s too difficult with one hand i don’t have a tripod for this so what i’m gonna do is if you follow me on? Instagram all the videos and i’ve been putting updates on this guy’s Moving around in the eggs and whatnot right on instagram you, don’t have to have instagram to go look, by the way yeah thank you Chip, but that’s what they coulda just use a chip. Clip a lot of those that’s good enough for now Yeah, that’s, uh It’s gonna be interesting sharks will hatch in maybe three to four months it’s not gonna be anytime soon i Will do a feeding video and a proper look at. This tank in the future in the meantime, we have a bunch of things I will say that the Lionfish is acclimating a lot, faster than i had originally anticipated Big fish, usually take, longer to Get used to their surroundings you know. A week or two, and that brings up a point where a lot of people are like Hey i just bought a, new, fish why, isn’t it eating, why, isn’t it swimming out in the open Give it time to acclimate you used to the surroundings sometimes take several Days and the bigger fish especially if you’ve never bought, like a big oscar Those guys, are big babies the way on their sides for days at. A time type of thing what wome refused to eat Frank’s not like that frankel frank’s like, hey bro put me in a bucket and i’ll eat whatever. You give me so Put the lionfish is acclimating nicely is usually out of the boat however for him to be accepting prepared Foods i’m most likely gonna have to starve in for a week or two and we’ll go from there, who? Wants to see the big tank i want to show. You what some of these fish reserves look, like Okay, so this is hair twiggy you get a. Closer look, at. These guys, you’ve won two argentia Clown loaches flannel just clown, loaches Are twiggy this is a vieja so if you or a Va huh, it’s a since pillow so i know it’s difficult to tell the difference now It won’t be eventually but the hair, wig er the one with the solid lines all the way down Their sides and then the since pilum that looks very similar right now just have half, line, going block, why, but this year guy Look, at him darky is That’s us doesn’t spill them as, well that’s gonna be a male? Dominating, is showing his dominant colors but. They, also called the redhead, cichlid, they display a massive amount of coloration This tank it needs a water change and a cleaning button Very active fish very, active tank i love it especially since the Vieja are gonna get so much bigger notice for all the plants are Yeah, they ate him i wasn’t expecting that but. They did Flow, is heavy in this tank, no it’s not perfect All the flows that is this end well if that both ends and they’re? doing fine Understanding that the thermo just coming from borneo or fast-moving rivers and streams anyway – they used to that that’s, why, there’s a slender See if there’s anything else i wanted to talk about i think that, was it does anybody have any questions mm-hmm Great youtuber keep it up thank you How should the flow be for discus? Well the question i’ll have a peek you shouldn’t have flow in every aquarium just need to control the flow Patterns so this is the discus tank, whites are out right now They, actually, want to be fed i didn’t feed the mistakes those filming i was gonna do it afterwards but So we’ve got an equal check wave, maker here this potentially pumps thousands of gallons an hour but i just have a nice controlled flow Macy, he they can’t get blown, away around if they swim right in front of it but Ideally, you size your filtration to the size of the aquarium with as well as taking into consideration the types of fish that you have and then you Adjust for flow rates so you shouldn’t really have anything settling on the floor of the tank This here is from a water change i just blast water in and forgot to fix it But in a discus square iam it should be flow or slow. Flows yet Not so slow, that if it becomes an unhealthy aquarium, my suggestion is to try different things even using an Air stone will work just fine The fastest flowing tank in here by far is the Rainbows. These, guys, love fast flow, wall route egg is a little slower Again, the lights out so it’s gonna be difficult to see look at What’s in the quarantine though massive amounts of plants are not going to took a look, at them that’s for the 2000 Saltwater tanks usually need a lot of flow as, well but it’s dependent on the fish, you’re keeping but, again Saltwater tanks consider their flow and filtration two separate entities they dress them both separately and i do that with fresh water as, well Oh, whoa, oh, oh? Oh, what’s the tank on desk good question let’s we’ve been setting this on so i’m building another filter or sump for this system What i’m looking to do is well? It’s too dark in there right now but with the saltwater so It’s doing, what it can, but there’s not enough baffles i need, some bubble, walls so i could run the skimmer It’s not the skimmers night now But i’m going to build a noose out, when it comes to smaller aquariums though If you, have spare glass or go ahead It’s cheaper, to buy, them especially like a dollar per gallon this is just a 20 gallon tall is a pre filter pre-filter here And filtration i’ll probably put, some big blocks of ceramic media Then an area for the Skimmer property on the same side and then followed by a bubble wall which is two? Panes of glass see bubbles tend to travel up so if you have a bubble wall what that means? Is there’s two panes of glass one goes up pretty High, so the bubbles have to travel up it and they usually first at the surface but then in the next Wall goes all the way almost down to the surface of the tank so the next course of action that those bubbles have to take It we’re going to get into your main display Is to go up the wall all the way down the wall then into the return pump which is you know nearly impossible that’s? why, they call them bubble walls The bubbles, don’t travel downwards unless the flow. Is like pushing them down but it’s not, gonna be like that ah So, yeah i’m gonna build a sum for that what else is am i doing out here mm got to be planning got to build This, new song? And i gotta work, on what’s behind the door that’s gonna take weeks if not months no rush but What happens it happens Oh i’m having a good easter we don’t celebrate easter nearly as much as the rest of the world Just small stuff here and there all right How long, we been laughing a lot 25 minutes what else can We talk about i don’t like to go live for too long i feel, like i’ve gone live for long periods of time in the past Always, talk, about the same stuff matt rivers thanks for your super chat frack cow And no fee thank you guys for your snap or your super chat Franco, asks are the eggs fertilized yes they are you know what let’s just go ahead and get them i can move things around yeah Who am i thinking Put you guys on this garbage can, that i do the water changes with, and we’ll take a. Closer walk just give me a second Spin you around Put you right here How’s that okay, now i’ve got two things oh I didn’t think like Okay, hands way to purdue, okay can you see that sorta sorta kinda My hands are soaked now so i don’t know if i can zoom in or not i can Again, just give me a minute okay That’s about as good as we’re gonna get? you, see them He’s in there so this big blob is his yolk sack, and then the shark is Squiggling around, in there i’m not sure if this Cell phone’s gonna pick that up or not but let Me know in the comments i can’t see the comments just yet but i can, see i’m pretty clearly Again, i’ve been posting pictures and videos on instagram of this so make sure you just watch that if you, want to see Some more action shots of that i swear these guys have gotten bigger, but it’s probably just me with, hopeful thinking type of you and there you have it soaked Okay, so getting a lot of repetitive question that i answered at the beginning of the chat So i’m not going to go over those, again, but, what i will do is let’s quickly feed? The arowana i’m going, to give them, some pellets i think And feed frank not record a that, we need, to put frank on a diet he’s working on eight chins now Guys, check this swarm Am i zoomed in still that’s the problem in it’s a second there we go? Kris sullivan thanks for your super chat Ever think about going on a collecting trip now, not interested you gotta be careful cuz These guys, have started to jump for my. Hand does just put one little morsel of love in there for them alright guys not being very aggressive today i don’t blame them there, was light bright lights on earlier heat them off Mmm razors smelling it i got to clean the glass of this but i’ll do it eventually Somebody, asked, when the gallery, site will be up and done? so i do everything myself Websites and everything i’ve been offered like, hey Let me help you i hate answering the people i got help on websites before and they held, my Web site hostage i will not be doing that again so i’ll build it we have time hopefully this, year When the tanks weren’t even all set up anyways but what that website will house is like i talked About live cameras 24-hour cameras it’s not happening At all the bandwidth and the internet usage is just too high And too intrusive as, well however Each aquarium will just be showcased i’ll do a rundown of what’s in it how its run etc center just further details in each Tank, and maybe a custom video for each one something like that something very Basic just and an additional learning experience if you’re seeing one video for one time and don’t have time to go back through 500 videos Website will serve as a place to do that Okay, comments mövenpick quickly can’t really pick up on them We’ll take one last look at the saltwater tank and then i gotta go Tomorrow, i think i’ll start planting mm i Do, want to get a feeding. Video of these guys out of bench leveland proper Don’t forget when this look, video, was live leave in the comments, what, we should name this guy here? So we’re almost 360 only 1200 likes that’s 1 in 3 hate me that’s, why, you, want me to feel i understand alright guys, thanks for joining me today i appreciate all the super chats for those that, did get shoutouts i will be messaging you directly when i have time and For now i hope you enjoyed today’s video if you, want to see the evolution of the saltwater aquarium as Well as what’s to come, and sure you subscribe so you, don’t, miss any of them now how do i end this thing i Didn’t if i forgot how to end this and i just took you, along for my, whole day

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