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THE SHARK STRIKES BACK! | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Episode 4

THE SHARK STRIKES BACK! | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Episode 4

– [Elliot] Who are
these mystery drivers? – [Chase] Why won’t
they stop, man? I just wanna say hi! (energetic music)
(cars vrooming) – Got ’em in our sights! – You betcha! Absolutely nothing
that’ll happen in the next minute
that’ll change that. (engines revving
and metal scraping) (tires screeching) – Time to shred the gnar! – Grip it and rip
it, I always say! (engines revving
and metal scraping) Woo-hoo! Shakalaka sick, brah!
(glass crashing) (laughs hysterically)
(body thuds) – [Elliot] Nice try
mystery drivers, but now– What? How? We lost em! – I thought you were
going really fast! – Thanks little brother. I thought so too, but those other drivers… They must’ve gone
really, really, fast! You got eyes on our guys? – [Chase] (voice cracks) Ugh. He disappeared like ghosts. How are we ever gonna
find them again?! I mean, you can’t
even see ghosts! (cars honking) (engines revving) (cars thud) – [Elliot] Except, if
they’re driving cars! – [Chase] Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! (Benny Hill theme song)
(engines revving) (grocery cart clattering)
(bell dings) (engines revving and
tires screeching) – Time for a shortcut. – [Elliot] Roger that! – [Chase] Uh… I think I took the
wrong shortcut. – [Elliot] What do you mean? – [Chase] Uh… Just a hunch. (surfing music) (spectators cheer) – Where are you? We lost ’em! – [Chase] It’s hard to explain. You might wanna
come to the beach. – [Announcer] Hold on
to your board shorts, ladies and gentlemen.
(engine revving) We have a new entry
into the surf comp. Goes by one name: Chase! – [Elliot] Dude, it’s
no time to catch breaks! – Ha-ha ha-ha! I’ve got the brothers
where I want them! Right in front of
my giant shark! – [Elliot] Every
time there’s danger, that guy is always around. Machado! You’ve got to carve
out of that barrel! – [Chase] Dude, I’m
about to get pitted. – [Elliot] You’re
gonna get axed! (shark growls) (shark chomping) – [Chase] I don’t
understand why people are afraid of sharks. They’re so easy to evade! – [Elliot] Don’t worry, broseph! I’m droppin’ in. – [Chase] Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Not scary! Not scary! Not scary! Not scared. – [Elliot] Time for the
old Band-aid Buster! (engine revs)
(car crashes) (cars whistling) (cars thud) – [Chase] Surfs up!
(surfing music) Ahhhh!
(wave crashes) (brothers grunt)
(cars smash) – [Chase] Surfs down… – Oh, you think I’m finished? No. I’ve got eight reasons why
the brothers are doomed! (evil laugh) I’ve been working
on my evil laugh! (evil laugh) – Bro, you wanna do
dawn patrol tomorrow? – Dude! I’m so there! And I’ll be like woo-woo-pah! – And then I’m gonna be like
wa-ka-ka-da-ka-ta-ta-shoosh! (cars rev off) (energetic music)

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