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Oh Boy, okay, come on so it’s Nighttime in the aquarium gallery everything shut down at the end of the night I come in here and I check on the fish Basic stuff. Look what happened? One of the sharks hatched see if we can get them from above here. Maybe we need a little flashlight Yeah, I see a little bit better. I don’t want to stress them out too much You see them there? I’m not sure which egg he actually came out of It alive and doing well When they first hatch they can’t actually swim so they kind of walk across the substrate or whatnot Isn’t he absolutely beautiful. Sorry, I’m shaking guys. I did this wasn’t supposed to happen right now. Oh, man Talk about a surprise late at night certainly wasn’t expecting This and the worst part about it was I never set up any cameras or anything to capture this moment for two reasons one I didn’t really know when they were going to actually hatched and finally to you guys know that I was planning on Artificially hatching them. In fact, I was going to do it tomorrow morning I guess we should figure out which egg he came out of so we which know which one not to touch Here’s the one he hatched out of now empty Wow, isn’t that something look at this came out of this end Came out perfectly So I’m thinking if I take the other egg that’s still in there and kind of slice it open on The same end like this and here would be a bad end there Look at him go he’s learning to swim them to be able to hatch Let me explain why I want to do that before we get to that. Let me show you this egg sac Once again here take a closer. Look as you can see here. I could tell you that this kind of feels like Like seaweed or Like a really soft plastic, but anyways This one end and this was the other this the end That burst open and he was able to get out the other ones still not out though Here’s what I kind of want to do what I’m thinking one They’re both the same age and they’re both just as far along so that means both of their yolk sacs should be Absorbed the one that came out is a little bit skinny Bottom line is I don’t want to risk the other one dying just because we want it to naturally hatch We’ve got one naturally hatched Let’s just go ahead and simply open up the end and see if we can coax them out You know what before I do anything and now that I actually have one of these I should probably see How easy or how difficult it will be to? kind of cut through these Oh Interesting, so they just kind of crack So if I try to cut it with a tiny little knife, they pretty much just crack, right? Yeah. Okay. You should be pretty simple That one opened so easily like that. I’m gonna use a flashlight as well Okay, so his head is right there this is actually good he doesn’t look very healthy though, he doesn’t look good I gotta get him at it. That’s It doesn’t look good. He’s not breathing So brace yourselves guys, he’s not doesn’t look like he’s breathing Everything was fine earlier earlier today. Everybody was fine. Damn it. Let me see It’s the top the top of it is now opened Come on out little guy. Oh man. I hope you’re okay. Oh This stuff is always so hard on me Sees a little head these little fins how to break this open more Whoa He’s preaching okay Oh We did it look at you you’re bigger than your friend. Oh my Obviously got to get used to So heat this one down on the bottom here is freshly hatched and then the other one Has been out of his shell for a couple hours Look at the size difference there. He goes. This is theirs first steps Okay, guys we have a big problem though This tank is filled with predators Can’t believe we did it guys For those that wanted a natural hacci you got it You just didn’t get to witness it and it sucks because I have so many cameras that could record it And for those that urged that I should get them out sooner than later you Got that too. So One each. This one’s like a fish. Let’s backtrack a little bit You guys know that this is a 120 gallon aquarium filled with well, it has two predators in it We’ve got a black lionfish as well as the snowflake eel Both actually capable of eating these sharks now when I bought these shark eggs I said I was gonna build 180 gallon aquarium. I already had the stand built already have the acrylic to build the tank I just haven’t built it yet Ultimately, though the plan is to when that 180 is built remove the big predators over grow these little sharks out here so we don’t Have to acclimate them or change their environment too much. These guys are gonna be far more sensitive than these fish There goes the eel now. I wonder if he tastes the fresh sharks being hatched I’m gonna have to feed these guys curb their appetites. They’re both kind of Looking for something to eat Oh Anyway, so we took these two shark eggs and tossed them up into a net basically a fried net to Separate them for the time being until they hash We had a few months one thing led to another I got behind on some things and the tank just didn’t get built ultimately I’m not too worried about it because I will build a simple divider for this aquarium for the time being and put that tank build on rush, you know what who knows by the time that I get that tank Oh, Maybe these sharks would be big enough and fat enough to survive with the Predators Just have to wait and see but for now, we’ve really got to feed these guys Okay, I can’t find my tongues for feeding these guys. So we’re gonna have to do it by hand Unfortunately, these guys are venomous I’m sure we’ll be. Okay. At least I have these guys trained to take frozen foods 100 didn’t like that And there’s the snowflake, okay, these guys have horrible eyesight Oh Perfect. Catch I Just want to get them nice and plumped up with some frozen foods, so they’ll go after oh So they don’t do this check oh I really need to learn to edit my whining out Somebody’s gonna want it Delicious I could not want it. Oh here comes. Oh, he’s like kamikaze There no no, no, no, wait. Wait here here here go get it go get it go get it go get it What the helo, you’re so ridiculous okay right here right here if you want it so bad what The ye’ll has such bad eyesight I just don’t trust them he’s gonna come and smash in at my hand or something I Really need to learn where I put everything That’s right there yes, yes. Yes you get it you got it Huh? I think their bellies are full now Thank God. Okay get the Sharks are gonna eat our head drop a little bit of Shrimp in here. I’m planning on feeding shrimp or octopus. I’m sorry squid or octopus, but we’ll see what happens here No worry about them not eating it or anything Later this is 120 gallon aquarium with tons of dilution. I’m not worried about They make it oh Wow, hasn’t this been an amazing? What’s up?
but what hasn’t this been an amazing journey thus far us going from Taking you guys to the pet store and picking up a couple of these shark eggs, too You know showing you that they’re just a couple of little Wiggly lines on some yolk sacs inside of a weird shaped shell Too giving you updates of them slowly growing over time sharing that excitement talking about plan And for those that will never get a shark or can never have one will never have a tank for one I hope this kind of fulfilled a little empty space in your heart. I think it certainly is for me and then of course hatching them today and it feels like the journey is over, but in reality, I guess it’s just beginning now we’ve got to make sure these guys survive grow them out into Adults and who knows maybe we got a male and female I can sex sharks rays and skates. So no problem. I’ll do it probably In another video or if you guys know me I’ll probably and I’ll apologize in advance I’ll probably span you will spam you with videos and photos on Instagram all day today. It’s morrow. Maybe we’ll even do a Announcement on their gender But I’d love to know what you guys think. What do you guys think? We got a male and a female two girls two boys More importantly do they need names or are they not on Frank’s level yet? Let me know in the comment section below all jokes aside. I wasn’t expecting this tonight at all Threw me off guard But I’m glad I was able to capture it and share this moment with you guys If you enjoy the thing videos like this and you’re not subscribed to this channel yet I highly suggest you do because well, I don’t do this all the time, but when it does happen You’re certainly gonna want to be notified through video here on YouTube

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  1. WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY!! Thank you all for coming along with me! Find me on IG for more pics and videos of these guys! @uarujoey

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  4. I have a couple sharks that i hatched 10 years ago and they are pretty active and they will gently take food from your hands.

  5. Question why did you open the egg yourself? I would assume that itd be better to allow the eggs to hatch on their own.

  6. on opening an egg, you know birds have to go through stress to build some hormones that help them survive hatching…. sharks would be the same, if you manually remove a shark from it's egg, you inhibit it's natural hormones and will be immuno-supressed. I don't expect it will survive without lots of constant TLC.

  7. I remember back when I lived in South Africa, my dad would always say that those things were shark eggs and I didn’t believe him because they looked like seaweed and they would always wash up on shore and were super common, but damn they actually were shark eggs.

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