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The True Story of Eric “The Eel” Moussambani at Sydney 2000 | Olympic Rewind

The True Story of Eric “The Eel” Moussambani at Sydney 2000 | Olympic Rewind

100 comments on “The True Story of Eric “The Eel” Moussambani at Sydney 2000 | Olympic Rewind

  1. Me animo este video … 1 semana antes para mi primera competencia.. Ahora ya no estoy nervioso .. Gracias 💞

  2. To be the only one in the pool…I would just die. Good for him.
    Weird how the only coach to actually help him was a white South African….

  3. So what if he did not win? He still deserve a gold medal, this shows that giving up is never the way to achieve something. It is about doing and trying your best. Keep trying until you have reach your limit and push it further so that you won’t feel like losing and you will be a winner!

  4. I remember watching this on tv and I really like how the spectators were cheering him on. It was one of the most memaral moments of the game. I love how even though he was nervous he gave it a got , that is what life is about I guess! all I can say is Go Eric!!!

  5. Thank you South African coach 'name here' for your kindness to lend a helping hand. We know with the same training facilities Eric is only as best as equals

  6. We´d better reflect in his mirror, instead of looking for us in the image of the sports superstars. The spirit that will take you away is that of self-improvement, and the bravery to fight against the odds..

  7. if you think this is an easy sport. come on and join me practice, for swimming you need to most powerfull technic. Just For you Eric, NEVER EVER give up, I train 4 days per week, And im 9 years old, All my Love from me, To you <3

  8. It is not if him that wills or runs but God that shows mercy-Who knew a man taught by fishermen could be in an Olympic arena. Well done! God continue to bless your endeavors in Jesus Name.

  9. Standing there on the block and knowing you'll probably be last. Competing against the best swimmers in the word. Knowing all odds are against you, and still diving in and giving your all. That shows true courage. What a hero!

  10. How can a person with such lack of preparation can have the chance to "compete" at that level when there are thousands of athletes that spend years preparing and fighting for that shot. I don't blame the guy, I just think the system needs a review.

  11. I'm a swimmer and I didn't know how to control my breathing and others were better than me than my coach told me to practice

  12. Wow… SOOOO inspiring! For someone with little to no access to a pool, his flip turn and strength is admirable!

  13. Sometimes, winning doesn't have to be winning a medal. I remember watching it for the first time and thinking is this a joke? but after knowing the facts, you did great man, like 100% awesomeness in you. if I was you wouldn't have the guts to do that.

  14. somebody needs to edit his wikipedia entry. his story is not that of the slow time, its one of awe inspiring courage, and a failing in the olympic system.

  15. Eric IS what the Olympic spirit is all about. Good for you Eric for making your country’s youth love this sport too.

  16. Eric, you are a greater swimming hero to the Olympics than Sun Yang ever will be!! 🙂 A true inspiriation, showing the true spirit of olympics…to participate, rather than to win. And also, you did not finish last. You did finish ahead of those who were disqualified. To finish first, you first have to finish. 🙂

  17. It truly is part of the Olympic spirit like he said not just the competition but representing your country and participation and embodiment of the Olympic movement of sport around the world.

  18. How did he qualify to the Olympics ,,, no disrespect at all but just curious on how he got there being a rookie at swimming.

  19. I watched Eric swim at the Olympics 19 years ago and cheered him with all my family, it was such an uplifting experience to watch as everyone in the stadium cheered him too 🙂 Such a humble soul and a beautiful story, I love stories about compassion and appreciating others for who they are 🙂 Not sure why I thought of him today but just wanted to hear and see his story again as it's so heart warming ❤❤❤

  20. Yo soy un nadador Uruguayos y la verdad que tienes mis respetos y eres un gran ejemplo a seguir 👏👏❤️

  21. I laughed at his swimming. It reminded me swimming. I would be dead after 20m. Where did he get that courage? If I was him in 2000 seeing those finest athletes I would run out of the pool and run back home. Loved his interview. Terrific story. Glad to find out that he wasn't an arrogant prick full of himself but someone humble, brave and responsible. Also, it was good to see people actually encouraged him.

  22. But how did he get selected for the Olympics, though? Like Olympics set a certain barrier for like athletics running games, no?

  23. I remember this. Watch the original if you can.The crowd knew he wasn't the fastest, but they cheered him on so hard to finish. That's the spirit of a global community.

  24. I remember watching this with some friends and while it was amusing I remember that all of us were also cheering for him as we had so much respect for a guy that would travel all that way and give it a go. I had respect for him then and I still do now! I think he won a lot of Australian hearts that day!

  25. The Olympic Spirit is and has always been to give your best for your nation. There may have never been a truer living example of this ideal.

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