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The Ultimate Guide To Grilling Fish • Tasty 101

The Ultimate Guide To Grilling Fish • Tasty 101

when you think of grilling most people tend to lean more towards harder meats like beef and pork however fish is a delish protein to add to your summer recipe roster buckle up for the ultimate guide to grilling fish there are a lot of fish in the sea and rivers and lakes but not all of them are suited for grilling some fish can be a bit too delicate fall apart and stick to the grill but if you pick the right kind it’s actually easier than you think some of our favorites are salmon and swordfish other great options are whole fish like trout red snapper or branzino let’s talk about skin okay I’m ready skin off Iran is totally your personal preference it won’t change the outcome of the fish a lot of people actually really love eating the skin myself included and when done right it can be crispy and delicious obviously if you’re growing the whole fish route you need to keep the skin on the skin protects the flesh of the fish from being torn apart by the grill here are three different methods for cooking and preparing fish first up we’re gonna grill marinated swordfish over lemon slices we’re going with swordfish because it’s a super sustainable flavorful fillet that holds up against the grill it’s almost like the steak of the sea you can play around with endless flavor combinations to create your ideal marinade we’re doing an easy herb citrus marinade you’ll need olive oil lemon juice lemon zest oregano salt and pepper just add everything together in a large baking dish and whisk to combine next add your fish for 30 minutes to an hour you don’t want to go longer than that or the acid from the lemon will start to break down the fish and it’ll get mushy let’s talk citrus today we’re using lemon slices but you could also use limes oranges or even grapefruit depending on what flavor profile you’re going for make sure to cut your lemon slices into fairly thick pieces so that they don’t disintegrate over the grill when you’re ready to start pre-heat your grill to 350 place the lemon slices side-by-side making sure it’s bigger than the filet-o-fish you’re using then place the fish on top of the lemon slices and close the grill for 8 minutes best part you don’t even need to flip it it’ll go from being pink and kind of translucent to being firm and opaque just like this if you’re new to grilling fish this is a great way to impart flavor while preventing your fish from sticking to the grill and don’t waste those grilled lemons they’re perfect for squeezing over fish for even more brightness and flavor for our next method we’re doing something a little more unique and using a cedar plank a cedar plank is a great way to impart a smoky flavor into the fish again without dealing with the possibility of the fish sticking to the grill we’re really trying to make it easy on you guys and ourselves cedar planks and salmon are a classic combo that go hand in hand the fat from the salmon is great for absorbing the flavor of the wood in the summer most grocery stores carry cedar planks in the seafood section but you can also find them online take your cedar planks and submerge them in water for at least an hour before grilling you could even do this the day before soaking the wood is going to prevent it from catching fire on the grill pretty crucial before we get grilling let’s talk rubs you can really go anywhere with your spice combinations for our rub we’re going to use whole-grain mustard brown sugar orange zest salt pepper coriander and cumin combine all the ingredients in a bowl and just whisk until smooth it’s as easy as that if you choose to keep the skin on like we’re doing who you only need to worry about covering the top and the sides with the rub generously cover the salmon with the rub it’s totally ok if it’s a little uneven as long as it’s covered this doesn’t need to marinate you can get right to grilling when you’re ready to go place the soap cedar planks over indirect heat and place the salmon on top close the lid and cook for 15 to 17 minutes the beauty of cedar planks means no flipping or sticking when you’re done the salmon should be pink in the center and easily flake apart and the mustard rub should turn into this kind of crust on top it’s so good when you take a bite of this cedar plank salmon it’ll be hard to go back this is a whole new level of flavor that’s so easy to achieve our final method is stuffing and grilling a whole fish okay this is gonna seem intimidating but it’s actually one of the easiest and most forgiving methods it’s guaranteed to be a centerpiece showstopper when buying a whole fish make sure to ask your fishmonger to clean and get the fish it’s not super fun to do yourself but by all means be my guest you’re probably thinking what about the bones don’t worry we’ll remove them later you can essentially stuff the cavity with anything you’d like we’re seasoning our fish with salt and pepper next stuff it with lemon slices scallions ginger and cilantro then finish it off by coating it with oil on both sides we’re seasoning the fish from inside out so it’s really crucial that you season every bit of it with salt and pepper the measurements for the stuffing don’t need to be exact take a handful of each and stuff gently inside the cavity once your fish is full of flavor it’s time to tie it up things are about to get wild take two pieces of cooking twine her trout and slip them under the body tying it around the belly of the fish and making a bow or knot on top sure you could do some fancy chef’s tie but it’s really not necessary make your life easier and just do about the most important thing here is that the fillings stay inside lastly generously coat each fish with olive oil on both sides again with this method you can skip marinating and get right to grilling this time take a paper towel and dip it into a bowl of oil and thoroughly rub down the grates of the grill this in tandem with the oil on the fish is gonna make sure there’s limited sticking if any place the fish over indirect heat and close the grill for six minutes now it’s time for the hardest part don’t go boom when it’s time to flip take a deep breath if it sticks just take your tongs and gently wiggle the fish until it releases from the grill once you’ve successfully flipped your fish close the grill and continue cooking for another six minutes a whole fish is all about presentation before you present it cut and remove each piece of twine remember how I told you we’re gonna take out the bones now’s the time on a cutting board or hey even on your plate remove all the stuffings from the fish and gently split the fish open you’ll notice the bones begin to separate from the meat run your fingers under the bones and along the spine then take the tail and pull it straight up this will remove the bones and head in one fell swoop it’s really that easy the secret to grilling great fish is finding a method to prevent sticking without overcooking it it doesn’t need to be scary or messy you can play around with different flavor combinations and our proven grilling techniques to get the perfect fish every time so there you have it whatever method you choose I hope you expand your fishy horizons and give one of these a try and it’s so good there’s no reason not to do it go fish or go home bye I’m out

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  1. the trout: I usually salt and pepper the outside AFTER applying the oil. Otherwise, you are just brushing the majority of it off.

  2. Hold the phone. How would I take the thin, crisped up lemon slices and then squeeze the juice out over my cooked fish??

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  5. So what happens if you are poor and can’t afford fresh fish. And have accidentally bought from Walmart frozen fish with bones and scales in, yuck. I just keep it in the freezer because I don’t know what else to do with it , I’m grossed out and disgusted !!
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  7. Your salmon is just a little bit overcooked. slight flakiness is ok, but once your salmon is actually flaky, it's overcooked.

  8. Very good video
    How can we cook the side dishes simultaneously? It would be so nice if you make another video showing how to prepare everything at the same time!

  9. I have tried grilling salmon on my weber kettle. I followed the same lemon method. But instead of lemon I used slices of pineapple it was on point.

  10. I love these kind of videos so much more than the ADHD inducing short ones were you barely have time to read the instructions on the screen.

  11. Don't put them in separate containers before adding them together. You're wasting water and using soap to clean it. Why don't you care about the Earth?

  12. When grilling the whole fish it would be advisable to remove the fins. As an option to using whole stuffing, we can also make a pesto to be applied inside the fish.

  13. Secret to Grilling..
    Don't close the lid, your just making an OVEN.
    Closing the lid means you're Baking something or smoking it.
    Grilling means to cook with heat from below.
    In USA Broiling is grilling with heat from above.

    Closing the lid to create radiant heat is baking or smoking on a Grill.

    I love how Tasty producer's don't know this piece of common knowledge.

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  15. Cutthe head of andclean the inside and then evenly season with your spices of choice. Wrap it in aluminium foil then grill. Check ever few minutes to see if its done then take the foil off and the skin should come right off

    Sorry for bad english

  16. 좋은 음식 잘보고 갑니다 korea food ^^

  17. Please make sure that the fish you use is sustainably sourced! I can't stress this enough. Over fishing and drifting longlines that ruins the sea bed is a horrible way to disrupt the planets eco system.

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  19. Before watching this video, I tried grilling fish over lemon and orange slices. One of the worst flavours, the fish was extremely bitter from what I believe was the lemon and orange slices. I couldn't understand why because Fish is known to be grilled with citrusy fruits.

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  21. Wonderful. A marinade of lemon is popular but if you use lemon and orange mix the sweet flavour of orange makes the fish delicious, especially Snapper.

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