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The ULTIMATE ice fishing rig!

The ULTIMATE ice fishing rig!

Lake Winnipeg one of the mecca’s of big walleyes. We got something pretty special I end up Oh baby, you big bitch big bitch pick this take your time. Take your time. Yeah What time is it Sam Fat 16. No, what time is it? I don’t know. It’s big walleye time Sam what time is it? With all my time Big walleye turn not even we have to go to Winnipeg. Wait silicon, Alaura It’s not even today as you might have gathered. Sam is sick She’s very very sick, but she didn’t want to call off the trip. Whatever goals Since we got engaged since we started d anyways to catch a big walleye. She came very close on Lake of the Woods but failed and Now we’re headed to one of the mecca’s of big walleyes Lake Winnipeg I’ll talk more about it But for now, we’re getting some team burgers Gotta make one stop on the way out and we’re going on Sam’s quest for a thirty inch walleye So how much can I spend? Is there a liberator no wow Guys I’ve not shown this place on the video yet, but this is like those headquarters this is the place for hunting and fishing here in Kenora and I mean this little place has so much gear packed into it. It’s it’s pretty impressive What’s up, what’s up? Not too much. How’s it going? Chick you two holding down the fort What do I need four big walleyes unlike Winnipeg Kaimuki scum Mookie’s that’s right. He’s wearing the Kaimuki hoodie. I feel like this is a sales pitch. I’ve been up there every year and last year we caught like 20 masters biggest those 14 pounds on this Bay right here. That’s the one actually designed this color me and my gams This is this is Liam. This is Gore peiser’s grandson You’ve seen him in some photos Pirelli and he says I need a try Kaimuki. I’ve actually never used to conclude before All right. He sold me William sold me on to cooky as You can see the selection here is pretty ridiculous. I’m gonna try to spend too much money But a couple Lakota pega options spoons are good Everyone uses rattle Bates and I’ll probably get a some minnows, but between those three you’re pretty pretty set So a couple more things and we’ll get head to Winnipeg. Okay, we need some predictions What’s the biggest while I’m gonna be on like what a pig? And who’s catching it me or Sam 14 pounds Sam for Sam 13 pounds for Sam. Oh man you guys suck. Thank you like its headquarters. Thank you guys for hooking me up We’re going fishing Guys, I bought some after rod. She does not know this is for her yet I bought you a rod. It’s purple It’s beautiful He get in is cold. You’re gonna have a snooze Alright we’ll see and Winnipeg It is 6:18 and Since we last checked in we are now on the shores of Lake Winnipeg Sam is feeling quite under the weather Sam you want to say hi hi, so I didn’t really discuss this too much, but we got something pretty special I end up and I decide spoil Sam Sam doesn’t always like the Some of the some of the elements and some of the challenges I put her through ice fishing So this time no, that’s no bear. Check this out This is gonna be incredible. I’ve never fished in a snow bear before Everybody Matt and I found adventures. He’s a snow bear that he rents out on Lake Winnipeg for the entire ice fishing season and Huge gracious enough to hook it hook us up with his ice bear for a couple days. So Ruby fishing luxury supposed to be -44 with the windchill today, so I can’t think of a better day to have this But for now, let’s see what he’s up to Oh baby, ladies and gentlemen, Matt Hobson Wow So this is it and Matt fact lunch for us you got live bait everything this is good I Am pumped he’s gonna be good getting spoiled Thank you very much hey Sam Hop in you, Jamie. Okay, forget we roll it. Ladies and gentlemen Here we go, I found adventure day one Sam’s quest for big walleye begins Oh This makes traffic cream Oh, we’re gonna stop graduating Republic of all, I want to start a little bit even really in 50 feet of water Here we go So I brought my Electric belong you can When you’re drilling in a confined space like this a gas auger would not work Ladies and gentlemen, Sam is the best wife ever. She is deathly ill but she’s gonna catch big walleye Yeah, okay, so we’re gonna have four rods we’re gonna have two dead sticks and two active rods and You can have my dad stick if it goes off. Okay, because they love you. I will show you guys the setup process later how this thing works how it drops down and and everything works about for an hour is gonna get fishing Because of the sunrise bite which is key. Well Lake Winnipeg Lake Winnipeg home of the greenback walleye This is a world renowned destination for big walleyes Sam I think it’s on you you got a fish I’m serious that was instant I was just hiding the rod over my goodness grab the deucer First Lake Winnipeg snow bear fish. Oh, oh don’t pull anymore Nice that’s a good walleye Well He’s pretty. Yeah, they’re green. Oh, you’re slippery. Oh, you’re gonna go. Oh That’s good. They’re supposed to drop him down the hole All right, so I just dropped the line down and as I was handing it to Sam fish bit, I think instead of cameras Very good sign those 12 feet of water. I Was meaning to start deeper, but I’m okay with 12 I’m gonna get a camera set up now like properly we’re gonna get Sam back in the game. I wasn’t rolling I wasn’t rolling Okay See you there, very stable reducer That’s you yeah the camera working in questionable Some oh my goodness what how did you drop a for you? Okay You’re not ready we’re good not properly Can I please have some paper – yeah There’s finicky prep in it keep tripping it nice mark, yeah keep ripping. Oh you big fish big fish big fish Take your time. Take your time. Yeah Take your time. He’s right at the bottom Oh, that’s a good one Barely out to keep home. Come on, baby First morning somebody done So 28 is a master. I think it’s gonna be pretty close Master Angler. We’re done look at that. Just just shy 20 Like Jeff tonight 29 28 3/4 gone Okay, Sam, you’re gonna hold a supper quick picture okay, we’re gonna get a back her toys keys here We look at that fish. That is What we came for so I’m holding back it a little higher Yeah, yeah just like that. Yeah What do you think? This is so big. Are you happy? I’m so happy. That is yeah That is a almost 2028 3/4 inch walleye mantel mastering. We’re going to take a quick picture. We’re gonna get it back Mmm, gotta let these big mamas go It’s a little tougher releasing them and there’s deep hole but get right in there look at her wants to go She gone Yes, yes, yes, yes Sam what do you think? dude 8:30 in the morning. Hey, 30 most productive damn at all week When she hooked him like I think that’s a good fish But as soon as not the Bob the whole like yeah, that’s that’s a good fish, and I don’t think so I’m had any idea until I pulled it over the hole. That was yeah 10-pound walleye Master Angler That is a Northland live Forge that is I think the same color That Justin janken became famous on uncut angling with that. Lure one size bigger. This is the smaller one, but How are you working it tell me about your approach First I had the pretty pink fishing rod that I just bought you yesterday from like those headquarters. I think that’s what did it and Then we were doing the froggy J keeps saying ribbit ribbit. So I called the froggy because you just saying rip it all day I’m so pumped the rest doesn’t matter anymore. Yeah, can I get right now? Okay, you can try. I mean I Have you caught one yet? That’s So good so good Next buying this one so we gotta get the make up to the men It is nine o’clock and our mission is accomplished. So 28 inches is mastering Manitoba, but there are bigger Lake Winnipeg I don’t wanna get greedy. We’re gonna catch another fish all day This has been amazing, but I want to talk about how awesome this nowhere is. So Matt who I you met this morning He started this company maybe two years ago maybe three years ago called icebound adventures and basically He is like a snow bear rental service on Lake Winnipeg. So basically you go to his website He’s got all the access points mapped out. He’s got the full calendar interactive calendar that shows what Daisy’s book and You book it You tell my taxes you want to be at what time and he meets you there has everything like check this out. So it’s got Helix is rigged to helix is another big helix on the dash storage, I mean I think normally I brought my own auger. He’s not an ion. He keeps in the back typically There’s a bunch of things that I haven’t mentioned yet And we’ll talk about them throughout the day but one of them is he provides a short lunch with Danny whole-hog He is the full Jetboil and all the cooking gear. That’s what we’re gonna enjoy for lunch later on Like basically a victim you can hook you up with fish rods to basically bring your fishing rods in a license and You’re good to go. You can either choose to have him come along and take you out drive take care of the snow bear and everything or You pay a little bit action. You take it out on your own both awesome options And the next thing is if it’s a nice day, you can still use it and fish outside, right? So I mean You could fill this up with your buddies split it four ways come out to Lake Winnipeg and you’re gonna get on in any Weather it is the cold. I think this is the coldest day of ever ice fish – 44 windchill and I’m roasting I’m fishing in sneakers This is this is luxury for sure for now, I’m gonna give you guys a little quick tour of the outside I’m gonna see how long I can last outside we’ll shoot a little slo-mo and Then it will come back in and catch some lawless. Hopefully Sam’s gonna be yelling at me. She’s hooked up Okay, guys, I froze my butt off getting that footage outside This thing is luxury if I had to describe it in one word like This is like I said before the coldest have ever ice fish. But anyways, I’m gonna show you guys How to set this thing up how it works because it’s pretty dang cool So there’s one two three four, there’s four walls in here. Okay, I can count to four we’re gonna pull these lids out Electric auger is key inside of here. I brought my straight master 40 volt because the gas auger you will Gas yourself if you try drilling in here, so we’re gonna pop the cover drill the hole now, we’re gonna lower it down That’s the best part of this is that it actually lowers down and makes like a suction Suction, but like it becomes one with the ice and there’s no gaps There’s little inserts. You put the hole and it keeps all the warm air in here And that’s why we’re fishing in moccasins and our sneakers. So anyways Alright Final step and this is what really keeps us warm is these inserts talking about so you’re gonna pop it in and it’s gonna like push it right up against that slush and making like a Really good seal. I don’t have mentioned like the attention to detail that matt has put into this place and I’m not trying to some crazy sales pitch, but Like everything I’ve never used one of these as like a one scoop I scoop. He’s got a bucket for slushies got everything Rick oh look at that, but stop Guys things have slowed down. It is almost dark. We’re gonna play it safe and take off the next couple minutes Then Matt’s gonna meet us at the launch. He’s picking up the snow bear. We are back in a snow bear again tomorrow, but We have to hotel and we will debrief the day and make our plan for tomorrow All right Sam, there’s something the match is told me about Matt hey so I hear you may have caught a big fish today So one of them give you here You want to grab one of those stars and put it up on the front there? I Was wondering what those stars were for I was like, what is that? amazing Master Angler Beauty seaman Ladies and gentlemen, we are back at the sandbar Motor Inn in Grand Beach on the east side of Lake Winnipeg Awesome option if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the area nice cheap rooms really close to the fishing access points and There’s a good restaurant connected to it. So that’s where we’re staying Amazing day like Sam gutter master in the first hour could not have asked for anything more Yeah, we only caught a couple fish but that’s kind of what we’ve been hearing snore Mille right now Sam do you think you would have done that if Absolutely. No, she’s sick. We have a very sick girl. She was a trooper I’m actually surprised that she lasted all day, but you did it How would you describe the snow bear? It was just so nice. Yeah, like I could have a nap at one point and it was The food the naps the the comfort on like a -44 day That’s luxury mat runs an awesome operation with icebound adventures I highly recommend checking though That is like that’s the ultimate ice fishing rig. I can’t think of something. I’d rather be ice fishing in so mobile so Dialed like cigarette from the graphs to the have everything He’s thought about so you just you just get in there and go fishing for the day tomorrow we’re back and Lake Winnipeg back in the snow bear and Didn’t get littler technical. I didn’t really talk too much about gear or location today I was kind of just wrapped up in the in the whole Snow bear experience, but tomorrow we’ll break it down a little more south basin Lake Winnipeg giant greenbacks Today was awesome tomorrow even bigger No pressure

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