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The Untold Truth Of Carrie Fisher

On December 27, 2016, Star Wars icon Carrie
Fisher passed away at 60 after suffering an in-flight cardiac emergency four days prior. For fans around the world, Fisher’s death
was a devastating blow, made even worse by the fact that her mother Debbie Reynolds died
the very next day. Fisher was more than just a fictional sci-fi
princess; she inspired millions with her talent, brilliance, humor, and compassion. Let’s take a look back at her life and some
of the many reasons she came to be loved by so many. Born famous and funny Fisher was the firstborn child of a Hollywood
power-couple: actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher. There was so much public interest in their
relationship that Carrie made the front page of the Los Angeles Times before she was born. As a child growing up in the spotlight, she
turned to books to cope with her strange reality, which was made even more buzzy by the fact
that her father left her mother for their family friend Elizabeth Taylor. Carrie entered the family business at age
13, joining her mother’s nightclub act and later appearing on-stage alongside Reynolds
in the Broadway revival of Irene. Soon after, Carrie made her film debut in
Shampoo and proved that she was one to watch from the start. Lunch with monsters During the casting process for Star Wars,
Fisher was up against some heavy-hitting Hollywood actresses for the part of Princess Leia, including
Jodie Foster and Amy Irving. But as her resurfaced audition footage showed,
Fisher completely nailed her try-out for the part. “Our only hope is to destroy it before it
destroys us. Hiding is useless now.” Despite her stellar audition, though, Fisher
wasn’t convinced she’d won the role, especially when she didn’t hear back for weeks. Sizing up the situation with her typical aplomb,
Fisher later recalled in The Making of Star Wars, “I thought, well, I’m not going to get
to have lunch with monsters.” Thankfully, Lucas took a chance on Fisher,
and the rest is history. ‘Drowned in moonlight’ Over the years, Fisher became known for her
sense of humor, and she often used her dry wit to poke fun at life’s absurdities. As she once phrased her entertainment mantra,
“If it’s not funny, then it’s just true and that’s unacceptable, so it better be funny.” In keeping with her philosophy of humor, her
one-woman show Wishful Drinking included a slew of hilarious anecdotes, not the least
of which was this moment when she rolled out a sexualized, life-size Princess Leia figure
— which she simply called “a Princess Leia sex doll” — and revealed the surprising
benefit to being cast in plastic. “Because if ever anyone from the audience
screams out go f— yourself Carrie. I can give it a whirl!” The show, which was later adapted into memoir,
also included a joke about how George Lucas wouldn’t let her wear a bra under Leia’s famed
white dress because of the fear that she’d be strangled by it in the weightlessness of
space. Because, as everyone knows, they filmed Star
Wars in space, and not on a soundstage in England. The conversation inspired Fisher to write
her own obituary, saying: “I tell my younger friends that no matter
how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.” ‘Hearts and Bones’ Fisher would be the first to tell you she’s
“not good at relationships.” In her 2016 memoir, The Princess Diarist,
she admitted to having an “intense” affair with her Star Wars costar Harrison Ford on
the set of the first Star Wars film. Meanwhile her passionate romance and short
marriage to Paul Simon ended in divorce, but the pair continued to date off-and-on for
a decade after their marriage ended. She is known to have inspired many of his
most memorable songs, including “Graceland,” “Hearts and Bones,” “Allergies,” and “She
Moves On.” During one of the “off” periods in her relationship
with Simon, Fisher dated and was briefly engaged to co-star Dan Aykroyd while filming The Blues
Brothers. She later became involved with Hollywood talent
agent Bryan Lourd, who became father to Fisher’s only child, Billie Lourd, who paid tribute
to her mother’s famed role with her earmuffs in Scream Queens and briefly appeared with
her mom in The Force Awakens. Off-screen talents In addition to her acting and comedy skills,
Fisher was also a talented singer. “A day of harmony.” But her real triple threat status came from
her writing skills. Her long, distinguished writing career proved
that the pen is mightier than the lightsaber. She once said she considered herself “a wordsmith”
and that she got lost in her characters. She turned to writing as a source of repose
during some difficult times, and her first novel, 1987’s Postcards from the Edge, was
essentially an autobiographical account of Fisher’s nearly lethal drug overdose and subsequent
stay in rehab from two years before. She later adapted the book into a screenplay,
which became a highly successful movie of the same name, starring Meryl Streep and Shirley
Maclaine. She’s since written a series of other books
and was also a top script doctor in Hollywood, lending clutch rewrites to screenplays for
Sister Act, The Wedding Singer, and even the Star Wars prequels, to name a few. Bipolar and proud For many of her fans, Fisher’s refreshing
honesty and openness about her diagnosis and treatments for bipolar disorder gave them
the courage to cope with their own mental health issues and help destigmatize mental
illness. In Wishful Drinking, she wrote: “In my opinion, living with manic depression
takes a tremendous amount of balls. At times, being bipolar can be an all-consuming
challenge, requiring a lot of stamina and even more courage, so if you’re living with
this illness and functioning at all, it’s something to be proud of, not ashamed of.” ‘Our Princess’ Just like for a lot of Star Wars fans, Fisher
never quite grew weary of her iconic fictional counterpart, calling her experience as Princess
Leia and subsequent fame for the portrayal an “adventure.” She even poked fun at her own icon status
in a scene-stealing cameo in Scream 3. “Are you?” “No.” “But you look just like.” “Like her? I’ve been hearing it all my life.” “It’s uncanny…” “I was up for Princess Leia. I was this close. So who gets it? The one who sleeps with George Lucas.” Our Princess will be remembered not just for
her turn as Leia, but for her strength, brass, and wit. She may have been a damsel, but she could—and
did—deal with her distress on her own. “I don’t like Darth. And I don’t mind talking about it either. I think he’s a bad guy, and I’m probably do
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