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The Water City | Gujo Hachiman 名水の町・郡上八幡

The Water City | Gujo Hachiman 名水の町・郡上八幡

The Water City: Gujo Hachiman Gujo Hachiman, also known as the Water City, is a city tucked away in the mountains of Gifu prefecture. The crisp mountain water forms rivers that run through the middle of the city. Here, this water is everything. The entire drive up the mountain we saw fishermen catching ayu, which are deliciously fried
and salted and sold on sticks in the city. Other than fishing, the city uses this water
to drink, cook, clean, swim, and even leap into as a rite of passage for young boys. Koi fish are everywhere here,
even in the gutters alongside the street. Is this even a real place? And after we just fed him! I wasn’t expecting that. The largest river in the city is 12 meters,
or 40 feet below street level. The main bridge across this river is known as the jumping
bridge, and throughout the summer you can watch young boys and men leaping into the river below. Because it’s so dangerous, inexperienced visitors aren’t allowed to jump since they likely don’t have the skill and knowledge necessary to avoid major injury. A healthy young man has died here in the past, and around the world people die every year
leaping from this height into water, so real talk, guys, if you ever visit, don’t jump. Even jumps at half that height can cause concussions and injuries. It’s not for tourists. However just up the river there are smaller
rocks that are safer to leap from if you’re an experienced swimmer. The city streets are very traditional and
filled with shops full of hand-crafted items. Although not exactly a traditional Japanese
item, the most famous hand-crafted products here are fake food samples, which you’ll
find displayed outside of restaurants all across Japan. You can even make them yourself if you want! Do you want a drink? [Well water] Is it okay? Thank you! It’s good! Everyone have some! Jun, you haven’t had any! Yum. Thank you! These vegetables are unattended. You just put money in the can and take what you want. The city also holds one of the largest and
most famous Bon Odori festivals in Japan, lasting the entire month of August, with four days where the city dances straight through the night. Gujo Hachiman is an absolutely beautiful city
unlike anything I’ve seen before. It was one of those rare experiences that really transported me somewhere new, and made me feel like “This is Japan.” It’s my favorite place I’ve been so far, and it gets the elusive Rachel 10/10. If you have the chance to visit in late summer, I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t forget your swimsuit!

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  1. So happy that you got to visit this magical place! It is a dream of mine to visit too. You're my favorite guide to japan, so candid and real, love it! Love all of it!

  2. У них везде вода, и в воде плавают рыбы, значит ни кто не бросает мусор в воду, очень чистый красивый город

  3. Discipline and commitment decides country cleanliness and growth
    Japan is leaving in different ere

  4. Gujo hachiman Is a dream city India Mai to ye dream hi hai India Mai har jagar bhagwa atankwadi o kachra gandigi hi curuption hi dekne KO milta hai

  5. Japanese are amazing and japan is a great country for me bcoz they respect the nature the people the environment…wow!..keeping the river clean within the community is one of the hardest thing to do when it comes to cleanliness …means japanese people are good ruler and good follower…

  6. 일본이 들어가는 무엇이든 올리지마라 역겹다 하늘도 무심치 않어면 곧 지축이 진동 할것이다 꼭 그래 왔어니까

  7. God gave us clean environment everything clean and pure but we human made everything worse thanks Japan they care much about environment. Love from Pakistan

  8. Ini seperti sungai sungai di jakarta sekarang,, semenjak jakarta dipimpin oleh gubernur pilihan ulama' sungai2 nya jd bersih dan sangat enak dipandang

  9. Wah indahnya sungai d Indonesia ini (Sungai Karang Mumus)!!
    Makin cinta sama Indonesian (Samarinda) jadinya!!

  10. Japan is a country with a relatively small area. But with a quality population and discipline.
    I live Japan and especially lady of Japan. 😏

  11. Очень замечательный, красивый город 👍

  12. Banyak persamaan dengan sungai di indonesia kalau di jepang bersih dan banyak Ikan kalau di indonesia banyak Sampah jadi banyak persamaannya

  13. ไม่เหมือนที่ไทย บ้านผมไม่ดูแลน้ำ มีแต่ทิ้งขยะลงคนมักง่าย ไม่ใส่ใจคอยดูเเล ผมขอแช่งให้ประเทศไทย วิบัต ล่มละลาย และปิดประเทศไทย ขอแช่งทุกวัน

  14. 跳水不要亂學….在台灣,有很多人這樣跳….撞到頭…(送到醫院)…..都傷到腦……行動都變遲鈍..慘慘慘…

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