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The Woman Who Constantly Smells Of Fish

The Woman Who Constantly Smells Of Fish

FAYSAL BASHIR: She usually smells sort of quite oniony. It’s quite a strong smell.
For some reason I thought it was called ‘fishiyatitus.’ COMM: Radiographer Kelly Fidoe-White has an unusual metabolic condition with a rather
unpleasant symptom. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: The main scientific name for it is Trimethylaminuria. It’s also known
as Fish Odour Syndrome. COMM: The condition affects her on a daily basis and it first become apparent when she
was at school. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: There was more than one occasion where I would say “Oh, I’ve had
fish paste sandwiches for my lunch.” When kids would say, “Oh, you smell of fish”.
That was quite difficult to deal with as a teenager. SANDRA FIDOE: The fact that she was bullied about it made it ten times worse, I think,
for her and certainly for me, it bothered me. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: I was spending a stupid amount of time in the shower. Red hot water,
scrubbing until my skin was bright red. COMM: Kelly’s condition, shorten to TMAU, isn’t caused by poor hygiene. Her body is
unable to break down a compound found in food that contains a substance called Choline,
meaning a lot of ingredients are off the menu. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: One of the things that they say to you is, “If it smells going
in, it’s going to smell coming out.” So, things like fish, seafood are all triggers. COMM: The body disposes of the compound in sweat, breadth and urine, emitting a pungent
odour that can resemble rotten fish, onion and faecal matter. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: As far as I know, this condition affects between 300 and 600 people
worldwide. It’s not a very well known condition at all. A lot of GPs have never even heard
of it. COMM: In fact, Kelly diagnosed herself. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: From watching documentaries about it, things just started to fall into
place. It was like, “That sounds like it could be me”, and ultimately I ended up
being tested and it came back positive. There is no magic pill that you can take to make
it better. I personally take a cocktail of medications. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: That’s the pills that I take. We don’t know whether they work
or not, but I try and keep on top of it as best as I can. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: There is very few other symptoms at all, but of course you’ve got the side effects of anxiety, social isolation, it’s hard. COMM: To limit the amount of people she is exposed to, Kelly took a job working nights,
but it’s not been easy. FAYSAL BASHIR: You could trace Kelly’s smell up the corridor. ASHA FEROZ: Certain people had made comments. What was upsetting was how people were dealing
with it and at that point she was, she wasn’t herself. FAYSAL BASHIR: I have had many complaints about Kelly’s smell to me form variety of
staff within the department. It’s hard when you get these complaints as Kelly is a good friend. COMM: Finding love gave her a much needed confidence boost. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: Michael has helped me to cope by making me see the funny side of the
condition. MICHAEL FIDOE-WHITE: I didn’t really noticed her smell straight away, when we first started
seeing each other. I don’t believe she tried to hide it. Kelly’s confidence has definitely
improved over the years. She still doubts herself a little bit now and again, you know.
I think the best way of me helping Kelly with the condition is to be supportive about the condition. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this but he is, you know, he produces
his own smells anyway. COMM: Kelly is now open with friends, colleagues and patients. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: I’m more chilled out about it now. I can’t say that if somebody
complained tomorrow, I wouldn’t still find it a little bit cutting. But I deal with it
by educating that person now. COMM: Feeling confident enough to speak out about her condition, Kelly hopes she will
inspire others to feel comfortable in their own skin. SANDRA FIDOE: She is compassionate, she is hardworking, she is innovative really in her
job and her home life, I think. MICHAEL FIDOE-WHITE: I’m very proud in the way she copes with her condition. I’m very
proud of her as a person, full stop.

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  1. Bless her. She seems to have a very good attitude towards things. I feel for her – life is already difficult…but to deal with people bullying you even as an adult. My goodness. I'd totally hang with her. She seems very sweet.

  2. seek deliverance, thats an evil spirit causing the smell. You can be healed, seek Jesus Christ and have that spirit cast out in Jesus Name

  3. I'm saddened by her condition. But I'm ecstatic this lovely young woman has a husband who loves her also her family and friends. I wish them all the Best. And Lord willing a cure.

  4. I had issues with body odor and faced public humiliation when I was in middle school. No matter how much I showered, cleaned my teeth and scraped my tongue, it wouldn't improve and I could never figure out why. I know how she feels and feel sorry she has to deal with this her whole life.

  5. Even though I don't know this woman, I'm just gonna say I love her for being herself..Not going over the limit to impress others💗💯

  6. to me
    indian smell like curry
    western people smell like cheese
    to them
    we japanese smell like fish
    we all are what we eat
    so if i smell like fish, i can say that i eat raw fish or sushi almost everyday.
    women who have on their period smell like fish to me in japan.

  7. look at her being all successful and as happy as can be despite her affliction 💕 and i can’t even get a text back…

  8. Just imagine a film crew coming to your home, and then telling you that they want some shots of you showering.

  9. I feel so badly for her. She's very clean, but can't stop her natural odor. So sad. Glad she found a loving husband
    ! Good 4 her..thank the Lord i can't relate

  10. I understand completely what she’s going though I deal with sweating none stop there’s nothing I can do bout it but shower 3 times or more a day and use lots of sprays and deodorant

    I get bullied 4 it but my hubby understands

  11. In school I've been bullied for apparently smelling like fish but I know I don't but watching this I feel so bad for her because it's my nightmare

  12. There were two siblings at my old school (a boy and a girl) who had this. The boy was in my class and the girl was in the class above us. They were definitely bullied, not harshly, but bullied just the same. And I have to be honest, the smell was pretty bad. Even to the point were the smell would linger for awhile if they were there for a long time. It didn't help that the brother liked to collect trash Haha. Anyway, it was probably made worse from the fact that they were going through puberty and didn't really do anything to help it since they were in a financially struggling home. I hope they're doing better now.

  13. ppl ,need to stop making fun of ppl. that's finally having a voice to speak about this condition…this is no laughing matter…these ppl r hurting an trying to find help for there self…there is no cure, this is sump,they have to live with. but eating health ,an using antibiotic called metozole, will help keep the bacteria ,from building up in the stomach.but ppl ,that dnt understand ,this disable say foolish things…they think this a joke,r u just nasty.just keep praying an maybe they can come up with a cure one day…God ,will give somebody a remedy soon..keep smiling….

  14. I had a friend in highschool, all the boys would make fun of her saying she always smelled like fish and that they probably cooked fish in her home daily.

    i am know feeling like a completely ignorant idiot. Damn poor girl.

  15. And here are the little kids who says I don't want to shower I don't want to be clean I already smell good I don't want to be stinky

  16. I feel bad for her and hope she can find a cure.
    But also the dark side of my humor finds it ironic she lives in a place called "old ham"

  17. How did he say he can smell her thru the corridor💔 il support her all the way.

    Dam that nurse is beauts 🥵

  18. Maybe her body odor was mild not mine even I'm far from people but then they still smells me. That's how my strong body odor works.

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  20. If whatever the last thing you last ate is what you always smell like, do you smell good?
    I had chocolate last luckily. What about everyone else?

  21. I always ask God why me…. I am suffering from this problem from last 20 years… Now I completely broken.. I can't even die, because I have my family…. I smell worst, body odour, bad breath, foot odour, scalp odour, urine stinks, worst bad breath,… I stay away from people, I don't talk to them face to face, but while traveling people get away from me…. Now I'm strong, because I know I stink, but all I can do is "face it"… 😊

  22. What If her smell is actually a sign that she doesn't belong to our world and she's actually a Queen of the sea like a mermaid

  23. Brooo, I love her, like imagine what she's going through she could be your mother, sister, friend, I've learned you shouldn't judge people no matter WHAT!!! She's strong 💓

  24. There is a natural medicine for u in ERITREA masawa you try is need 3 month to stay there it is a best therapy so many women satsfad with a result

  25. Guys, have you ever wonder why the human body only gets the worst conditions? It never gets an improvement or a very pleasant trait.
    And people still claim that we were created by god? For all of those people out there that still believe we are created by god, let me ask you one question: WHERE IS YOUR GOD?

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