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Thermo Fisher – Charles M. Kazarian – GC Applications Specialist

Thermo Fisher – Charles M. Kazarian – GC Applications Specialist

my name is Charles Kazarian I’m an
application scientist with thermo Fisher Scientific been with thermo for about
three and a half years and I’ve been working with GC for over 20 this is
primarily a training site we do demonstrations we train on a large
variety of courses that we offer in all the different applications all the
different instrumentation that thermal manufacturers we built a new laboratory
here and consolidating our other laboratory to this laboratory our GC
laboratory and in the process had acquired the peak generators for our
applications on GC we have nitrogen we have hydrogen we have air and they’re
connected to a variety of instruments but in the GC applications they’re
connected to analog detectors flame ionization detectors would that need
hydrogen and air nitrogen as well for makeup gas on GCS and we also use
hydrogen as a carrier gas fairly exclusively here because of the ease and
simplicity of having gas available to you all the time
well cylinders run out they also you also the cost of storage you basically
rent cylinders cylinders are dangerous and basically what the gas generators
especially the well the hydrogen generator all you do is add water and
you create hydrogen so that’s basically what makes it better because made sure
that we’re happy and as met our needs anytime there was an issue which were
any issues were minor we got immediate responses I would
recommend pick up the the modularity is a particular interest because it’s very
space efficient they’re stackable unlike any of the other competitors

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