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Thermo Fisher Scientific “Connecting All of Science”

Thermo Fisher Scientific “Connecting All of Science”

We are all connected to the
world around us. Where emissions from a factory can impact our planet and chemical contamination on
one continent can threaten a family on another An interconnected world, where an organ donor match can
save someone’s life halfway around the world. We’re Thermo Fisher Scientific. Over 50,000 people with a
scientific perspective that grows beyond borders Connecting all of science to enable our customers to make
the world healthier cleaner and safer Once the air was clear and water ran clean, and disease was localized Today, science touches every
aspect of our lives And we touch all of science. This is our business .. It’s our responsibility To unite the tools and
instruments, the processes and the software, the distribution systems and resources for science in ways no one else can Who else can make a breakthrough
possible, from supporting research and
discovery through clinical trials to
global production of a new
vaccine? Equip scientists to develop new
drugs, and provide the diagnostics to
monitor them? Ensure water quality around the
world. Our connections bring advanced
portable instruments to the
field and analytical technologies to industry science and healthcare We are as innovative detecting
consumer product dangers as we are identifying biomarkers
of genetic disease We help customers analyze
everything from food quality to the DNA evidence that could
free an innocent man When 4000 proteins were
identified in one hour – we were there When more than 3,000 genes were
tested at one time we were there And as the full potential of the
human genome is unleashed we will be there But technology is not enough. Beyond our innovations helping
answer critical questions are the connections that help
those discoveries save lives This is personal. What we do matters. We’re r&d scientists and
customer specialists, manufacturing pros and chemists, biotech rock stars and sales
people Working together to connect the
right products people and ideas to help accelerate results What we pack, ship, discover, and innovate is about our future. The questions are deep. We need answers now But the resources are here, and the connections are
powerful. Thermo Fisher Scientific The world leader in serving

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