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They Wake Up Eventually. Uncut Fishing #20

They Wake Up Eventually. Uncut Fishing #20

Hello, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen. This is Uncut Fishing and on this late morning, it’s half past nine, slightly more than that, I am trying to understand this stream. I saw just one trout so far. However, it was a really nice fish. Went after the spinner once and that’s it. Maybe I should switch to something (different) but I don’t like to do so, doing so. Also caught a few perch but nothing special. Let’s see how it goes. Difficult to say what types of spots to look for. There are a lot of opportunities for trout to live here or to hide. A lot of water. But I think we should be looking for shallower water livelier water, with more current concentration, but I’m not sure if I’ll find such stuff. Oh, no! Nine times out of ten, maybe four out of five, ok, nine out of ten maybe to much, but four out of five (times) for sure I would have no trouble at all, it’s just an instinct getting this over. But in this case, it’s not just a log, – it’s a log, which is not covered, but which has caught some grasses and that’s the grass that I caught. The log was fine. What was that? Maybe some snags. Yeah, there may be grasses in there. So, a medium sized trout. A very strong take. Here it is. A thirty centimeters fish. Look at those dark spots. Very large spots too. Yeap. A very strong and pretty convincing take but that’s the first real take, trout take, I mean, that I’ve got. Just the second trout I’ve seen. And obviously there are many more than two trout in the bits that I went past. [This turned out to be a fluke.] [As was the case before I started recording, fish continued to ignore me and my lures.] […Until about 90 minutes later, when they slowly began waking up.] Ok, a follow. A small, pretty small trout, but when they are active, I would already be releasing it. Now it just followed, didn’t even attempt a take. This one… This one actually tried to take it. It’s a different one. Tried to take it several times. What is wrong with them? Slightly larger than the first that followed but not a large fish. Ok, so they are sort of half-dead, some are more, some are less, most are inactive but if we find one large trout that is in the mood, I’ll be happy. And now, it appears, we are leaving the dream stretch and entering the flat and wide one. Here is a trout. Maybe it’s a small pike. It’s in the grasses now. This is probably… No, this was probably a very small trout. Or a perch. But the first sighting of such a small trout, if it was a trout, today Another take from a small one. But again, such a take that chances of hooking are not large. Oh, another take from the small one. Here it is. This time it just gave way to the spinner. Look at that. Here it is. So, maybe, maybe that could restart the segment to sort of presentable state. But those are not the fish that I’ve been seeing but failing to hook. Oh, that’s more like it. Not a large trout but a good fighter. Here it is. So… I don’t know… I don’t know what to say. Sometimes things turn. Fish are not inactive indefinitely. Maybe that’s one of those cases, we’ll see. Another small one. Stop, stop, stop, stop. This may be not a very good way to handle this brother. Here it is. And… It was hooked into the lower lip. Didn’t touch it so I really don’t think it was hurt. Obviously, it wasn’t, like, not harmed at all. Fishing is about that. You can use whatever, barbless or whatever hooks you like, you can use landing nets for every fish but all of that will still harm it. So, three fish in quick succession. No giants. Oh! There was another small one somewhere next to my feet. You cannot check everywhere. Oh! Ok, you can shake it off, if you wish but unfortunately I will have to help you. No, no, no, no, no. Relax! Here it is. Nice fighters, these. It would be interesting to hook into a trophy-sized fish when they are in this sort of shape. I don’t know, again, – it seems as if somebody flipped a switch. I got 7, or something like that, takes in what appears to be nothing special compared to the holes that we had in the beginning. In any case, it’s worse, from my point of view, but trout prefer it. I don’t know. I started wading maybe slightly too fast. You can see the waves well in the distance. When there are a lot of fallen trees and grasses, they will not go far. But now there’s nothing to stop them. Didn’t even check this structure. So, I will have to approach this bit differently. Oh, it was a good, good spot. But maybe beaver (lair) entrances under those roots. Sometimes fish sit in beaver entrances. This is a perch. Took it while I was thinking how to get it over the log. Here it is. Ok. This branch makes it difficult to approach this from the other side. Yeah, so an interesting spot but slightly too messy. A huge tree. Fallen tree. Oh, there was a trout in there but didn’t seem large. This looks perfect. [Sigh] This was a decent fish. Not a giant but a decent fish. And the spot… The spot was just extraordinarily good. No wonder it chose that over this nonsense. I thought that I had it under control. There was a risk it will dive somewhere. I thought I had it under control but the hookup was probably a very mild one. Probably nothing else in there. Ok. But this is sort of coming alive. Again, some interesting spots. In the beginning, I wasn’t really already paying attention to good spots because none of them worked. [camera: Battery is low.] (I’m back,) folks. My camera switched off due to low battery. Tried to switch it on, – switched off again. Hooked two fish in the meantime, both when the camera was off. But… Maybe, maybe one more fish! Oh! That’s what I mean. Not a large fish but they woke up. Look at that. Dark. Dark one. Ok, now, folks, I must say goodbye while I’m still recording. And, this was Uncut Fishing. Unfortunately, I can’t record any longer, the camera will switch off any moment. And… Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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