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Thomas and Friends Minis Blind Bag Surprise Figures by Fisher-Price

Thomas and Friends Minis Blind Bag Surprise Figures by Fisher-Price

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) Kinder Playtime friends! It’s time for some Thomas and Friends minis! Yeah, let’s open them! Are you so excited? Yeah, these are mine! Who do you hope we get? Let’s see for a minute so we can get all of these trains. Well, who is your favorite train and who do you want to get? I want to get Stephen. Stephen? Oh! Let’s see if we get Stephen! Maybe this is the first pack we don’t get Stephen. Let’s see Okay, so before we see who we got. This is the little cute flier. There’s lots of different kinds of trains that you can get. We’ve got Robot. Okay, so Robots, Heros, Racers, Chillin’, Metallic, Classics, more classics. And even more Classics. So those are the different kinds you can get. There’s tons of trains you can get. I’m really excited about these, let’s do it. Who did we get? Whoa, he’s like a pirate! Oh these are spooky. Let’s see. That’s Salty. He looks like a pirate. Look, that’s so cool. He’s got a parrot and sword. And a beard and an eye patch. And a treasure chest and a treasure map. Hey, is he a good guy? Salty? Yup! Oh look. He has a skull and cross bones on the top too. That’s pretty cool! Okay, let’s do this next one. Alright. Let’s do this one. Let’s see what’s in here. Let’s see what’s in here. Thomas! Nope, that’s not Thomas. This is number two. Who’s number two? Umm, Edward. Edward? Let’s try to find him. Edward, where are you? There he is. Hey, what is he? He’s a classic. Why is he a classic? Because that’s what he is. Okay, these are really cool, because they’re really ittybitty teeney, they’re like the size of my thumb. Which is super cute, but they still connect like your normal trains do. Isn’t that cool? Yeah, they still connect, but they’re not squishy. Okay, next bag. Next bag is this one. They come with fliers. We are not going to look at all of the fliers. We’re just going to look at the trains. Ready? Stephen! That’s not Stephen, that’s a girl. Let’s figre out who that is. Looks like, umm, let’s see, maybe Dash? You look like Millie, but I know Millie’s blue. That looks a lot like Dash, yeah! There’s Dash. From Misty Island, remember? Yeah! Cool Dash is the one that can whistle really cool, isn’t he? Alright, let’s see who we have. Who could it be? Let’s see. No Stephen yet. Stuck on the flier. It’s another Edward. Same kind too. The classic Edward. Classic Edward. Let’s put it by the other Edward. Okay, let’s scootch Dash over. And put the Edward’s together. We’ve got plenty more, don’t worry. Yeah, we’ve got plenty more, don’t worry. Okay, so hard. This one is hard. They sealed this one up really good. Oh there it goes. Okay, let’s see what we got. Thomas! Yay! Thomas! We got the classic Thomas. Yeah, we got the classic Thomas. So why are these classic one’s? Because they’re the one’s you see on the show. Alright, next bag. Yeah, let’s see if this one is a pirate Stephen. You think there’s a pirate Stephen? Yeah, I think there’s a pirate Stephen. Who is it? Numbe four. That’s Gordon, right? Yeah, he’s a racer one though. There he is right there. These are racers. I think the racer one’s are super duper cool. How they’re all ready to race. With their racing stripes. Isn’t that neat? Hey, he’s got a lot of stuff. He’s pretty cool. Yeah, he does. Is he your favorite so far? Yeah, he’s my favorite. Yeah, Salty is my favorite so far. Well, we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six more! We’re almost done with this video. We’re about half way. Oh we got the same Gordon. The racer one. That’s funny. Okay, let’s put it by the same Gordon. Okay, let’s put him by the same Gordon. Alright, this one. Okay, we’ve got four more. Well, five. This is five. Yeah, and then four. And then four. Whoa! Whoa! is he like a ghost? Diesel? Or is that Paxton? That’s Diesel! Right here. He’s the chilly spooky kind. He must be a ghost. That’s pretty neat huh? Yeah, is Thomas a ghost too? Umm, let’s see. They don’t have a spooky Thomas. Okay, which one now? This one over here? Yeah! Let’s see what this one is. This is pretty cool, isn’t it? This is way cool. Ohhh, It’s another Dash. What is this one? Just a regular Dash. okay We’ll put him by his friend. We’re getting lots of duplicates. For having seventy of these trains, we’re getting lots of duplicates. Let’s do this one next. Yeah, we’re getting a lot of duplicates. Okay, let’s see what’s in here. Thomas! What is this one? It’s a classic Thomas. Okay, my goodness gracious. We’re getting… It’s duplicates day. Why is it duplicates day? Let’s see how many we have so far. One, two, three, four duplicates already. And this is the first time we’ve ever opened these, and there’s seventy or more of these little minis, see? It says 70+. That’s crazy. Here we go, two more. Ready? Yeah! Who could it be? Let’s see! Whoa! This is cool! It’s like a mummy Percy. Ah, his wheels have stuff on it too. That is so cool. Let’s see what he is. Ah, okay. Here we go. The mummy Percy. Oh, so I see what it is. Okay, so this is spooky. And this is the chilly ones, so this Diesel must be covered in ice or snow or something. But anyway, here’s our really cool spooky Percy. I love that! That is so neat! I think he’s my favorite. What do you think? Do you like him or do you still like Salty better? I still like Salty better, but hey maybe this is Stephen. It’s our last chance to get Stephen. Finger’s crossed! I don’t like Stephen this time. Maybe, you want a different one now? I’m gonna think what I get. Okay, what do you think you’re gonna get? Let’s see. Ah, you don’t know? Whoa! It’s another, no this Emily and she’s like a creepy ghost with spiders and chains. Let’s find her. Yeah, Emily. Look at that. That’s spooky! These spooky one’s are so cool! I love this one! Is that your favorite one now? Yeah! That’s my favorite one. My favorite one is still Percy. So here’s our two favorite out of our mini Thomas haul today. Did we get five duplicates? One, two, three, four. We got four duplicates. We got a duplicate Edward and a duplicate Dash and a duplicate Thomas and a duplicate racer Gordon. You like opening these? We’ll have to keep a look out for these. Yeah, because these are way cool. Alright! It was a blast. Thanks for joining us again at Kinder Playtime! Leave us a like. Write us a comment. And “sumscribe.” Click the link for more Kinder Playtime videos. Thanks for watching, bye!

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