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Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Avalanche Escape Set by Fisher Price – Kinder Playtime

Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Avalanche Escape Set by Fisher Price – Kinder Playtime

Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Playtime is bringing you another awesome Thomas and Friends toy review! Thomas must navigate a risky mountaintop track in this Trackmaster Avalanche Escape set from Fisher-Price! After charging up a steep incline, he’ll need to use his momentum to soar across a huge gap in the tracks! As Thomas careens down the mountain, he’ll also power through a rickety bridge with collapsing guardrails, before he enters a spooky cave where he’ll discover a fossil! Thomas isn’t home free just yet, because there’s a monster of a surprise lurking in the scrap yard! This Avalanche Escape Set is a huge 6 feet long, and towers over a foot tall! It delivers a nail-biting adventure that will test the speed and bravery of the number one blue engine: Thomas! Mom: So, show everyone what’s different about this Thomas. Jacob: Well, the wheels are pokey. Mom: Does that help him get up places? Jacob: Ya! Mom: That’s cool! You ready to put this together? Jacob: Yep. Ok, so what’s this? Jacob: Oh, what’s he doing? Mom: Cool, huh? Jacob: Oh, and the rock falls down! Mom: Oh, bummer! Jacob: Going up the hill! Jacob: Wow. Jacob: Go! Jacob: Wow! Get the rock out! Jacob: Oh, bummer. Jacob: Wow, he’s going up! Jacob: Wow. Jacob: Oh! Jacob: Wow. Jacob: Wow! Wow! Jacob: Wow. Emily: Wow. Mom: Here he goes again! Jacob: Here he goes! Mom: Wow! Jacob: What was that? Mom: He went really fast down the mountain. Jacob: Wow. Jacob: Wow! I see him go under the tunnel! Jacob: Gooo! Mom: Oh, he lost his fossil! Jacob: He’s going up! Wow! Jacob: Wow. Jacob: There he goes! Mom: Wow, he popped off! Jacob: Why did he popped off? Jacob: Hey, look! There you go! Jacob: Wow… wow… Jacob: Wow! Jacob: Wow. Jacob: Wow. Oh. Jacob: Uh oh! We got his train car back on. Jacob: Oh, he got the rock! Jacob: Gonna go up. Jacob: Wow, wow!!! Jacob: Thomas, you’re so cool! Jacob: Wow! Jacob: Wow! The rock almost fell down! Mom: But it didn’t, did it? We give the Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Avalanche Escape set a 4 out of 5 KP rating. We were bummed that our old trains didn’t work. Plus the difficulty putting it together. But we still think this is the coolest Thomas set yet! Don’t forget to like and “sumscribe”!

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