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Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Sky High Bridge Jump Fisher-Price –  Unboxing Demo Review

Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Sky High Bridge Jump Fisher-Price – Unboxing Demo Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready to watch Thomas perform his most breathtaking stunt yet with today’s surprise toy… It’s a big one! The Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Thomas’s Sky-High Bridge Jump! This TrackMaster set breaks new ground by sending Thomas soaring two feet into the air. Inspired by the Thomas movie “The Great Race”… it sends Thomas into a spiral ascent to the top with Harold the helicopter Then down a huge ramp and launches him into the air. He then lands safely on the other side to continue his journey. It already comes with Thomas and Harold and it’s the biggest TrackMaster yet. Here are some track master trains just to show you how big it is! So, let’s open this huge box and get started! Wow! So many parts! and here are the instructions… and stickers. So, let’s put it together and try it out! There it is! It’s so huge! I can’t wait to try it out! First, let’s get the Thomas that comes with a set. He’s a different Thomas such that he has these sparks on his sides and he has this expression on his face… like his race face! Cool! Now let’s turn it on and put him on the tracks. Awesome! Now, let’s watch him go! Now, he’ll climb up these tracks until he gets to the spiral ascent. There it is! Oh How cool is that! Here comes the jump! Wow, that’s so awesome! [POW] That is so cool! and Thomas just continues on his journey like nothing happened. Let’s watch him do it again! It’s so amazing! Now he’s gonna climb up these tracks again to make his way to the spiral ascent. We can see Harold over there on the spiral ascent, and what’s nice is… it doesn’t require any batteries. [CHUG!] So cool! It works perfectly every time! See Thomas push the barrel? It’s one of the tricks he can do in this Playset. He’ll push the barrel and put it safely out of the way. This is so cool, we can’t get tired of watching . The spiral ascent works without batteries because it’s purely mechanical. And if the spiral ascent isn’t there, Thomas will stop and wait for it. Just simply pull it back down. Awesome right? [POW] Amazing! Now if you want to connect the set to more TrackMaster tracks, you can do it here … Just remove the yellow block and connect more tracks to it There you go! Let’s take a closer at Harold! Here he is! He has movable propellers and a hook underneath. So for example, you can hook this barrel underneath him so he can carry it somewhere. And here is Harold’s station, on top of the vertical ascent. Now if you have other TrackMaster trains, they will work with this Playset too! Here we have talking Thomas. He has a nice and friendly smiling face. And we have talking James… and Real Steam Percy. So, let’s try them out! Here’s Talking Thomas! [Thomas: I must not delay, I have more jobs to do”] [ Chug! Chug! Chug!] [POW!] And he makes it! Now here is Real Steam Percy! [POW] Awesome! Now finally, here is Talking James! [James: I’m James!] [Chug! Chug! Chug!] [POW] Amazing! So that’s the Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Thomas’s Sky-High Bridge jump from Fisher-Price. Please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos

49 comments on “Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Sky High Bridge Jump Fisher-Price – Unboxing Demo Review

  1. Cinders and Ashes! We love the addition of other Thomas & Friends engines to this video! We’re adding this to our #FanFriday playlist

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  3. If you didnt know, this is a scene from The Great Race where thomas heads for a bridge but it goes up, then t
    Thomas jumps the bridge and lands on the other track and starts heading tk the mainland.

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