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Thomas and Friends Turbo Flip Thomas Toy Train by Fisher-Price

Thomas and Friends Turbo Flip Thomas Toy Train by Fisher-Price

It’s Kinder Playtime! Jacob: Welcome back friends! Today we have Turbo Flip Thomas! He does five amazing tricks! You control the action! He does a back flip! It has a light up track. Thomas is so awesome! Thomas, it’s time to open you up. We got him out of the box! Thomas has an awesome smile on his face. (train whistle) And of course he’s the number one engine! Check out the cool remote it came with! He does four things. He can do a wheelie, a back flip, go forward, and back. Let’s play with him! This is how you turn him on! This is forward! Forward! Ooops! Let’s do it again! (Come on friends!) (Forward!) Look at the tracks he makes. (Come on friends! Let’s roll!) Look when I push the back button. Whoa Thomas! I’m dizzy! Thomas? Can you do a back flip? (train whistle) (Thomas talks) (Uh, this is not part of the routine. A little help please!) (Let’s do an even bigger stunt!) It’s time for the wheelie! (Wheels up! Let’s roll!) (Uh, this is not part of the routine.) (Thank you friend!) (Number one engine.) (*Snoring* Diesels aren’t as good…) Let’s try it again. (Wheels up! Let’s roll!) (Wheels up! Let’s roll!) Jacob: If you want Thomas to go crazy, then press the one. (Whoa! Wheels up!) (Phew, that was close.) Stay on the table, Thomas! (Whoa! Wheels up!) This Thomas toy is crazy fun! Thanks for watching, bye! Let’s try it again.

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