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Tidy Tacos

Tidy Tacos

e tacos are oh so good but they can be so messy
sometimes especially for kids how many times has
this happened to you when you’re trying to fill your taco try filling it up with all your
ingredients and it crunches I’ve got a solution for you that is a lot more tidy and it’s just as
much fun I just take a pita pocket open it up and fill it with my taco ingredients
just as if I was making a taco well just spoon in my favorites meets lots of cheese and I like some tomatoes
and sour cream ’til but again can use whatever you want and then to top it all off what’s really
fun is just to add a few a little tortilla
chips that are already crushed up that’ll add the crunch that you’re
missing from having that message taco shell and there you go got a really tiny taco and now mass that goes along with any the

3 comments on “Tidy Tacos

  1. First of all, that's why real tacos aren't hard shelled. The hard-shelled ones are deep fried with the ingredients in already. But the real thing is done with soft tortillas, be it corn or wheat flour. And yes, some types of tacos are messy and that's the way they're supposed to be. Man, this video is so white, it's funny. Next on: How to do chicken curry without the smell. LOL

  2. @hooperpiccalero – Try throwing them in the microwave for a couple seconds. That will make them easier to work with and less prone to rip.

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