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Tiger Barbs – fish keeping facts, feeding, tank mates, behavior

Tiger Barbs – fish keeping facts, feeding, tank mates, behavior

Hi there I’m Michael Jensen Welcome to take a look inside my aquarium room Today it’s about Tiger Barb’s The tiger barb or sumatra barb, Puntigrus tetrazona is a native to the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo but they can be found in many other parts of Asia today Tiger barbs have been found in clear or turbid shallow waters of moderately flowing streams and swamp lakes and backwaters. They thrive in large shoals and in the community tank they have a reputation of being bad boys. They can be fin nippers if you keep them with angel fish or gouramis. Nevertheless a shoal of Tiger Barb’s is
a joy to watch These fish are always busy, active and
curious Investigating their environment and going completely into feeding frenzy
at dinnertime They like soft to medium hard slightly acid water but they are very adaptable Lean back take a moment of chill and
watch my Tiger Barb’s in a 20-gallon planted tank Enjoy

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