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Tiki Tacos (Chef on a Hog)

Tiki Tacos (Chef on a Hog)

Hi I’m chef Jeff, welcome to Chef on a
Hog. Today we’re checking out Tiki Tacos in
Kapa‘a town. What’s up Kaua‘i? I’m at Tiki Tacos in
Kapaa town with brother Bard here. What are we doing today, buddy? Shoots, let’s talk
about tacos. Now we’re gonna hook you up with a couple tacos today, we’re gonna
start off with a handmade corn tortilla, like we do for every taco here. We make
all the salsas, the hot sauces, the marinades right here in the house. So
you’re gonna choose from our fresh, locally procured ingredients. We do a
Kaua‘i grass-fed beef, we’ve got chicken tacos, we got a grass-fed lamb taco, we do
fresh local fish, that’s our most popular taco, of course, we grill those. We’ve
got grilled shrimp, got great local pork tacos, and we got some vegetarian tacos
as well. We’re gonna put you on the Hawaiian Royale. Everything we got goes into that one
taco. All of our flavors, all of our tricks, our treats, you’re gonna get it in
that one taco, its killer. So this is Mexican food with? A Hawaiian heart. You
like it spicy? Oh yeah, jalapeno, baby. There you go then,
say so, baby. All right, you’re gonna grill some of those for me? We’re gonna put
some of the jalapenos, we’re gonna make it spicy. Oh, it smells so good in here. This is
remarkable. Right on there. You don’t even wait for the burrito. Did you just say burrito? We can edit that, I’m sure. No burritos. Tacos, I’m sure I said tacos. I hate burritos. I only like tacos. I’m watching you. Can I get a burrito? No burritos. No burritos. Can I get an enchilada? No enchiladas. No enchiladas.
Can I get it a chimichanga? No chimichangas. No chimichangas.
Can I get a chalupa? No chalupa. No chalupas. Nachos? No nachos. No nachos. Tacos? I’m on TV, and I love it. Are you ready for this? Are you ready? I hope you’re ready, cause, uh,
you get to watch me eat this. Here we go. On your mark, get set, go. Mmm. Jalapeno, holy smokes, that is great sauce. This is one of those episodes where I want to jump through this camera and just pull you guys over here, just sit right here and
try this. It is remarkable. So without further ado.
You like spicy? Not caliente, it’s picoso. Picoso. I love it, please. We’re going to put you on a Kahuna Fish Taco.
That’s our grilled, fresh, local fish taco that’s spicy, and you’re gonna love it.
Wonderful. When I came in today, and the fishermen came right behind me, hundred
pound ahi tuna. I saw him slice and dice it, it is right
here, on a non-gmo tortilla. So here we go, hit the spice right there. Mmm, fresh fish is everything here,
tortilla means a lot when it actually holds up to it, you don’t want it to die in your
hands with all that goodness they put in there, so, let’s hit the cheese on top. Now that is a taco. Respect the taco. No burritos, just tacos. No burritos, just tacos. No burritos, just tacos. Tacos, tacos, tacos. Those burritos, I mean tacos, tacos, tacos are epic, now
off to the next adventure.

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