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Time Out Chefs: Susana Felicidade’s ‘very Portuguese’ tuna and sweet potato

Time Out Chefs: Susana Felicidade’s ‘very Portuguese’ tuna and sweet potato

My god… Maybe not.
  Today I’m at the Time Out Market in Lisbon to meet with Susana Felicidade. She’s the woman behind this food corner
named Cozinha da Felicidade, that literally translates to Kitchen of Happiness. Susana was in Law School but is now much happier winning over
everyone’s hearts and bellies with favourites like this one. What dish are we going to be making today?
Are you going to teach me how to cook? I’m going to teach you how to cook tuna fish. Tuna fish! Tuna fish. Simple… Simple… Tasty… Grilled, very easy… It’s a very easy recipe. And is it very Portuguese? Is it something that’s traditional? It’s very Portuguese because all the products
that we’re seeing here are Portuguese. Ok. And this tuna fish is from the Azores.
You know the island in the middle of the Atlantic? Ok… So they have the most amazing fish.
This tuna fish is from there. It’s going to taste pretty good… Then we have a sweet potato.
They are from Aljezur, the best sweet potato in the world. And then we have a lot of Portuguese flavours
like onion and garlic, olive oil, parsley, lemon. Very simple but very tasty… I don’t take the skin off, ok? Because the sugar is inside.
So if you don’t take off the skin they’ll be tastier. Ok, so keep the skin on, no peeling… No peeling, no peeling. Ever. Ever? Never. Never peel? Ok. I won’t ever peel my sweet potato again. How did you become a chef? Well… I wasn’t happy being a lawyer
so I decided to open my family restaurant in Algarve. And then I decided it was what I wanted to do
for the rest of my life because I love it. I just love the experience of having
a restaurant and have my own recipes. And also my grandmother recipes, my mother recipes… It was really amazing. It was a very good experience. So this is your special sauce? Yeah, my special sauce. Asian infused? Asian… Well, only because of the sugar. So we’re going to… Heat that up. Heat it, yeah. And then we add the sweet potatoes
and the garlic at the same time. Ok. And you’re going to saute. Do you know how to saute? Maybe. It’ll give it a go My god. Maybe not… I mean, that one is not my speciality. And then we have the tuna fish. It’s really hot It’s a big chunk of fish so… How long does that take to cook? If the heat is strong, for about five minutes. Five minutes, max? That sear… It’s good? It’s good, uh? Yeah! Don’t force the knife too much on the meat, ok? Just slowly… Gentle… Yes, yes, yes. Gentle. Angled. Do you like it like this? Yes, I do. Now, in the end, you have one opportunity… More angled. More angled. Oh I can feel it. You can feel it!
You can feel it when the angle is right. Yeah! Yeah, I get it. Yeah, it gets easier. And we have the butter… Sugary, sweet, buttery, goodness. It looks like marmalade. What do you think, two spoons? Two spoons, yeah. Two spoons. We’ve got to be generous. And now we have… The little chivey guys. That you never use… That I never use. But you should when you cook fish. Now they’re my new friends. A little bit of this. And then a little bit of fish. A little bit of the juice… See? Yeah… Yeah? It’s good? It’s good… It’s good. It’s got a bit of salt and sweet… It’s good, I’m into it. I’m going to go again. I need to retry it.

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