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Time to get a Fishing Boat? Fishing with the Nguyen family!

Time to get a Fishing Boat? Fishing with the Nguyen family!

So, today our journey starts at the marina, because we are getting on a boat! We’re meeting up with a subscriber and him and his dad are taking us out on his boat thank you guys so much, I haven’t met you yet, but I can tell I already like you. But, today we’re really going to see if– what it takes to maintain and have a boat and if it’s actually worth it to have a boat. Uh, that’s really the question I want to find out. So this is your dad, who’s everybody else? [Truoung:] Uh, this is my uncle, that’s my cousin, Peter, and this is my sister.
[B] Uncle. What can I call you? Call you Uncle? [T] Uncle, yeah. [laughing] [B] and this is your sister? Yeah, Ying. Hi, what’s your name? Ying. Yae? okay. and this is your brother? [T] Cousin.
[B] Cousin! [E] Peter! Peter. Nice to meet everybody. [E] Thanks for having us.
[b] Thank you for taking us. So how much work does it take tohave a boat? [T] Uh, you gotta clean it. Every single trip, it’s not too bad if you rinse it with the bucket, like we said. [Dad] We clean it on the way back. [indistiguishable talking & music] Woah! Woah! Oh! A ha! [Dad] Man, I thought today was calm. it’s not calm at all. [T] The weather was– I don’t know why it’s so bad today, it’s like, borderline dangerous.
[E] Do you think it changed? [B] Borderline dangerous, huh?
[T] Yeah, [speaking vietnamese] [T] Is that one all set? [B] How deep are we? [T] Uh… 20 feet. we’re pretty shallow, but the spot where we were catching the black sea bass before, the good spot, was only 30 feet. 30 – 40 feet. This is actually where we caught scup before. Are you using this rod? [B] Do you guys like to eat the scup? [T] Scup is good. we haven’t found any since the black sea bass came in though. [B] I’m going to sit next to you, okay? You got a bite? What’s out there? Mackerel? [Sister] Unknown fish. [B] Unknown fish. There we go. Which one is this? Bass! [Dad] That’s it! Oh, my god! Oh my god, man!
[E] Yay! [Dad] Alright, that’s it, I’m changing. [B] Me too, you said it’s nothing! You said it was going to catch nothing earlier! [22″, right?] [T] 28. [28?]
[E] 28. [ Is that 28?]
[T] No. [speaking vietnamese] [Dad] It’s hard to tell. Look at today, look at right now, the weather say it’s perfect. It’s not perfect. [B] I didn’t know we would have time to eat, hehe. [Wow.] [Dad] Yeah, I didn’t expect to eat. Ohh magoodness. Buns. Are these bahn mi? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to eat, man. not with you. Not bad, man. Alright. We’re going to the light house, right? Yeah.
I think. I think that’s the plan.
Are you ready? I’m ready. Are you ready? I’m ready. Is Peter ready? I’m not sure. You guys ready? Yeah.
I’m ready if you’re ready. Peter is saying no. Peter is not ready. No one cares. No one cares? Everyone wants to fish. [ooh!] I’ve got little hooks, I should be able to hook’em. [Sister:] Ew, Peter. Chumming, he’s helping us out. [Sister:] Ew! [Erin] I’m sure he’d rather not. [Sister:] It’s all the way over here. [You alright?] [Peter:] Yeah.
[Sister:] He’s dying. That’s going to attract some black sea bass. [Peter:] Huge loss today. [T] Huh?
[Peter:] Huge loss today. I didn’t catch any fish but I lost all the food. I’m not full anymore. [Erin:] Huge loss. [B] Huge loss today. [Peter:] Yeah, man, I’m hungry. Oh man. The sea robin are going to start messing around with the bait. First fish of the day. Yeah. Alright!
That’s it! It’s big. [Sister:] Get the net.
[Erin] Big enough. [Erin:] Get ready the net? [Fish on]
[I don’t think we need a net for this.] [Dad} Don’t worry about it. This way.
[Alright] [B] What is it? That was a whole makerel on there, huh? [Dad] Half, half a mackerel
[T] If it’s a mackerel it could be a stripe or a blue. [B] Stripe! stripe! [T] Oh man, dog fish. [B] Dog fish? Let me see! [Dad] Man! [B] Man… [T] Bring it back up. [T] You guys know they make fish and chips out of this in Britain? Dogfish? Yeah, really.
[Really?] Oh, you got one! Who? Another dogfish? Yeah. Mouth wide open. Small pliers. Do I loosen it? You do it. Hold it by the tail, and throw it back in. You see how strong that is?
Yeah! The boat’s pretty clean. He’s been cleaning it. He keep cleaning it as we go. Okay. So here’s my conclusion about the boat, you’ve gotta be the right kind of person, someone who enjoys navigating the water, someone who enjoys taking care of your boat, someone who enjoys being out here, and um, it’s work! It’s not just plop the boat in the water, go, it’s cleaning, it’s maintaining, it’s learning, it’s researching what’s wrong with the boat, if there is something wrong with the boat, it’s learning what spots to go to it’s learning about the safety, and it’s all very important if you want to get a boat. Um, me, personally, I think that a boat I-I-it just doesn’t make sense for me to get a boat right now, I’ve been really enjoying uh, shore fishing, and it’s a completely different game when you’re playing shore fishing vs boat fishing, ’cause there’s a lot of different things you need to think about when you’re on a boat, um, hopefully, you guys gained a little bit of insight, if anybody’s interested in getting themselves a boat, this is a good overall experience to see if you’re interested, uh, I want to thank this family so much for letting us join, it was such a great time to get to know everybody, um, see ya. Thank you, every body, for letting us come on the boat, I had a great time.

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  1. You haven't lived until you fished off a $130 inflatable boat with nothing but a trolling motor, DC Marine Battery, Fishing Gear and the balls to not giveth a fuck if it takes almost forever to get to the fishing spot to fish…

  2. If you want a boat bro you might as well become a fishing guide cuss for fun they become a huge liability. B.o.a.t. bust out another thousand.

  3. Owned my first boat @ 7 years old, it was a 17-foot john dory with a Johnson 9.9, owned one (many) ever since. While IMO there is no bad time to own a boat, the best time for a new owner to come into ownership would be preferably prior to getting either A) Married, B) Having kids, proficiency prior to would be choice. Additionally, that particular boat, with the older 2 stroke on it was probably not the greatest example of modern boating to make a solid decision on. Newer boats are much, much more reliable and DIY maintenance friendly. There is no substitute, nor freedom equivalent, to that of competent boat ownership and operation. Plus the view is much better from this side… Tight lines!

  4. Brendon is sick. Also one question I have is is if you smash your finger in a car door and may loose you nail but still go fishing and catch a good amount is that a dedicated fishermen 🤔ps it hurts a lot

  5. I just went fishing for my birthday a few days ago and caught a 3 foot striper! The biggest non-shark fish of my life!

  6. See you are loving the Kodiak, any chance you could do a comparison between that and the piscifun storm? Would be awesome to see a comparison between the value market sealed reals, especially since they make them both in the same sizes.

  7. Get a boat they said, it'll be fun they said. BOAT=bust out another thousand. I just recently got a boat and boy is this true. Either way I love it.

  8. I think it will be you that will be getting sea sick, since you have a history with sea sickness. And those waters are unforgiving, I tell ya. 🙂

    EDIT: dammed. Not that I'm wishing sea sickness on you tho. LOL

  9. I grew up fishing from both land and boat. First thing, a fibreglass boat will never be as stable as a proper wooden one. Also, it all depends on the hull. Thats nice sea imo. I grew up fishing from a 27foot wooden boat, powered by a 2cylinder diesel motor. Max speed was 9knots. The boat rode the sea like a rubber duck, and was safe to fish from in alot worse weather. But, fibreglass like that is much easier to maintain. I think boats are worth it all in all

  10. Boats are great but they are a hole in the water to throw money into! I find it better to go out on a charter boat with a good skipper at least you are in the hands of an expert

  11. In my homeland bali you can rent a boat about 50-80$ pertrip, and we use boat that we called jukung. And you can chose what you want to fish, amberjack, dolphin fish, ruby snapper, tuna, trevally. You can see it at group jiggerholick or baliman angler.

  12. with 100k subs you gotta be making enough income to afford a boat or atleast offset the price, heck you might even be able to write it off as a source of income.

  13. I respect you Brendon for keeping your cool in those conditions that the skipper threw you in.
    I am a boatie myself and what the skipper, Truong, did was unbelievable given the context of the situation.
    A subscriber welcoming a youtuber as a guest to showcase the subscriber's typical fishing routine on a boat.
    Then instead of the youtuber being involved in the process for the common enjoyment of angling you are cast aside at the bow of the boat: worst fishing spot when anchored due to fish trailing the boat.
    At times not having a rod: NOT FISHING. Then left to mope around at the bow of the boat while the vietnamese family not only exclude you by grouping at the stern of the boat catching fish but also alienate you from conversation by speaking their natural tongue: HOW RUDE!
    I am not sure what Truong was hoping to do as a feature on your channel; to me he gave the impression he wanted all the attention and glory, and you were there to capture his family on film.
    What in Murphy's law was he trying to prove when he mentioned the conditions were "borderline dangerous", then continues to not wear a life jacket for the remainder of the trip.
    I am not a fan of this style of video, Senko Skipper. I want subscribers to involve you in their style of fishing not this horse crap where you are stuck on the sideline being a cameraman for your fans.
    I WON'T have my favourite youtuber be in that situation again, please ask for more details on your next subscribers trip… A good one is how many anglers will there be in total? 6 on a boat like that!? SOD OFF cousin and sister, you had no place to be there.
    Also… Uncle throwing buckets of water on the boat floor was inconsiderate, who wants to step on wet floor when relaxing!? Someone could SLIP! What happens when water and dirt mix, that is right you get MUD! Pointless action: reserve the cleaning to spot cleaning and at home!

  14. I have three boats. Metal boats for jetties and rocky trees shallow rivers. Big boat for the sea. Fiberglass for the ponds and lakes . It’s worth it to get a boat. My advice go big or go home. I started with 8 jet skies. Now no jet skies . Are you on that salt squid?.

  15. Our dog fish in uk are smaller and have brown and black spots all over them.. And finding a chip shop that sells dog fish is rare and 100% on the coast… was very popular years ago when my nan was growing up but not anymore. It's called Rock and chips over here. That looks more like a smooth hound.

  16. You need to get a boat. Do a fishing guide show with your fans. At the end catch and cook. Grammy award awaits you Bren!!!!

  17. In Britain there is a fish and chips made out of a dogfish, but its not what you call a dogfish it's a lesser spotted dogfish. what you call a dogfish, over here is called a smoothound and isn't eaten much.

  18. Bought my boat for $11,800, 19 ft maycraft 115f yamaha. Only problem I've ever had was a seal in the trim/tilt. Cost my $5 and couple hours work. Had it over 2 years, put over 200 hrs on it. Would never go back to not owning one. Its a lot of work to pack, load with gear, launch/retrieve, unload gear, and clean, but you get used to it and more efficient with time. People always say it costs a lot to own, but a lot of people let their boats sit without use. Try that with your car and see well that works

  19. Just for the record, at the beginning of the video when I saw your hat on backwards and a camera on your head, I said to myself, you may be chumming soon, the natural way.

  20. Hello Senko, I have found your chanell few days ago and I think that I have advice for you. Remember making sabiki rig? Well we all have some small parts of line when attaching swivels, hooks and etc. try using knot from that rig when you tie fly to main line for protecting your knots from sinkers. it will save you some money not much but it is useful hack if you lost all your protectors on fishing. The sinker will damage that knot made of 5in trash line not the knot from main line to swivel. 😀
    You have my support for this great channel 🙂 keep it up

  21. Question: I am new to surf fishing. If I decide to keep the fish, do you bleed them out right away in the water? How do you ussually do it?

  22. A dinghy works perfectly well and its mobile. If you get your weather and navigating down packed you can basically do a lot of the same fishing you would do on a boat.

  23. senko i live in tall timbers you have fished at out bridge that is 5 minutes from my house. i propose you come fishing very soon me and my dad are going on a fishing trip in early august and we would love to have you

  24. It's all about money. Here in NYC, It's around $100 a foot for summer slip rental, $3000 for winterization for a 22 ft boat. This is not including mechanical repair cost, gas and insurance. For the boat in this video, you probably get 1 mile per gallon. So overall, it's pretty expensive to fish on the sea.

  25. I like your conclusion on owning a boat, one thing you left out is the cost both the purchase and the fuel costs, very high.

  26. at 3:50   that's not a black bass (which has a min release size of 13" in the atlantic.    I can't find that on the chart that the state of florida put out here:  
    So what was that fish?   It looks like something that we call "Rockfish" up here in Maryland.  (just sea bass).  But florida state doesn't show it.   do you know what's going on with that?  Why doesn't that show up in the fishing regulations on that chart?
    I don't think I want a boat either.  maybe a kayak <g>
    Great VID !!!

  27. It takes a lot to have and maintain a bout. Just saying rinse it after every use is just the start. Then is a lot of maintenance during the year.

  28. Boat yeah it's worth it but you scream at it cry then live it spend your last dime on it 🙄🙄🙄😍😍😍

  29. Bro if you get seasickness their is a ear patch can get from your doctor and it will take that away try it 👍

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