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Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So Try the Taco Pizza and NYC’s Wildest Foods || Down the Hatch

Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So Try the Taco Pizza and NYC’s Wildest Foods || Down the Hatch

– Yo, I like this a lot. – We are filming right now. – [Automated Voice] Thank
you for choosing (beep). – Mother(beep).
– Thank you for choosing,
nobody choose you! You chose us, call girl! Try to play with us. – What’s up, sexy people? I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – You probably recognize us as
the dudes from “Send Foodz.” – The handsome dudes who
travel around the country eating food, and
drinking drinks. – And right now,
we’re in New York. – And since we’re here
in Big (bleeping) Apple, we wanna try all the foods
we’ve been seeing on Instagram, and on Thrillist
all these years. – We deserve it. I mean, we never get to
eat good food, right? – Never. – This is Down the Hatch!
– This is Down the Hatch! – What the hell?
– What the (beep)? – This is the taco pizza
from Tony Baloney’s. – Sometimes when I
see stuff like this, I wonder how good
it’s going to taste. – Right, because
it’s just a big old cluster (beep) of like
everything, right? – But I will say this though,
the smell, quite delicious. Well, let’s give this a little. – Jesus! This is heavy, he’s not
even joking, oh my God. This is really heavy.
– It is heavy. – Or maybe we’re
just really weak. – Let’s see. When’s the last time
you held a fresh baby? Oh, wait is that
the term Fresh Baby? – When’s the last
time you held a freshly deliciously made baby? – Oh, fresh out
of the oven baby. – They got the little guacamole, they got the cream on the
inside, cilantro, of course. – Oh, the cilantro! – What is this
crunchiness on top? It’s like a Dorito, A Do-rye-to? I just lost all this weight,
I’m gonna be fat again! – No, my wife’s
gonna divorce me. – Oh God, rightfully so. How the (beep) are
we supposed to eat- – Just put it in
your (beep) mouth! – Cheers, ready for this? – It’s delicious, yo. Okay. It’s a lot of flavor, flavors kind of get lost
in other flavors, but. – That’s what I’m saying
like, all I’m tasting is taco. – The pizza is really
delicious, but the taco flavors and that guacamole and the
sour cream and everything, It’s just kind of
kicking its (beep). Even just the taco straight
up, it’s delicious. – Oh, you gave up! – Oh why you gotta
say it like that, man. – You hurt my feelings man! I like food that’s
really focused. Not to say that this tastes bad, this actually
tastes really good. If you’re trying to feed like, a refugee asian
family of like 12– – Get this one pizza and
everybody (beep) so good! – If you want to (beep)
make everybody go “oh damn” at the party,
yeah, worth the hype. Like, this will get
crazy likes on Instagram. – Oh, that’s wild! – That’ll get so many likes,
people are gonna be like, “What the hell is that?”
– Beautiful. – Hold on, I’m gonna show you
the rest of these pictures– Oh, wait that’s my dick. Hold on, let’s go this way.
– Okay, it looks nice. – Yeah, thanks. – It curves a little this way.
– Yeah, you’re right. – Instagramability,
definitely a five. – Five for sure. – Has the wow factor. Flavor-wise, I’d say it’s good, but because it’s
all over the place, I would give it a three. – Then yes, five for
Instagramability. In terms of like, my
bite, I’d give it a three. – What is going on? There’s a lobster inside of
a lobster with fried stuff! I don’t know if I
could bite past this. This is a lobster
tail with fried stuff and bacon inside with cheese! – Double Drown, from
Burger & Lobster. It’s like a sandwich, but the
bread is deep fried lobster. – Okay, you’re so
good at this dude. – I know. Make sure you guys follow Send
Foodz on Instagram as well. – Yeah. – We got mine in the foreground,
yours in the medium ground, we have an asian girl
in the background. Asians taking pictures of
Asians taking pictures of food. Inside we got, made
like, oh, is it bacon? – Bro, that’s Kraft
American cheese, That’s not even
that cheddar stuff. – These people don’t care
about rules, or cholesterol. – Cheers. – Okay, Sebastian from
“The Little Mermaid.” – I know, dude! – That’s great. – This is some drunk
(beep) people food. I think I could do
without the fried bread, because it’s already
heavy with the cheese, and the bacon. But they cooked the
lobster to perfection. – No, it’s so good! I like the double fried. I mean, for sure this is
like, cholesterol city, you know what I’m saying? But, it’s worth the trip. – I like people who don’t shy
away from American cheese. I like American cheese. – People talk (beep)
about American cheese? – Yeah, they go, “it’s
not cheese, you America” I’m talking about French. “You call this cheese,
it’s not cheese”. It’s cheese. – Fromage. – Yeah, fromage. Dude I think that means
perfume in French. – Instagramability,
I give it a five. It’s just so like,
decadent and rich. – Flavor-wise, what
do you give it? – 4.8 – Whoa, that’s high, bro! – Because, it was really good. Just because it’s so much
salt, and so much grease, I would’ve liked maybe
some type of like, cabbage or lettuce to kinda– – I said I was gonna bypass, I’m eating this
whole lobster, man. I love lobster, man. Lobster to me is just great. For me, flavor-wise, I would put it in the
3 mark once again. It’s really good, but I don’t think I would
eat this whole thing. – But the thing about
the pizza was like, everything was good separately, but all together, I couldn’t
really tell it apart. – Mmm, You know what? – This right here, I still
know what’s going on, you feeling me? – 3.8, I’ll give
a 0.8 above that. – Okay, and you know what? I will take mine down to a 4.5, because of what you said. – Up in front, and a
little fun in the back. – You talking about
the Asian girl? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah. Oh, it’s a bagel! – It’s a bagel. – What the (beep) happened
to this bagel though? – It’s a bagel that like,
you washed with your, and you put bleach inside. – Oh my God it
looks like Gangrene. Who would eat this? Oh, I know what they’re doing! I’ve been seeing this
all over Instagram. This is where they
take bagel dough, and they put food
coloring in it, and they do the
rainbow (beep) with it. – Oh, they take Tekashi 69 it. – Yeah, the Tekashi 69 bagel! And this rainbow bagel too, lightweight failed, because, I just have green and red, which just looks like
puss and open wound. – Looks like that caterpillar
from “A Bug’s Life.” – It just looks like
the tights of somebody who goes to Walmart. The color does nothing
for the flavor. – Well how do you know, you
haven’t tasted it yet, David. – Because I know it’s
food coloring for a fact. – Well, what if it’s like
matcha infused food colorings? – Oh, it absolutely isn’t, because there’s no matcha
that’s colored this. – Oh, you know what?
I could be wrong. – Well, let’s take a bite. – Cheers. It’s not a bad bagel though. It’s nice and chewy. – It’s doing something, but
I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if I like it. – Oh maybe it is flavored! – I can’t figure out
if it’s the dough, or the dye. – Or if it’s the cream cheese. Is this just butter
in the middle? That’s just butter. That’s not even cream cheese.
– Yeah, that’s just butter. – Who’s trying to
(beep) kill us? It’s a good bagel. I like it. – The consistency is good,
the toast on it is nice. – I wouldn’t–
– Let me taste yours. Oh, okay yours got
some berry (beep). – It’s good. Actually it tastes a lot
better than I expected, I was talking (beep)
about it first because I’m a hater like that. But I know when to say
sorry when I’m wrong. I’m so sorry! Instagramability,
I give this a two. – I will give it a three. – Flavor-wise, what
do you give it? – 4 1/2, it’s a good bagel. – Yeah, this is a
good bagel, right? – It’s a good bagel.
– It’s not terrible. – Like, if I was just to
close my eyes and take a bite, I’m like, “oh, okay yeah
that’s a good bagel”. – I would give it a three– David So. You know what? I’m trying to be a nicer guy. 3.75. God, damn it! What are you people doing to us, look at the size
of those things! – These are from Katz’s Deli, and if you don’t know
what Katz’s Deli is, the deli they use in
“When Henry Met Sally,” the famous orgasm scene. – I’ll have what she’s having. – That scene. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is what I missed from the Double Decker lobster sandwich. This at least comes
with a side of pickle. Something fresh, right?
– Yes. – But a reuben here just to
go back to the damn sandwich. Swiss cheese and sauerkraut,
and I think some people put that special sauce
on it too, right? Do they do that? – What sauce is it? – [Female Behind
Camera] Russian. – Russian dressing. – Russian dressing! – Come on, New York people! I don’t think you’ll
keep this one. – No, no, no, no, that’s good,
that’s good, that’s good. – But this is what
a lot of people do. Who’s there? Somebody taking a picture of me? Oh my God! Who’s there? Cheers.
– All right, well, cheers. – That’s delicious. – Mhmm. That’s really good, that’s
a good sandwich right there. – That was what
I’m talking about. – That’s some good meat. – It’s incredible,
that’s what I’m saying. – Cured, salty, it’s delicious. – The meat is so
good, what the hell? – [Female Behind Camera]
All right, let’s do a chew and swallow, and then
give me a little more… – The meat, fire,
salty, succulent, moist. – I like that peppery
crust on the outside. That’s the hitter for me. – Oh, yeah yeah yeah. – Just the little heat
that you get from that, amazing!
– Mhmm. – So good. Instagramability, I give it a 5. Very hefty, If people like meat, this
is what they want to see. For a sandwich, I give this a 5. For a Deli meat sandwich,
this is a 5 for me. – I feel you. The bread, I mean I
could go for some like– Ah, you know what I’m saying? – It toasted or something? – Something like that. – I feel like if we
toast this bread though, like somebody in New
York will stab us. Instagramability, 5, for sure. Off of pure just like, size
and weight to it, right? I say taste-wise, I
give this one a 4.6. – Mhm, my man. I still would like
some type of slaw or I would like some
more sauerkraut, something, you know
what I’m saying? Cause it’s still– – But that’s why you have
to have sour pickles. – I know, but then you
gotta take the extra bite and (beep) you know
what I’m saying? Like, if I’m rating just
strictly off sandwich, and I gotta do extra
work to get what I need. – Cause I heard the sandwich
was developed because some lazy (beep) was like, “I don’t want to eat my bread
and my meat on the side, I want it in one
piece of bread”. I don’t know what
accent that is. – It’s always a (beep)
from England or Australia. I’m gonna go back
down to mine, 4.6. – You convinced me
dude, you’re so good. 4.6, I got you. Dominique’s Ansel’s
Bakery Cronut. – So what’s the crow
part of these cronuts? – Croissant. – Oh, it’s a croissant donut? – Like a croissant. Yo, how are we gonna
do this one, man? – Okay, hold on a second. I think this was like, one of the original
things that just– – Everyone just
bootlegged it everywhere. – Yeah, and a lot of businesses
started doing that thing, where they were just bootlegging
off everybody else’s stuff. – It’s dense. It’s dense for sure, but
because this is a croissant it’s nice and airy, you
know what I’m saying? Like, it’s very flaky.
– Oh yeah, man. – It’s not as like, thick. – Cheers.
– Cheers me. – Oh, they got some
jam in the middle! Number one, flavor-wise, jam and cream, delicious, right? Then we have this candy
coated frosting on top, oh! And then can we talk
about the sugary outside, the crunch that you get because
you’re taking a croissant basically, and you’re
frying that (beep). – If I was in the mood, I would wait in line down
the block for one of these. – 100%. I’m gonna give this a 5 for
the instagramability, right? – 5 for Instagramability. I think I might give
this a 5 for taste, bro! – I would too. – Especially if you’re
a dessert person, and it’s not overly
sweet either, it’s like pretty balanced, with the sourness,
and the jelly. – The sourness of the
jam and the jelly, yeah. 5, and 5. Why, because I’m
not a sweets person. This right here though, is something that I might crave. It’s all about cravability. That’s what describes
amazing food to me. – I F with this. – Yes, oh, why’d
you not crush that? – Oh, we been cussing a lot. – Oh, yeah, we gotta keep
it down for their ears, huh. Dude, I’m so
frickle-frackled right now. – This is
frickle-frackling me up. – Here you go. – Sansa, I always love
your cronuts, Sansa – Sansa, your mother made
the best cronuts I’ve ever seen, Sansa. Which one was my favorite? – Oh, for me definitely my
favorite had to be the cronuts. – Man, the cronut was bomb. – I’m not a sweets guy, so
it made me like the sweet so much, it has
to be my favorite. – With like a side of ice cream, or even like a glass
of Lactaid milk. – Oh yeah, ’cause we’re lactose. I would fart a storm. – I have been. – Really?
– Yeah, just from the cheese from the lobster sandwich. – Dude, did you ever fart so bad that you got mad at yourself? – No, I’m always proud of that. – Okay, I get angry at myself. It just comes out as a specter and stares me right in the face. – Like a genie, ahh! – What have you done! – I’m Timothy DelaGhetto. – And I’m David So. Subscribe to Thrillist
so you can watch us do our thing on “Send Foodz.” – Click the link
in the description if you want more
from Thrillist Food. – And if you just can’t
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