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Titan Radio Live! featuring Paco and the Tacos

Titan Radio Live! featuring Paco and the Tacos

welcome to Titan radio live a
collaboration effort between Titan TV and Titan internet radio
I’m your host Hannah Von Gremp and I’m Taylor Martinez today we have Paco and
the tacos in our studio at tighten communications playing some great music
if you like what you hear visit them at slash Paco
and the tacos take it away boys oh all you radio people we are Paco in
the tacos this is voice on the base behind me as Pierce on the drums
I am Pago and we are puck on the tacos this next song is called the cat soldier Oh soon yes so all right so now that we’ve heard a bit
of the tasty jams from Paco and the tacos we thought we’d ask you guys a
couple questions so first off I want to ask how did you
guys start but really I want to know where did Paco and the tacos get their
name it was a very old basis who’s not with us today when I first started the
band was just me and him and Chris actually and we want to play a show so
bad but we didn’t have been named so he just made it he cracked a joke said Paco
and the tacos and we’re like you know what that actually sounds pretty good
let’s just go with that like because we want to play a show so bad and we’re
already getting like offerings so we just said alright let’s just play a show
with that name and then when we play that first show people just love the
name so much that we just stuck with it and it just it just it’s here today I
taste your name matches it tasty band I mean also it gives us an opportunity to
bring talked with sort of shows and share with the people so that was a cool
idea as well – what song would you say is your guilty pleasure our guilty
pleasure is the first one that we played we just all love that song so much that
was the first song that me and Chris played when we’ve like first ever played
like that was the first song and like we both like just like clicked or just like
alright we were meant to be together that’s it that’s when a spark ignited
yeah so I want to ask when you guys aren’t performing what do you guys like
to do in your spare time I like to recently I’ve been really into just
going to the theaters and just watching movies and recently in my opinion the
best movie of the year is Blade Runner yeah that was just so good that’s why I
like doing my free time when I get a chance on the weekend just watch a movie
go to the theaters you guys like to do I really like I’m reading this book I
think it’s called I drop a couple days ago that’s another thing I like doing
like mr. throw up a lot I like picking up books I’m just kind of like skimming
through them and highlighting like the best ideas like lately they know they
know but it’s like hanging out with friends I’m usually just jamming anyways
playing I like working out hanging out with friends stuff like that for the
most part yeah well are you guys working on anything new right now we actually
just finished EP play EP with kicked off the streets it was three songs and three
songs they did three songs and we did three songs and we just finished that
like recently yeah that’s actually we will put the link on there but it’s on
soundcloud and then also I just made CDs today I actually gave one to one of you
guys yeah but yeah we just finished that and
that’s where we’re working on recently but after that since like the holidays
are coming up we’re kind of gonna take a little break and then when the new year
comes that’s when we’re just gonna start working again like writing more material
before we let you guys go back to playing the music I have a question your
favorite taco or type of taco I guess asada I’ll go with the salad tacos
chicken that’s good stuff yeah that’s pretty good
you know both of them together actually oh yes on high this one’s called the oh
brother yeah yeah that was called off brother this next
one is called date night this is about a girl the yeah this is gonna be our last song this one
is in Spanish and this one I want to dedicate to my parents to my mom my dad very nice guys all right thank you guys
thanks for watching Thai radio live a collaboration effort between Thai and TV
and Thai and internet radio thank you to Paco and the tacos for coming to our
studio and playing some wonderful music if you like what you hear visit them at slash Paco and the tacos for any upcoming shows or news
broadcasting from California State University Fullerton I’m Hannah Von Gremp and I’m Taylor Martinez and we’ll see you next time

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