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Tokyo Street Food | TOP 10 at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo Street Food | TOP 10 at Tsukiji Fish Market

in this video I’m going to show you my top 10 Street food at Tsukiji market [Music] just right behind me you can actually see the oldest Yoshinoya in all of Japan now very first one skeezy market is one of the main destinations for any tourist coming to Tokyo I wanted to show you my top 10 street food so before we start let me just give you a little background there’s actually two parts of the skeezy fish market this is that jo9 side which is just to the left of me it’s where the original market is in the where all the fish is auctioned and sold off just to the right of me is that yokai side which is the refrig market poor I would say tourists and just regular people so when the join a side there are many fantastic restaurants for workers who’ve been working here since dawn I filmed this around 3 p.m. and you can see that most of the places are closed this is similar to the jokai side make sure to come here early so you don’t miss out on all the delicious treats let’s head over to the jokai side which has more street food I am so excited let’s go eat some Street food [Music] number ten men jakotsu from Yoshizawa show ten at first this small store just looks like a mom-and-pop butcher shop but it’s actually owned by a famous company with one of the best beef Coppa restaurants and Ginza called yoshizawa it costs a couple hundred bucks for one meal there but here you can enjoy and taste of it for only a couple of dollars minty cuts if it’s still warm to the touch it’s nice this : this morning I love fried food let’s try this out oh this is so good it’s super crunchy that like fried lamb and then the meat is super juicy look at that steam just comes straight from the meat it’s actually Matsuzaka goo which means Matsuzaka beef it’s actually a more popular beef here than Japan compared to Co baby and it’s super good if you come here definitely try this and it’s not that expensive so good I’m gonna have to have another bite [Music] George it’s really good cipro ducek and you see like extra juice comes out and I think out early yours put it back for like it’s like extra crunch you look thin layer I know good number nine sea urchin button from Hamish Odin it’s sea urchin in a bamboo charcoal whoo Neiman let’s try it [Music] Wow look how steamy that is you can smell the honey it smells so good and check out this Unni wow it’s like this cool fun and the moon is on top it’s amazing [Music] so freakin cream dude is so good man there’s so much the bun is amazing holy crap this is like my favorite thing out of so this is the Unni right here and then this is kind of like the Unni fish cream it’s like a pure Unni cream I cannot believe that they made something this delicious at the street food market you know I could eat maybe like 10 of these it’s like a full flavor of who need [Music] number eight Inari sushi from ski ban ski Ben just opened last year so it’s fairly new they offer a variety of toppings for their annatee we just had a need so I wanted to try something a bit different I’m going with this creative delight salmon and he could up so this is Inari sushi with salmon and Acuto look at the bits and chunks so much so it has a sushi on top and then as rice and it’s wrapped in fried tofu sorry it’s kind of loud behind me but you kind of fill them anyway let’s try it first right now it’s so heavy trying to hold this thing to try to take pictures and my like freaking arm holding talks like it’s so eyes tired this thing is so heavy okay the fried tofu is definitely sweet fish on top the salmon and it CUDA is very salty so some really good mix but the rice is very full and moist but it definitely really really good I really like remember the one we had the SkyTrain that one is a lot sweeter this is like a bit bitter you could always hear like really bouncy they actually sell hot sake right here at the standing bar it’s amazing number seven tamagoyaki from Martha Kay there are many stores who specialize in tamagoyaki which in Japanese is a rolled omelet this shop became famous because the owners brother is a popular celebrity here in Japan let’s get our egg on so we just got that tamagoyaki actually only 100 yen so it’s probably one of the more affordable dishes here you can see and it’s so steamy it’s freaking crazy mmm so sweet good thing to start with this in the morning I wasn’t expecting it to be so good [Music] number six very total dome Maharajah Cadogan this is for my tuna lovers out there Cadogan is a new face in Tsukiji market but was originally a shop from quarter moon market in Osaka which I featured in a previous video their sushi rolls are really good but today I’m getting the best Bowl because hey why not we just got the old total which is that fatty tuna it’s the most expensive tuna in the store I’m so excited to taste cuz it’s just gonna be juicy look at that let’s put a little bit of wasabi on here [Music] you can melt the tuna with your tongue it’s that soft and buttery oh my god that is amazing one of the best tunas I’ve had in a while that’s really good it’s a little bit of rice in there no try this it’s really good you know like it’s only to melt they like nothing right now I need a little bit stuffy oh yeah mm-hmm Oh in the rice it’s seasoned this is like a comment it has this amine yeah a little bit of vinegar and it’s super good number five Vegeta from Tommy suey Tommy Tsui is a shop that specializes in whale meat and you can eat and drink inside to [Music] unopinionated I saw alcohol hook them up today so they’re making it fresh as we speak you have to wait a little bit because it hasn’t fully cooked but man when you get it it’s gonna be super freakin hot and warm whoo Wow look at that is just dripping Wow amazing we just got cachito which in English means whale Wow look at that it’s like a barbecue whale and then you can smell the barbecue mm-hmm it tastes very much like me no I’m more than lamb or chicken or anything it tastes like me I have kind of a a slight bitter taste kind of almost like a liver but it’s pretty good I just love barbecue in general so definitely with the taste the sauce that they have is that kind of like a soy sauce or some sort of salty sauce it’s pretty good you want to try something new friggin whale where else in the world can you try whale okay put it up before I think I had Jimmy it’s got a rare do you do ice cream look at this it’s freaking whale ice cream so actually what it is it’s a vanilla ice cream and then it has whale flakes that are sprinkled on top so you can see kind of the brown kind of that dark flakes that’s actually whale flakes and then maybe some salt or something oh I just blew a little bit it’s almost like there’s like Goma flakes like a bitch really but it’s really good vanilla but be honest I can’t really taste the whale I think they just need to put more whale it’s still good definitely good but not very Whaley apparently whales to us we good for health lots of nutrition so I guess you just put well on everything number four crab tempura with crab butter from Nikki why humph Oh [Music] Wow look at that got me so Oh looks so good this is like a fish cake it has crab meat and then it has crab miso on top I love crab one of my dishes I have in the morning I had toast a piece of bread put some cream cheese and those foot crab on top and I loved it so I should love this to prop is amazing you can really taste the bitterness of the miso and a fish cake is pretty sweet hmm I really like the meats on top though it however you can like feel like the BBQ flame-broiled taste of everything I thought it was gonna be quite light but it’s actually pretty heavy it’s only like one meal in itself we had some rice and nurses it’ll be like the perfect meal [Music] number three shu mai from sigh why can sigh baikin is a traditional Chinese restaurant loved by many skeezy workers and famous for its giant shoe my pork dumpling it’s not bigger than my head but it’s pretty big we just got the shoe might be against you my that I’ve ever had in my life I was looking around and this is probably one of the smaller portions compared to the other one so it’s actually even bigger than this one it’s some freaking amazing let’s try some mustard and put that on there so people generally eat this with soy sauce but they actually had worse the Shire sauce instead oh look at this I don’t know even how do I put this all my vows but it’s so big it’s soft and juicy it’s really not like a meat it’s kind of like this like squishy meteor-like squishy thing so the sauce adds kind of like a little sweetness which is pretty nice it’s not really meaty it’s right number two choice ters from Saito suis on there are several shops in skeezy where you can get fresh oysters but the store I trust is this one put it get 1 pound alright alright my oysters check out these oysters we just got the oysters from probably the best oyster place in all of ski G the owner of this shop is known for having the best eye to pick out the oysters at the market look we got two different sizes we got a smaller oyster size and we got the big jumbo oyster size look at so big all right damn I forgot the freakin record button trust me the large oysters were amazing but luckily we still have my cus part I’m gonna try the smaller one you’re gonna spell it the bigger one is so pretty big really strong thing but they were rash elizena [Music] number one Juden and hormone from kitsune ax kitsune ax is one of the shops with the longest history the owners grandfather started as a standing bar where you could enjoy horror moan skewers and now it’s transformed into this wonderful standing eatery look at that it’s steaming so we got a molten Ave which is actually their most popular dish out here now you’ve probably seen this in other vlogs which is really really good here and then second we got the beef done which is the second most popular dish so we can try both today so let’s take the first bite then as the onions the meat is actually hormone which is like beef intestine let me see they’re just melt-in-your-mouth nice and juicy it’s really good hmm oh you can really taste the alchemy so and yeah alchemy soap can be really bitter but this one is actually really really creamy and almost sweet to the taste oh my god the Blitz actually pepper my favorite look at that steam it’s amazing look at that let’s try to get him mm-hmm the meat is actually a little bit sweet so tender that it almost is I got like corned beef it’s really good mmm usually like if you have this out no not fast food places it’s really chewy not so good but this really really taste it just really melts you can actually add egg to this on top which I completely forgot to do so when you guys are here and if you try this and you should definitely add the egg on top let’s try something that motsu with some rice because it got both options right now you guys might actually want to try this because it’s pretty freakin tasty what you do you get the motive you put it with a good honor and you take a big bite of both this is what I call the Paulo combo well it’s not really a thing as it right now but try to ask for it and maybe one day we’ll be that as a meal it’s so good alright so that concludes our top 10 street food in skeezy market if you like this video help me out and hit that like button and if you’re a first time traveler to Tsukiji market let me know in the comment section below which food place you’re excited to go to most if you’ve been asked eg market let me know which was your favorite place finally if you want to see more of my adventures in Tokyo and in Japan like always hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you in the next one [Music] [Music]

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    The only bet is walking into the local supermarket for half price bento and sushi after 7 pm.

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