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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More
Tom Messner feeds Elizabeth the eel at ECHO

Tom Messner feeds Elizabeth the eel at ECHO

TOM [email protected] WITH WHAT IS GOING [email protected] [email protected] TOM: A LAST — LOT OF [email protected] GOING ON AND SOME OF THE [email protected] WILL WANT TO [email protected] THIS IS ELIZABETH, THE [email protected] WHAT DID THE NAME COME [email protected] P>>YOU WILL SEE WHEN SHE [email protected] YOU SHE IS [email protected] P>>WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW [email protected] FEEDING AN [email protected] I HAVE FED SOME ANIMALS BUT [email protected] [email protected] P>>ELIZABETH GOES MOSTLY [email protected] SMELL BECAUSE THERE IS NOT A [email protected] OF [email protected] YOU WILL WAVE THE WORM [email protected] SHE WILL COME RIGHT TO [email protected] P>>DO I DROP IT OR HANG [email protected] P>>IT IS MORE FUN TO HOM –@ HOLD ON IF YOU WANT TO SEE [email protected] [email protected] P>>WHAT DO WE NEED TO [email protected] P>>ELIZABETH IS FROM LONG [email protected] BUT THERE ARE SOME IN [email protected] [email protected] SHE HAS BEEN HERE FOR QUITE [email protected] FEW [email protected] SHE IS ABOUT 20 OR [email protected] P>>IS THAT [email protected] P>>YES AND IT MEANS THAT WE [email protected] FEEDING HER, PEOPLE CAN COME [email protected] ECHO AND SEE HER DURING THE [email protected] SHE HAS LEARNED ABOUT [email protected] [email protected]>>I AM ASSUMING I HAVE TO [email protected] UP [email protected] P>>[email protected] P>>DO YOU [email protected] I HAND Y [email protected] P>>I WILL FEED YOU WORMS, [email protected] P>>WE LOOKED AT THE WORMS [email protected] EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT WE [email protected] [email protected] WHAT DO I [email protected] P>>THERE IS A PIECE OF PLASTIC,@ SLIDE IT [email protected] DO I NEED TO MAKE [email protected] P>>JUST WAVE THE [email protected] CAN YOU SEE [email protected] P>>IF YOU STAND HALFWAY DOWN [email protected] [email protected] AM I GOING TO HAS MY [email protected] P>>SHELL NOT [email protected] SHE I [email protected] P>>MAYBE SHE WENT OUT TO [email protected]>>OR ORDERED [email protected]>>OKAY, WHAT IF I DROP [email protected] P>>[email protected] P>>WHAT IF I DROP IT, DO [email protected] WEATHER AND SEE WHAT [email protected]>>[email protected]>>CAN YOU GET HER TO COME [email protected]

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