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Tongue Eating Parasites in Fish? Everything you need to know about Cymothoa exigua.

Tongue Eating Parasites in Fish? Everything you need to know about Cymothoa exigua.

hello this video is going to be about of fish parasite before I talk about it I need to catch some fish there are my fish you just saw me catching some sand dabs [Music] because they leave on the sand bottom and are barely moving they are easily exposed to many parasites to see the parasite on this fish I’m not sure how many parasite you have found on this fish but there were at least two parasite shown on that fish this is one of the two parasites of the fish however this is not the parasite that I’m going to talk about you don’t need one appear soon don’t freak out this is the pairs that I’m going to talk about today this is Simon Dora X ego also known as the town eating I support on sentence you can find them under their gills [Music] it is a parasitic I support of the family Simon to Edie it is quite widespread and found in various kinds of fish it has been sampling waters from two to almost 60 meters deep this enters fish through the gills and then attaches itself to the tongue the female attaches to the tongue and male dashes to under Gill usually females are bigger than males it extracts blood causing the tongue to atrophy from the lack of blood then the parasite replaces the fish’s tongue it appears that the parasite does not cause much other damage to the host fish but fish with two or more of the parasites are usually on their way once it replaces the tongue some feed on the hosts blood and many others feed on fish mucus this is the only known case of a parasite assumes to be functionally replacing a hose organ when a fish dies it will detach yourself and leave the fish nothing much is known about its lifecycle usually the small ones attached to the gills and are males and as they mature they become females when there are only two males the bigger one becomes a female then the female attaches to the tongue these parasites are not harmful to humans these are the standards I caught today do you see anything with their host fish die they crawl out of the host fish like this one although these parasites are visually disgusting they are not harmful to humans you can easily clean them by removing the has four kills when cooked these fish are extremely delicious these are the scientists we caught today we are organizing them I have collected some parasites that crawled out of the fish more subs and that’s and many fish of these parasites so please don’t freak out when you find this little friend thank you for watching my video please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like my video thank you very much

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  1. Hey when eating raw fish , just use a lot of wasaba !!! It's so hot it will kill all parasite !!! He He !this guy is so paranoid !!!! Just don't eat fish dumb ass !!!

  2. Man I worked on a shrimp/drag boat for a bit and we would catch those all the time, never realized how crazy they were!

  3. You let the fish fucking suffocate? Dont they have a central nervous system too? If so, thats animal abuse buddy

  4. I despise these things. Everyone says "they don't cause much damage" (parasites) yet the animals are always lethargic and under weight.

  5. 0:01 I know enough 😂🤣🤮… Movies are made on these things and it did me in can't look at the little nearly things again ' the bay' 😰🤢🤮

  6. Jesus Christ this is the worst video I've ever watched you sound like a goddamn robot zombie don't you know how to talk with any enthusiasm or Direction not like a goddamn robot stop making fucking videos nerd

  7. To bad Bill Clinton, George Bush, And Obama. Wish all the lie ing politicians would get infested . Then maybe they would have to keep their mouth shut .✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🕎🕎🕎🕎🕎🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🇺🇸🇺🇸🌹🌹🛸🛸🗽⚖️🏹🔯🔯🐅🐅

  8. Dont get why people just let the fish suffocate on land even when you gonna eat it it isn't right to let it just suffocate. At least bash its brain in so it dont suffer long.

  9. So you call undersized halibut sand dabs aye…fucked up to take that many juveniles, you are what's wrong with this world

  10. iv been swimming in africa and had pain in my mouth throat. Years later i actually saw one of those in the mirror just by accident ! How dod i get rid of it how do i kill the eggs, i put black pepper and kurkuma and salt and oil on it to try to kill it. But its still their the biting atleast

  11. Not harmful? Ok

    5 Minutes Later


  12. imagine people walking around with those like tell yoiur kids if you lie to your parents a parasite will eat your tongue and live there forever yuck you are such a kind person to call these little monsters friends

  13. Yeah that is a delicious fish, we called that "Palad" here in the central Philippines. can you make a video about the parasites living inside shells that looks like little cute crabs? nice and informative video. a new sub here.

  14. I heard theyre edible? There was a Japanese channel that cooked them. They said it taste exactly like an isopod (also edible)

  15. Me: Eats Annies mac n’ cheese shells
    Sees the video
    Me: Why does my Mac have to be the same color as that tongue eating parasite!?

    fricken frick

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