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TOO EASY! Tilapia Fishing VIETNAM | QUÁ DỄ! Câu Cá Rô ở Việt Nam (Với Miền Tây Thu Nhỏ )

TOO EASY! Tilapia Fishing VIETNAM | QUÁ DỄ! Câu Cá Rô ở Việt Nam (Với Miền Tây Thu Nhỏ )

alright guys we’re gonna be doing some
fishing today the water level is quite low right now so we’re gonna be fishing
in a pond I’m with Quy “Mien Tay Thu Nho” so if
you guys want to see more videos with me sometimes speaking more tieng Viet, then Quy’s channel cuz I don’t always film and Quy has more
videos with me doing fishing and other stuff with him because he teaches me a
lot let me show you what we’re using for bait and hopefully we catch fish you got
eggs right here ant eggs, some worms some crickets just caught a little tilapia I forgot my GoPro you guys so it’s kind of hard to film it’s a tight
space so I’m gonna do the best I can but I’m gonna let him go back in the water Quy he’s already caught two fish one
for me two for him well I’m waiting to catch fish there’s an old abandoned
house over here I’m gonna show you you guys look at that it’s such a nice
abandoned house pretty cool I wasn’t expecting this to be here I’ve
got a map of Vietnam so a house gecko up there well we’ve got a bathroom so later
I need to wash my face I got somewhere to wash my face but yeah I wasn’t
expecting that and I can fish outside of my house how cool is that
I can fish right there you know be almost going to the bathroom and fishing
at the same time yeah I need to find Quy but some papaya
so if I get hungry later I can eat some papaya love that love it so Quy’s
fishing over here I got the other side so he’s right there fishing it’s a nice
little area I think that’s Thao Dien and you have the Saigon River over
here but for me lots of plants got to walk through My little pond! God you
got another one? Quy oi! Quy’s killing me he already caught another one
bigger than mine – it’s still small but it’s bigger than mine he always catches
more fish than I do every single time have I ever caught
more fish than you no no it’s always Quy oh I think I got a bite okay alright
two for me three for Quy 3 for Quy. Always every single time! Caught
this one with cricket you know let it go too you got one? oh God, Quy! is that now five for
you two for me Ooh maybe we got a fish, little guy right here
just caught another tilapia it’s kind of small but who’s gonna keep this one so
I’m gonna put it away so yeah they’re gonna do some fish in the Saigon River
but the tide is quite low right now so it’s not gonna be much fishing at the
moment and it probably won’t rise for another at least like two hours so oh I
got a fish got a fish oh wow Wow okay okay this is so you caught maybe 15 fish
but this one is better than your 15 fish alright so right now I’m winning with
the bigger fish I was not expecting oops ugh hold on don’t wanna get hook myself
okay all right good to go oh no I got another fish too I got another fish on my foot and then another one nope I got to fix,
that’s tied up I just got the bigger tilapia
Quy’s up on me, he’s like 27 fish but I got the big one so oh you just got
another one? He’s killing it okay so Quy’s gonna eat this cuz I
wouldn’t but he’s gonna eat it so I’m gonna put it in the bag just caught this
one this one has a lot more colors to it it’s still smaller than mine though It’s a male tilapia okay it’s I
haven’t seen it that colorful oh I got a fish I just took it okay hold
on I’m tied up in my line now yeah hold on oh this thing is so small so tiny so small really tiny you don’t want this
one right yeah Right there! it’s moving
let’s lift it up I don’t think I got anything though nope
another fish at least I got the bigger one I’m winning on that one oh no no yeah maybe maybe yeah yeah
not yet I think like a little tiny fish there we go there we go
no yeah look at the sunset, so beautiful you’re catching another…? I thought you caught
another fish! Very big, I don’t know, very big hate you… Mine’s still bigger
“i love your fish, i don’t love you” there we go alright not too big though, quite small so Quy wants
to keep the fish I’m in a really tight space right now so it’s kind of hard to
film do the best I can to keep fishing focus okay
what focus keep going with the worms all right got a
fish got a fish fish ooh yes I’m catching up to you Quy, bigger
than yours yeah but got a worm in my eye you got one yeah yeah Quy’s gonna keep this one you just caught another one so it’s like 85 for you like 12 for
me he’s catching so many fish, smells great put in the bushes okay
Oh stay and wait literally I’ll be like 10 seconds not really maybe more than 10
seconds but really really fast gotta fish got a fish yeah yep I
think small look at that it’s so easy right now this is crazy it’s so easy I
but I’m gonna let this one go it’s not very big still got my worms
all right let’s catch another one so Quy has decided to film, not film,
Quy has decided to fish right behind me so I’m sitting down
like this and then Quy is right above me so we’re gonna have a little competition
who catches the first fish wins so this fish is winner-takes-all
minds moving Quy! Mine’s moving it’s moving a little bit
come on take it take it take it take it nothing both are not moving. Yours is moving now a little bit come on come on crap no no I said crap
crap like “poop” like crap like oh man no no “cua” is crab in tieng Viet,
crap like oh man okay the anticipation is terrible I get a bite
you get a bite I get a bite you get a bite that was like that was almost I got
a bite play oh man that took my warm I guess
nobody’s gonna win that competition they’re not getting any bites now
actually no you know we will finish it will finish it cuz okay we’re
done we’re done get though we’re done okay if you want to watch
more videos with me especially if I’m gonna be speaking more thing Viet you
can check out Quy’s channel That’s right
yeah he’s caught more fish than me but I caught the bigger fish I know I know the bigger fish is better but for you guys make sure to have a
great day I’ll see you later, bye bye

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  3. Dustin do you ever pull the Vietnamese up on when they don't trow back small fish. and explain why we have these rules in the west. not in this video just in general.

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