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Top 10 Aquarium Fish For Beginners

Top 10 Aquarium Fish For Beginners

– Hey everyone. Cory from Aquarium Co-op. Today we’re talking about the best fish if you’re a beginner. I got 10 of them for you. Not in any specific order
but we’re gunna give some basic care and hopefully give you some ideas for your new tank. Alright, the first idea I’ve
got for you is rasboras. In general, you can get
them in any pet store. Rasbora hets are very, very
common and super sturdy. You get that orange color on ’em and there are some other variants as well. They get about 2.5-3 inches and some stay a little bit smaller, some get a little bit bigger. Like a scissor tail rasbora,
something like that. They handle a wide range of PH and they like to be in
schools of six or more and, in general, pretty peaceful. So they can go with most
of the other suggestions on this list. Next up I’ve got the common goldfish. Now you might go, hey, that’s not necessarily a beginner fish. The common goldfish, I do
believe, is a beginner fish. With a little bit of research they’re very easy to take care of. In general, giving them at least 30 gallons of water per fish. So, in a 55 you could have,
kind of, a couple of them, They get to about a foot, maybe 14 inches and one of the good
things is you can usually put them into a pond later. Maybe a family member
or something like that. But, in general, feed ’em a
diet with a lot of spirulina and veggies in it and they’re
pretty easy to take care of. Change a bunch of water and
they’re really forgiving in terms of PH, hardness and all that and so, you don’t want to mix
them with other community fish but a tank of just them is super cool and that’s why they’re one of the most popular fish in the world. Next up I’ve got tetras for you. Now, seems common, it is
common, but there’s hundreds of types of tetras and
it’s probably the most well represented species
at your local fish store. When you walk in you’re
gunna be like, hey, there’s neon tetras, cardinal
tetras, Congo tetras, black neon tetras, you
know, there’s gunna be tons and, so, they’re all pretty
easy to take care of. They like a neutral PH. Kind of 7-7.8 you can
go a little bit higher on some of the African tetras. You can go a little bit lower, maybe, on wild caught cardinal tetras. So, do a little bit of research
before you’re buying them but keep them in groups of six or more. They like to school around. Safety in numbers. Could go with the rasboras
we mentioned earlier and a bunch of others in this list. Next up, we’ve got corydoras. Now, think of them like the
rasbora or the neon tetra of the bottom dwellers. They like to be in groups. Ideally six or more, but,
I say bare minimum three and they usually are in every pet store if not, at least albino and bronzes, some of the more, you know, common ones. All the way up to very
expensive laser or delphi or some that just have numbers. Sometimes you go corydora
cw056, what’s that? But, in general, they’re
all catfish that get, about, 2.5-3 inches, school around the bottom and they eat off the bottom. Now, that doesn’t mean
they only eat leftovers or they clean your tank. You still have to
dedicated feed them, but, they swim down low, kinda,
you can inhabit that area without having to put
them up in the middle with tetras and rasboras
and all that kind of stuff. So, they’re a great little
addition to your community tank. Next up we’ve got platies. Now, if you know me you know
that I love live bearers and I couldn’t leave live
bearers off this list so I had to find one that
I thought was really hardy for a beginner and that is the platy. Guppies, a lot of people
would suggest that, but they’re so bred now
that they’re pretty weak. Platies, on the other hand,
tend to be nice and robust, can handle a wide range
of PH all the way from 6.8 to probably 8.5, they
give birth to live young, they like the water to
be a little bit hard but they don’t care that
much if it’s not super hard. They’ll eat almost anything. They get about 3.5-4 inches
and they come in any color you can imagine. My personal favorites are
a slight variant on a platy known as the variatus platy. I personally keep them in my fish room and they’re one of my
favorite fish of all time. Out of everything I own
at the store and home, they’re still probably in my
top five favorite fish ever. Next up I’ve got bettas. I know, there’s a lot
of controversy on that but, in general, I do think they are a good beginner fish for people if they keep them appropriately. So, get yourself like,
a ten gallon aquarium, get a filter with slow
flow, maybe a sponge filter or a small hang on back, plant it up and then mix it with, probably, some of those tetras and things we’ve been talking about earlier and you’re finally like, wait, I can keep them in a community. All of our bettas in our store here are kept in community
tanks and I would say 85% or more of our
customers do the same thing. It doesn’t always work out but it is one of the easiest fish to keep because they breathe from the surface. They eat lots of meat so you can feed them high quality pellets, frozen blood worms, things like that and they typically do get along with other stuff. You actually worry more about
other stuff picking on them in a large aquarium. In smaller tanks they get
very, very territorial and sometimes will lash
out on other things but in a big tank not so much and, you know, just don’t forget don’t keep more than one betta by itself. They’re very territorial
against each other. Next up we’ve got barbs. So, they can be semi-aggressive. I would say things like
tiger barbs, Odessa barbs, cherry barbs, there’s lots of barbs. Tinfoil barbs, they get huge. In general, most of them
get about 3ish inches, it depends, but the ones that I would sell and we would keep, or you
see most in your store are smaller three in version
and they school around so groups of six or more and,
usually, the more you have the more active they are but the less they nip
and chase other things. So, if you have a group of 15 tiger barbs, they usually are, kind of, laid back. I wouldn’t mix barbs
with long finned things like a nice, big, long finned
angel or something like that but you could mix them
with rasboras, corydoras, neon tetras, and a couple
other things on the list. Sometimes you just gotta have a cichlid and what’s a good beginner cichlid? I like the Bolivian ram. So, not the German ram
which is, kind of, delicate but the Bolivian ram
gets about 3.5 inches, doesn’t have quite as much color but has that cichlid behavior. It’s gunna be that show piece in your tank and it will handle a wide
variety all the way from seven to eight PH, you can breed ’em, you can keep them with,
you know, the neons, the rasboras, the barbs,
all that kind of stuff and their temps are in
the same range, that 78 with all that other
stuff, so it’s really easy to mix into your community tank and they’re really hearty and they’ll eat a wide variety of food, so,
it’s a great introductory cichlid species if you’re a beginner. Next up we’ve got a bottom
dweller, kuhli loaches. Now, as long as they
look okay at the store, typically you do okay with them. You don’t get to see them a whole lot. They’re very nocturnal and reclusive. They live in plant roots
and under pieces of wood and decorations, but,
when you do get to see ’em they’re super cool. They look like little worms and eels and they’re great little scavengers. They eat little leftovers
between the rocks and that kind of thing. You still gotta feed ’em,
cause, they eat leftovers but, you know, just because
like we eat leftovers, we still have to cook once in a while to make leftovers. Same deal with them. Gotta feed ’em, but, get a
group of three or more of them at least and they can go
in tanks as small as five, all the way up, as many
as you want to keep. Alright, my last fish, an angelfish. So, yes, they do get large,
they get the size of, you know, a small saucer
but, keep them in, like, a 55 gallon or larger, they’re
pretty darn easy to keep. You can keep them with rasboras, barbs, as long as it’s not a long
fin variety of the angelfish. Barbs and neons, er, not neon tetras but tetras in general,
all those community fish. It’s your big, big, big show piece fish. It’s also a cichlid and, you know, so you can even keep it
with that Bolivian ram. It’s kind of, the easiest way, my advice, is to keep just one. Don’t buy wild caught, buy
stuff that’s been tank raised. Hopefully even locally to your water and, just put one showpiece
in that 55 gallon. It’s really easy. When you start adding more, that’s when you can get fighting going on. Then you can get breeding
going on and all that stuff and they get a lot more territorial but one is very, very easy to keep in a tank that’s 55 or larger in your general community tank. So, hopefully that gave you 10 ideas of what way could I go, I’m new to fish or I want to just add something and, you know, you can weigh in. Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think is a great beginner fish. I could have come up with
another 20 of them, I’m sure, but leave it down below
so that someone that’s new reading the comments goes
ooo, let me research that one, let me research that one and
we’ll crowdsource this thing and we’ll see you in the
next video. Thanks guys!

100 comments on “Top 10 Aquarium Fish For Beginners

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  10. A beginner should never have a cichlids. Definitely not an angel fish. They aren't difficult but beginners almost never start big enough for these type of fish. Just start with tetras, live bearing fish. I don't think the angel fish should be on this list.

  11. One comment on the goldfish though it was mentioned that when they get big to put them in a pond. I wouldn’t recommend that but if you do you have to be very very careful that there’s no access to streams because those will get in the waterway and they are invasive.

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    Long story short they ate my other minnows. I don't do goldfish now.

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