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Top 10 Expensive Arowana Fish Varieties

Top 10 Expensive Arowana Fish Varieties

Arowana are one of the attractive aquarium
fish they are aggressive, high jumpers and uniquely mouth brooders. They originate from South America and found
in several Asian rivers and lakes as well. These fascinating fish are kept in aquariums
and cost differently based on their scale coloration, presence of golden texture or
priced based on the effort needed to breed them. In this video I will discuss about those Top
10 Expensive Arowana Fish Varieties. Number 10, Super Red Violet Fusion Arowana
With super coloration of Red and violet, Super Red Violet Fusion Arowana cost as much as
$ 1600 and looks beautiful and astonishing in aquariums with black backgrounds. Number 9, Tong Yang Arowana
Also called Red Splendour Cross Black Arowana is hybrid variant obtained by cross breeding
the cross back golden arowana and violet fusion red arowana. It is an exotic variant and cost as much as
$ 1900. Number 8, Golden Head Crossback Arowana
This fish is a designer captive bred species and golden head is developed by breeding specific
generations of crossbacks. The cost of this arowana is around $ 2000. Number 7, Pahang Sapphire Blue Crossback Arowana
This arowana was originally breed in Pahang of Malaysia. It has striking sapphire blue scale with thin
golden frame which is very exclusive crossback coloration. It cost comes around $ 2400. Number 6, F1 Malaysian Golden Crossback Purebred
These arowana are first generation wild caught stock, now almost extinct in wild. Also called the blue based wild breed from
Bagan Samak they are most exotic and rare arowana costing around $ 2700. Number 5, Supreme Goldenhead 24K Crossback
It is also designer captive bred species. The supreme golden head is developed by breeding
handpicked highest grades of crossbacks. When 6 inches these species will have a 60
to 70% golden head and when they reach 12 inches or more they develop a full golden
head. The cost of 12 inch breed will be around $ 2700
Number 4, Malaysian Golden Crossbelly Crossback This amazing designer fish was available on
the market for short time and is in great demand. It is one of the ultimate arowana due to its
belly scaling and patterns. This variant cost around $ 3000. Number 3, Batik Arowana
Batik Arowana are large bone tongue species native to Myanmar. It is located in the Tananthayi river basin
on the Indian ocean coast of peninsular Myanmar. This arowana is very rare and limited breeders
exist for it. The flower scaled opalescent design on batik
arowana are truly remarkable. The cost of batik arowana comes around $ 4000. Number 2, Super Red 24k Golden Arowana
It is brilliant designer fish that comes in market only now and then. It has super red coloration with a golden
fade. The cost of Super Red 24k Golden Arowana comes
around $ 4000. Number 1, Platinum Arowana
Costing around $ 10,000 to $ 25000 in present market Platinum Silver Arowana and few other
arowana varieties like Platinum Super Red are most expensive arowana fish. Platinum Arowana is so expensive because it
is genetically modified fish and micro ID chip is implanted before it attain sexual
maturity. That’s it for this list I hope you enjoyed
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  1. the best arowana comes from malaysia. u cannot breed malaysian aros outside malaysian waters.thats why its so rare!

  2. You can buy a golden arowana of about 4-5 inch in just 35-50$ from galiff st. Market in Kolkata,west Bengal,India

  3. The cross belly in ur video don't look like cross belly. I think cross belly look like that

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  6. Speak english properly fist of all and make shure you research properly about pricing then upload video after that you ask for sharing videos thak you.

  7. south america my ass, most of arowana comes from south east asia. such as singapore, malaysia and indonesia

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