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Top 10 Expensive Discus Fish Varieties

Top 10 Expensive Discus Fish Varieties

You might love discus in your aquariums. But have you tried all the different varieties
of discus probably not because there are many different varieties of discus available in
the ornamental fish market. Some of these varieties are so expensive and
cost over a 100 dollar or so. The more color patterns on the skin of discus
the more becomes the cost of it, also the source from where they are captured or how
easily they are breed also determines their cost. In this video I will demonstrate about the
top 10 expensive discus fish varieties. Number 10, Yellow Panda Discus
Cost around 55 $ and above for the 4 inch breed. Number 9, Carnation Tiger Turquoise
Cost around 56 $ and above Number 8, Red Velvet Discus
Cost around 57 $ or more At Number 7, Flame Turquoise
Costing around 61 $ or more Number 6, Mystic Red Cover
Cost around 68 $ or more Number 5, High Body Cobra Snake skin
Cost around 72 $ or more Number 4, Golden Checkerboard Pigeon
Cost around 75 $ or more Number 3, Albino Solid Gold
Cost around 75 $ and more Number 2, Royal F1
Cost around 75 $ and more And at Number 1 is Red Golden Diamond
Commonly called RGD, cost around 92$ or more. That’s it for this video, I hope you liked
the video. Give it a thumbs up and share the video to
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27 comments on “Top 10 Expensive Discus Fish Varieties

  1. After 40 years of all types of fish keeping at home and professional,I had stopped the last 10 years. Amazing that in that time how common huge home aquariums have become ( when I bought my 240 gallon in the 1980's? That was as big as they made them) and now seeing yellow Discus? Amazing. To think Sinto,I started with a 5 gallon metal framed aquarium in 1970!

  2. Hi great vedio
    Just please help me .

    I have 240 L inside I have stendker discus 8 fishes they are in the same size of yours .

    I have in this tank 3 filters
    FX 6 fluval
    Juwel internal filter
    Eheim experience 250.

    I am planing to add 2 fish so total will be 10.

    My question will 240 L be ok when 10 discus grow in full size.

    Please note I do not have lot of decoration only I have two artficial plants 18 CM long,

    I use Easy life benficial bacteria

    Easy life filter medium
    Aqua safe tetra
    Easy balance tetra

    I feed 3 times beef heart.

    Please give me your opinion?
    Note I clean filters as follow

    FX 6 every 3 month
    EHEIM EVERY 2 Month
    Juwel internal filter every month

    Water change weekly 10 % and monthly 30%

    My fish is stendker tap water raised


  3. 0.03 discus shows it is stunted with big eyes and bent spine and in 5.40 the discus shows peppering of fins and horrible to look at….The wild caught discus from brazil in heckles,brown,green and bluw wilds are much more costlier than any of these…

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