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Top 10 Largest Aquariums in the World

Hello there,
Glad to have you here. If you are aquarium hobbyist or like aquarium
and fishes in it, then you may be willing to know the best, biggest and the largest
aquariums in the world. They can really mesmerize you and take you
into a completely wonderful place. Every country would love to have this kind
of aquariums as they are quiet a good tourist place. I would certainly visit one of these if I
get a chance. Watching aquariums has always been a relaxing
experience filling in me with interest and enthusiasm for a new start. Without further due I bring you the top 10
largest aquariums in the world that take your breath away. Number 10, Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)
Located in a coastal suburb of Perth is the Australia’s largest aquarium that homes
to approximately 400 species of marine life, including more than 4,000 fishes. The aquarium’s main tank is 40 meters (or
130 ft) long and 20 meters (or 66 ft) wide and holds 3,000,000 liters (that is 793,000
gallons) of seawater. It incorporates a 98 meter (that is about
322 ft) underwater tunnel. By some extra fee snorkelers and divers can
get real close to the fishes and can swim with them. Now how cool is that. Number 9, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
It is one of the largest aquarium in Asia located at shanghai, china. The exhibits are divided based on the geographical
zone like the china zone, Australian zone and so on. There are number of endangered species in
the collection. The aquarium exhibit contain the longest underwater
tunnel in the world which measures 509 feet long. All of the tank volumes around 1 million Gallon
making it one of the biggest aquariums in China. Number 8, uShaka Marine World
Located at Durban, South Africa. It is the largest aquarium and theme park
in the entire South Africa. Thirty-two tanks contain a million gallons
of water. The aquarium is constructed to resemble a
wreck under the sea. Tanks populated with sharks at one of the
restaurant inside the theme park is a great slight viewing. The park also comprises of various rides like
Mamba (Tunnel Tube Ride), Cuda (Supertube) etc some of which runs through the large aquarium
kept there. Number 7, Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located on the site of a former sardine cannery on Cannery
Row in Monterey, California. Among the aquarium’s numerous exhibits are
two gigantic tanks. Sea life on exhibit includes stingrays, jellyfish,
sea otters, and numerous other native marine species, which can be viewed above and below
the waterline. The centerpiece is a 10 meter (33 foot) high
1,3 million liter (0,33 million gallon) tank towards Ocean’s Edge Wing for viewing California
coastal marine life. The other one Outer Bay Wing is a 4,5 million
liter (or 1.2 million gallon) tank which features one of the world’s largest single-paned
windows Number 6, Turkuazoo
The TurkuaZoo is a public aquarium located in Bayrampaşa in Istanbul, Turkey. It has a total capacity of 1.32 Million Gallons. It is one of the newer aquarium opened in
2009. It’s located inside the Forum Istanbul Shopping
Mall and has an 80 metres long underwater tunnel for viewers. It is said that tiger sharks, giant stingrays
and even piranhas are there for exhibit in 29 different containers largest of which has
a volume of 1.32 Million Gallons. Number 5, L’Oceanografic
Constructed within a complex known as the City of Arts and Sciences inside the city
of Valencia, Spain. It features nine under water towers build
on two levels and two towers are connected by 35 meters long tunnel that keeps sharks,
rays and numerous other species. It is believed to house more than 45,000 marine
creatures and holds around 1.85 million gallons of water making it one of the largest aquarium
in Europe. Number 4, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Opened in 2002 Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium within the Ocean Expo Park in Japan is one of its
kind that exhibits Kuroshio Sea and unique whale sharks that very few aquariums around
the world keeps as they need a lot of space to thrive. This aquariums holds about 1.98 million gallons
of sea water and is also known for its massive acrylic glass that has a thickness of about
24 inches that is 60 centimeters. Besides whale sharks, manta rays are also
a great viewing sight in this aquariums Number 3, National Aquarium
In U.S, the Baltimore city of Maryland has one of the largest aquarium in the country
called the National Aquarium. U.S has many larger aquarium which you can
know further in this video. National Aquarium is opened since 1981 and
receives over 1.5 million visitors per year. It contains over a million gallon of water
from harbor sea of Baltimore. There over 16,500 species living inside and
represents over 660 species. There is also a rainforest terrain on the
roof of this aquarium infrastructure. Number 2, Dubai Mall Aquarium
Dubai Mall one of the largest shopping mall in the world has a gigantic aquarium as its
center piece. It can hold water volume of 2.64 Million Gallons
and houses about 33,000 species of living organisms including about 400 sharks and rays
combined. It won the Guinness world record of largest
acrylic panel beating the Okinawa aquarium and measures a glass thickness of 75 centimeters. In February 2010, one of the shark filled
tank sprang a leak causing an evacuation and brief shutdown of the mall. And until now at Number 1 is Georgia Aquarium
Located in Atlanta, USA Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world that has
a massive water volume of 6.3 Million Gallons. It received an early massive funding of 250
million dollars from the co-founder of Home-Depot, Bernie Marcus and the aquarium opened in 2005. The sharks are kept in the gigantic tanks
of Ocean Voyage exhibit and it’s the only aquarium outside Asia to exhibit the whale
sharks. But after the recent death of two whale sharks,
there have been raising concerns to house whale sharks in Georgia Aquarium. So which of the aquarium are you going to
visit let me know about it? Is it Georgia or is it Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
or is it in the others give your answers in the poll and leave your thoughtful comments
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