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Top 10 Scary Fish Found In The Deep

Top 10 Scary Fish Found In The Deep

Hey Most amazing top 10 family I’m your host
Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. I personally love everything underwater, I
think the ocean is one of the most fascinating places on the plane. There is so much life that we don’t understand
living down there and most of it looks so alien. I really went deep on to find you some of
these strange looking creatures for today’s list of top 10 scary fish found in the deep. As always make sure you like comment subscribe
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this list 10 Sarcastic French head Ok this sounds more like an insult than a
fish but swear to god its a real thing. It almost looks like an eel with a longer
snake like body and a large mouth. You can catch this thing swimming around 240
feet under water, that’s 73 meter for all of our non american viewers. Although this frightening see serpent has
a devilish appearance it isn’t big enough to swallow you whole. The entire thing clocks in at around 25 centimeters
so the equivalent to 10 inches. These things are whily as well, they are able
to hide inside small cracks and even abandoned shells with ease, but dont take this defensive
maneuver lightly, they will still come at you given the chance. They are one of the more aggressive fish you
can encounter in the deep blue sea, get you close to their home and you can trust that
they will fly out and try to snap you. Also they have a pretty strong defence against
predators. Around their eyes are hardened spines that
will stab anything unlucky enough to get too close. This isn’t going to be a fish you want to
put in your home aquarium, unless you want to see all your other fish eaten. 9 Japanese Spider Crab If you put spider in the title of anything
and I’m usually not interested. There hasn’t been a situation yet were I’m
looking to hangout with bunch of spiders but who knows what the future holds. On top of that you might not know this but
curtains used to considered insects and were not supposed to be eaten, it wasnt until high
class hotels started surviving them as delicacies that the culture was changed. And the Japanese spider crab was definitely
a culprit to why people used to think these things were bugs. They have a set of these long spindly legs
with two pincers at the end of extended arms. They actually have the longest leg span of
any arthropod. Not only that they can be around 19 kilos
or 42 lbs, that’s a lot of crab meat, But if these things freak you out don’t worry,
theyre only in japan and they hangout 300 meters under water. Also i’m gald we changed our opinion on these
guys because they are delicious. 8 Frilled shark This creature literally looks like it was
pulled out of jurassic period. Every picture of this animal makes it looks
like its 1000s of years old and maybe on the verge of death, some people have nicknamed
the frilled shark, the living fossil. If just the sight of this makes you never
want to go into the water again, you shouldn’t be afraid, this creature is extremely rare. Its unknown how many are still in the wild
but some researchers think there could be less than 1000. They tend to stick to warmer waters, they
have been seen in the waters around japan and the indian ocean. Their body looks to be a cross between an
eel and shark, like the two of them did the fusion mix from dragon ball z. And these boys can go deep! Which shouldn’t be a surprise, the title of
the video is fish found in the deep. But they can be found as deep as 4200 feet
or 1200 meters. So unless your a technical diver, whos diving
with multiple gas blends or a rebreather and your diving in the indian ocean you shouldn’t
worry about seeing one of these guys. In fact if you do run into one of these you
should probably buy a lottery ticket. 7 Blobfish Even if you dont know this guy by name you
know him by look, there have been countless memes with the blobfish. It kinda looks like a sad man covered in some
sort of goo. Like if you took Bill Dauterive from king
of the hill, melted him a little bit and then put a slime coating on him. This guy hangs out at around 1200 meters or
3900 feet. Hes not particularly dangerous but he was
voted the ugliest animal of all time by the ugly animal society. Kinda rude if you ask me. Im sure if you dress this guy up a little
bit and he started hitting the gym he would be a real looker. Also, this animal is so deep that no one can
see him without a light source, so I don’t really think he cares about his looks. 6 Pacific Black Dragon Weve got another eel like deep sea critter,
theres something about a thing that looks like a snake crossed between a fish that really
rubs me the wrong way. And this guy has the look of something pulled
right out of my nightmares. The pacific black dragon can be found in the
pacific ocean no surprise, and hang out at around 3300 feet or 1000 meters deep, this
boy does not night sunlight. Sometimes at night they will venture closer
to the surface but he likes to keep it dark and cold. Mainly for hunting, The pacfici Black Dragon
has a little barbel on the end of its chin, this tool has a little light on the end that
it can use as bait for tiny fish to come check out. They get lulled into a false sense of security
and when they get too close BAM they get eaten and the Black Dragon continues to hide in
the shadows. 5 Giant Squid When you hear about creatures like this you
wonder if the legends of sea monsters are real. The great kraken, big enough to swallow ship
hole. Now the Giant squid isn’t that big, the largest
one on record is 43 feel, much too small to take down a massive pirate ship. But since overfishing has become a thing fish
have gotten a lot smaller, so maybe thousands of years ago they were able to get that big? But leaving all of the myth aside this creature
is still massive. They hang out at a maximum depth of 3300 ft
or 1000 meters, and they have massive tentacles with huge suckers on them. Each one of their suckers has enough power
to rip skin right off your body. 4 The Vampire Squid You call something the vampire squid and you
picture it swimming up next to you and wrapping tentacles around you while it sucks your life
force out slowly. Draining every last ounce of blood while you
struggle to breath and live. The Vampire Squid gets it name for its dark
red complection and deep dark environment. It also has Photophores at the end of each
one of its tentacles, Photophores are bioluminescent body parts. So it has 8 little light bulbs that it uses
to make some eerie light shows. However with everything we just covered this
guy is relatively harmless. He dosen’t suck your blood, he prefers marine
snow, little debris floating down from the surface. Also you can find them at 1000 meters below
the surface. 3 Oarfish We are going back to long snake like fish
because they give me the hibbie jibbies. And the oarfish is no joke, not only is this
thing extremely rare, there wasn’t never a living one caught on camera until 2001. But they can get huge. A full grown oarfish can clock in at around
600 pounds, that is so much fish. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a day,
give a man a 600 pound fish and I hope he has a chest freezer because there’s going
to be left overs. Not only can this bad boy gets heavy it can
stretch 36 feet. You could fit you and all your friend on it. And don’t even worry about it trying to eat
you, it only eats plankton. And its also a very deep boy chilling at 900
meters or 3000 feet. 2 Goblin Shark Once again the deep sea in is combining to
things that should never be crossed up. It just makes me think of a shark, who got
the green goblin serum, flying around on a deep sea glider throwing fished themed pumpkin
bombs at crab traps. Someone draw that please. This guy is a creature of habit, his genetic
design hasn’t changed in 25 million years and its family tree stretches back 125 million
years, when people say OG there talking about this guy. . If it aint broke dont fix it. He likes to hang out at around 1300 meters
or 4300 feet. They get their name from their long goblin
like nose and jagged teeth. They have to ability to sense small electric
fields to pick up on prey. And when they do find something to eat, they
can shoot out their jaw like a bear trap. Sounds like something you would see in a fever
dream 1 Colossal Squid We had the giant squid and now its time to
up the ante, this is the real king pin of the ocean deep. The colossal squid its the deepest of the
deep boys on this list. It will swim down to 2200 meters or 7200 feet,
I think if a human goes that deep without some sort of submarine we just imploded or
freeze to death. This guy is so big, if he was taken out of
the water he would weigh over 1000 pounds and he stretches 16 meters or 50 feet long. And he doesn’t even have suckers like other
squids, it has hooks! That’s right along this beasts body there’s
a bunch of long hooks that it uses to rip into its prey. For a long time these things were thought
to be myth until dead ones started to wash up on shores. Seeing one of those, even dead, would stop
you from going for a deep sea swim. Alright everyone that is our list and as promised
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