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Top 10 ways to identify the gender of Discus Fish

Top 10 ways to identify the gender of Discus Fish

Hello Friends,
In this video I will give 10 useful tips to identify the gender of discus fish. Now people like breeding discus fish, for
that they buy a proven pair which breeds with no problem or they buy a bunch of discus that
is six to eight discus and then identify their gender and isolate them or isolate the naturally
formed pair in them. Breeding discus is very rewarding if all the
fries matures to healthy adult because each pair sells for 100$ or more in ornamental
fish market. So if you are having difficulty in getting
a natural pair then these 10 tips might help you to form a discus fish pair and then you
can isolate them for breeding. Number 10, Pairing
As I said earlier when you keep six to eight discus in a large aquarium you could see that
after a while two discus tends to move together and isolate themselves to a separate region
of aquarium. Seeing this behaviour you could suggest that
they are natural pairs. But this is not proven way to identify the
pair as sometime a pair of females or male tend to move together in friendly manner. So you should use others tips that I will
mention later in this video to identify the gender of discus fish and then form a pair. Number 9, Colour Patterns
Moving on the second tip to identify the gender and form a pair is by looking at the colour
patterns. Now if you have same strain of discus like
blue diamond or pigeon red etc. Then the discus fish with darker colour or
more colour pattern is the male and lighter coloured with less pattern is the female. Try keep them in breeding tank and check if
it works. Number 8, Eye Colour
If you look closely at the discus fish of same strain then you will find that male iris
or outer eye ring is darker and more coloured while the female’s outer eye ring is comparatively
less coloured and lighter. You can use this identification along with
other identification tips to confirm the male and the female discus fish. Number 7, Body Size
In adult discus fish the males are comparatively bigger and bit more muscular than female. On the other side female will have smaller
body size. You can also notice that the forehead is little
bulged out in male than in female. So male discus is usually more muscular and
bigger than female. This method is not proven way to identify
the gender as male can also attain short growth while maturing. Use this tip with other ways to confirm the
gender. Number 6, Behaviour
In discus pair the male is more aggressive and territorial than female. The female is little timid and shy compared
to male. You can notice sometime that when you put
your hand in the aquarium discus comes towards it, they are often males while female in this
situation tends to hide. In brief males are more aggressive than females. Now again females can become aggressive sometime
so you have to combine this and more identification method to confirm the gender. Number 5, Lip sizes
Talking about discus fish lip sizes the males have larger bulged out lips than female, this
is mainly to lip lock and fight with other males for establishing its territory. So in a pair the males will have thicker lip
sizes than females who has smaller lip sizes. Number 4, Dorsal Fins
In adult discus fish if you notice their dorsal fins then you can see some time that dorsal
fins have pointed tip and in some other discus they have rounded tip. So it is said that the males usually the have
pointed shape in the dorsal fin and females have rounded in the same place of the dorsal
fins. This method can confirm you a pair but still
you have to combine other methods for solid confirmation. Number 3, Fins arrangement
In this method of arrangement we just looks at the arrangement of fins and length of the
tail. If we draw a line from the dorsal and ventral
fins like shown here it will either just touch the tail’s outer ending or it will just
cut through the tail. The case where it just touch through the tail’s
outer ending is supposed to be male’s fin arrangement and where the lines crosses through
the tail is the female fins arrangement. I used this method on the discus I have but
yet I couldn’t confirm their gender so this method also have to be used with other methods
to confirm the gender. Number 2, Breeding tube
When you look at breeding tube that is situated at bottom above ventral fins each male and
female differ in size for their breeding tube. In adult discus breeding tubes are clearly
visible. Female breeding tube is wider than the male
breeding tube. Use this tip along with few other tips mentioned
to confirm whether the discus fish pair are male or female. And at Number 1 is Egg laying
So as we move to number 1 in the list it is more confirmed method to identify the gender. A discus fish which lays egg is obviously
and totally confirmed to be a female. So if you see a discus fish laying egg then
it is confirmed to be a female. While male in this case just hover over the
laid eggs to fertilize them and you can isolate these two discus fish that does this kind
of egg laying behaviour with total confirmation and use them for breeding purpose. If you are still watching, I will suggest
a bonus and useful tip and that is It’s true you can identify male and female discus
using above method but when discus form pair naturally it is most useful pair for breeding. Identifying the gender and putting male and
female discus is not the proven method for breeding as the pair may or may not breed. Like all other breeders I also suggest that
keep eight to ten young discus fish in large aquarium and let them form pair themselves
as they grows to adult, this pair guaranteed to lay eggs and bring up the fries. If you still want to follow this method anyway
identify male and female and put them in breeding tank chances they breed is purely a matter
of luck. So that’s it and now you can also make a
discus fish pair and select them for breeding or even cross breeding using these combination
of methods mentioned in the list. I hope you found this video informative and
useful. Give this video a like and share it your friends
or discus fish lovers. Subscribe this channel if you are new and
until next video bye and take care and thanks for watching.

12 comments on “Top 10 ways to identify the gender of Discus Fish

  1. If i go in a pet shop an buy 8 random fish what are the chances of having a female in it or male? Do seller's sort befor selling or even thy have no clue?

  2. Very informative, however it confirms what a breeder said a long time ago, the only way to find out for sure if you have a pair is if they have baby because even if they lay eggs but the eggs don't hatch, they may be two females.

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