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Top 19 Most Epic FALLS 🤣  In ‘Jersey Shore’ History | MTV Ranked

Top 19 Most Epic FALLS 🤣 In ‘Jersey Shore’ History | MTV Ranked

– Pierre just tried jumping off the ledge. – The ledge?
(goofy music) – And then he tried falling
in the jacuzzi also. Oh, whoa.
(laughing) (whooshing) – Deena is clumsy.
She falls all the time. – [Man] Yeah, you need a coffee. – Steve, do you wanna be my meatball? Let Steve out. (grunts)
(laughing) (crashing) (whooshing) – [Deena] Go get Heidi,
we’re bringing down your bed. The meatballs got you! (grunting) – [Snooki] Got it! – [Sammi] Wait, how can we-
(laughing) – Oh my God. (laughing) That was so much fun. (whooshing) – [Snooki] Me and Deena are at Aztec, and I just feel like pushing these guys, and being like, “Get real,
like you’re 12 years old, you’re trying to (bleep) fist pump. I’ll show you how it’s done. ♪ Figaro ♪ (yelling) (dance music) (classical music remixed with dance music) – At that point, once we fell, I was like there’s no really coming
back from this one. (whooshing) – [Snooki] You drunk?
– No. (whimsical music) No.
Really? – I like to punch (bleep). (yelling)
– (Mike) Oh, (bleep). (laughing) What the (bleep).
(laughing) – [Deena] I feel like I’m in a spaceship. (whooshing) – [Sammi] The bus is leaving.
– [Snooki] Can we run? – [Sammi] Let’s go girls. Roll ass. – [Deena] Where do we
go, I’m just running. (yelling) – Fumble! – Are you kidding me? (whooshing) – [Sammi] I can’t believe Vin
and Mike are in the jacuzzi. – [Pauly D] I can’t go in the jacuzzi unless there’s naked chicks. – Maybe you should bring home a girl and go in there tonight. Not you, you. – [Ronnie] I thought
you were trying to be a- – [Deena] Whoa! (yelling)
(laughing) – [Ronnie] Yes, yes! – [Pauly D] Yo, it’s a
given, anybody that sits in that thing’s gonna fall. (whooshing) – [Ronnie] I hear the music,
and my feet just start going. I got Gumby ankles.
What do you want? (dance music) (yelling) – [Sammi] Oh my God.
Ronnie’s wasted. (whooshing) – [Deena] Ron, where’s the alka seltzer. (smacking sound) Oh, my (bleep). – [Vinny] Oh my God, I thought
that was a (bleep) person. – [Pauly D] Sorry, Sam. (whimsical music) – [Ronnie] Yo, let me help you. She might not want me to touch her, but. – [Pauly D] Sorry, Sam.
Sorry about that, girl. (crashing sound) – [Doll] Stop! (laughing) (whooshing) – [Vinny] We gotta get the bags. – [Deena] I don’t want
to get my bag, at all. – [Ronnie] Thank God I got my own room. – [Snooki] I’m crashing. – [Deena] Oh, shit. Are you all right? (whooshing) – [Snooki] All right, you
go upstairs with Shaq Town. What should I do?
(laughing) Ow.
– [Deena] Ow. (snorting) – [Snooki] Ow. (whooshing) (dance music) – [Vinny] Where’d it go? (yelling) – [Snooki] Oh my God.
(laughing) (whooshing) (upbeat music) – Whoa.
– Oh, here we go. (laughing) (snorting) – [Snooki] Hi. – [Ronnie] Hey, guys.
Hey. – [Pauly D] Oh, my God.
– [Snooki] (mumbling) – [Vinny] Have you slept yet?
– [Snooki] No. – [Pauly D] You guys have fun? – [Snooki] Bye.
(funky music) – [Vinny] How is that humanly possible? (crashing) (whooshing) – [Vinny] Whenever you
get punked in the house, you have to clean up the mess by yourself. That’s just the rules of the room. – [Deena] You know, I
just cleaned my side. (quirky music) Ow, what the hell. (laughing) I can’t- help me. Come on. I can’t get out. (quirky music) No, like I’m really stuck.
(laughing) Somebody help me. – [Jenni] Oh my God. – [Deena] I’m stuck.
(laughing) – [Deena] Why can’t I win? – [Pauly D] This is the
best day of my life. – [Deena] Please. (whooshing) – [Pauly D] Change your jeans too? – [Mike] Wow, he changed the whole, jeez, he changed the whole stuff. – [Snooki] Mike, we’re not
going to the club, relax. – [Mike] Yeah, but I had to, I had to. – [Pauly D] That’s breaking.
(crashing) (yelling)
(bleep) (laughing) – [Ronnie] Oh my God. – That was the best day of my life, that was the best day of my life. – [Ronnie] Oh my God. (yelling)
(laughing) – [Pauly D] The furniture
out here in Italy only fits 110 pound people. Ronnie does not fit that description. (laughing)
He’s a beast. (whooshing) – [Mike] Ron, I don’t get involved in your relationship, Ron. I don’t get involved in your relationship. – [Sammi] Ron. – [Mike] Yo, I don’t get (bleep) involved in your relationship.
(bleeping) Yo, I don’t get involved in
your (bleep) relationship. You wanna (blank) do it? – [Sammi] Stop, you’ve gotta stop. – [Ronnie] Yeah, you. (bleeping)
(yelling) – [Sammi] Stop it! – [Ronnie] Look at you, bro.
Get out of here, bro. – Get the (bleep) out of here. – [Jenni] You all right?
Look at me. I’m not even playing, just look at me. Mike bashed his head into the wall. And I could tell Mike is
completely disoriented, he’s opening his eyes to me, but he’s giving me a blank look. This isn’t funny anymore. You okay? (whooshing) – [Deena] (mumbling) Whoa. – [Jenni] Where’s the closest bathroom? – [Deena] Come on, Pierre.
Do the Jersey Turnpike. Beep, beep, beep. – [Sammi] Bring Pierre over here. – [Deena] Pierre just tried
jumping off the ledge. And everything. – [Sammi] What? Jumping off the ledge? – [Deena] And then, he tried
falling in the jacuzzi also. Oh, whoa.
(laughing) – [Sammi] Deena is clumsy.
She falls all the time. (whooshing) – [Snooki] After taking
shots with the old couple, everything kinda just went blank. – [Man] Easy, easy, easy. – [Snooki] Oh, my vagina’s out. (yelling) – [Deena] This girl is freaking drunk. (goofy trombone music) (whooshing) (yelling) – [Snooki] This boat is sinking, and I’ve seen “Titanic,” and
this is not going to end well. – [Deena] I will row away. – [Pauly D] Oh, watch out. – [Pauly D] Yo, watch, Deena. – [Deena] Sharks?
Sharks? – [Sammi] We’re all screaming
“it’s sharp, it’s sharp!” Like, stop doing what you’re doing, because there’s sharp
objects where they are. And Dee thinks we’re
saying there’s a shark. – [Sammi] Sharp, sharp. (quirky music) – [Sammi] Sharp.
– [Mike] That’s sharp. Sharp, sharp, sharp. (laughing) That’s sharp, stay away from that. Stay on the boat.
(yelling) The boat is the safest thing. (yelling) – [Snooki] I’m stuck. – [Mike] You gotta stay on the boat. (whooshing) (dance music) – [Pauly D] This is actually
not as bad as I thought. Everybody’s having a great
time, and Deena is doing great. (dance music) – [Vinny] Yo, meatball down. I have never seen anybody go
down to the ground so quickly. (dramatic music) What I was worried about
is literally happening. We are going to babysit Deena all night. (different dance music) (crashing)
(dramatic music) – [Pauly D] Holy (bleep),
it’s like a ton of bricks just hitting the ground. I don’t understand how
Deena’s not breaking limbs. (funky music)

100 comments on “Top 19 Most Epic FALLS 🤣 In ‘Jersey Shore’ History | MTV Ranked

  1. Looks like Deena needs a leash thing magig after a certain amount of drinks that way Vinny could of saved himself literally from breaking his knee from breaking Dee's fall.😂😂💁

  2. Surprised Pauly isn’t on here when he ran for Ronnie when he got into s fight and fell on the road

  3. Is anyone else fighting for their life after the "Shark" scene? OMG, I forgot all about that. Iconic. 😀

  4. Honestly IMO Deena deserved to be at number one, but that fall didn’t deserve to be at number one.

  5. The only thing worse than a snookie is a snookie wannabe and thats Deena. Oh if i fall down im Funny!!!!

  6. 0:33 is that the noise that Minecraft took from her falling or did they edit that in from Minecraft 🤣🤣🤣

  7. The fact that this list goes all the way to “19” almost made ME fall just now. What hot messes 🤣

  8. 0:51 that tried to make Deena flinch.. isn't that the same dude that danced in front of the boys that were eating ice cream in 'vacation'??

  9. E pensare che oggi sono mamme🤣🤣 mi hanno fatto morire dal ridere in questi anni, sono contenta per il legame che hanno ottenuto in questi anni😄

  10. Soy la única que piensa que el 90% de las caídas son intencionadas?? Nunca se les ve el tobillo retorcerse antes de caer, sino cuando ya están cayendo, es como eeeh mira que borracha voy. En especial snooki

  11. Nobody could pretend to fall down like Deena. Basically her whole stig was copying Snooki and pretending to fall.. Not a bad way to make a living…

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