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Top 3 Ways to Hook Bait Fish | How to Hook Live Bait

Top 3 Ways to Hook Bait Fish | How to Hook Live Bait

Fish like us! Today I’m gonna show you
guys my top 3 methods of how to hook bait fish. I’m out here in the Hobie Pro
Angler 17T. A solo mission today because today I’ve got three different
kinds of bait and I’m gonna hook them three different ways. The first bait I’ve
got is the Mojarra. Mojarra. It’s a neat little bait fish. They find them down in
the mud sometimes. This guy’s been out of the water a little bit too long for me. But where I really like hooking these baits is on the front. And in each bait
they’ve got this little piece of cartilage right here. And this is where I
like to hook these baits because they’re kind of, they’re a soft bait. A lot of
folks will refer to these as butter bait. Uh, and they’re, they’re a soft bait so I like to hook them right in this piece of cartilage right on top of their mouth.
I’ll see if I can show you here. See it goes right into that cartilage and it’s
hard. You can feel it. And then it finally clicks through and that’s an, that’s a
nice well hooked bait right there. So we’re gonna throw him out in the water
see if we can catch anything while we’re sitting here and we’ll go over the
next method. Atlantic Croaker. Beautiful little bait fish. Find these all over the place down here too. And this one I’m gonna hook a little bit different. And see
back here there’s this anal fin. Alright. This is the one that’s right before
their anal cavity. There’s a fin right there and there’s also a nice little chunk of cartilage and hard spot right there. And I like to take my hook,
especially these circle hooks that we fish down here, and I like to hook it
right through that spot. I’ll show you here. See right behind the anal fin
there’s a chunk of meat right there. Hook it back through there. Try to avoid
any blood or any organs when you’re hooking your bait fish and they’re gonna
stay alive longer. Now, pay attention to this. See all that? See all those scales
that got hung up on the end of my hook? Make sure those come off just, just in
case they inhibit uh somebody getting hooked up. Oh look at all that action! And
I really like fishing this method especially when I’m out on the beach or
shore fishing because it allows the fish to be out there putting out a scent
trail and most things will eat them head first and then get the, get the, get the
hook in them. A nice one let’s throw this out there see if we can do any damage. Now, finally we have the pin fish. Yes! Pin fish are funny. They’re fun fish. Great bait fish, the pin fish. And they’re all starting to get pretty big right about now. Uh, but on a
pin fish you’ll notice they’ve got these great big spines off the top of them. See those spines right there? Beep Bang Bang Those are pins. They will stick you! Uh, I like to hide a hook right in there. In those pins you’ll see just a, just a
perfect little spot to grab that hook right up inside those pins and then
he’ll, he’ll fish downwards like that. See that? Nice! Perfect hook set. And then
again look at that little scale on top of that hook set. Right at the hook point.
I don’t want that! I don’t want that scale on my hook point. So I’m just gonna
make sure I grab that scale off of there to ensure that maybe we got a better
chance of hooking up on something. Let’s throw this pin fish over there see if one of those things splashing want to eat it. And now we wait! (Music playing) Oh we got action! Got him! Got that one. Got that one. (Music playing) Oh! Okay. Looks like we found ourselves a little
shark down there. You can use all three of these hook sets uh depending on where
you’re fishing. So the pin fish one I just showed you, uh it’s good if you’re
dropping down and you want that fish to swim around in a circle. Uh the one back on the anal fin that’s one if you’re fishing off the shore you definitely
want to use that because it’ll keep that fish angling and doing goofy fins and
just projecting off where he’s at. And then of course the one through the lip
if you’re trolling a bait or you know, you’ve got a nice big heavy jig head
that’s where you want to use that setup. But there you have it guys! My top three
ways of hooking live bait fish. Hope you learned something. Give us a thumbs up. Subscribe if you like this video. And uh we’ll have more fishing videos coming
out for you here soon. Every Wednesday. Fish Like Us. Thanks for watching
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