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Top 4 best ways to MAKE MONEY ONLINE – J.R. Fisher

Top 4 best ways to MAKE MONEY ONLINE – J.R. Fisher

good morning everybody good afternoon
good evening tonight wherever you’re at glad you’re here I want to welcome you
to today’s coaching call I am joined by the beautiful and talented Jessica she’s
full of energy and ready to get going say hi Jessica I see Omar is in there
from Trinidad nice to see you Omar I see Katie is
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I’ve got Timmy from Tampa Bay I’ve got Eric in there from looks like
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Jessica I see misty in there from it looks like Omaha Nebraska okay I’ve got
Muhammad in there from looks like Bahrain aleena in Connecticut what’s
going on on Lena but you’re glad that’s getting warm now
I don’t gets cold up there Rick isn’t Vancouver Island Canada I bet you’re
glad it’s getting warm too I know it’s it’s cold up there too so cool anybody
else in there before we get started dan in New York City I think not New
York City sounds cooler when you say New York City though it’s not I know it’s a
lot of pressure into York Theatre a lot of caramel all right very cool all right
guys well let’s jump into this I’m gonna make this really super easy today I’m
gonna give you the links that you’re gonna need if you haven’t gotten started
with your business and you didn’t know what direction ago I’m gonna give you
four directions to go all of these directions these ways of making money
online I’ve done myself and I’ve made money doing it and I want to share those
things with you now so that you can go do it okay so this is the top four best
ways to make money online now these aren’t the only ways to make money
online I get that these are just I think the top four because they have low
barriers of entry and you know you don’t it didn’t cost you a lot of money to do
it they’re pretty simple to get started so let’s check it out first off this is
the question I was gonna ask how much money can you make online you can make
anywhere from losing money on up to millions of dollars I’m getting ready to
go to a trip and Cancun Meiko and I want to be there with Platinum
Club members and everybody there is making millions of dollars a year if
you’re invited to that you’re doing pretty well on the online market and yet
I still meet people that don’t make any money because they try one or two things
it doesn’t work out for them and then they quit so you know the first thing
I’ll tell you is don’t quit you know you’ve been taught wrong and I’m gonna
get into that just a second but you know you guys have been taught the wrong
things and we’re gonna go over that and I’ll tell you why so here’s what I
started with because I want to give you all of my assets so you know what I
started with so you can compare and see if you know you’ve got these things
because these are the things I had this is me at the computer right there
actually it’s not me it’s Jim Carrey but he’s much funnier and I can only type
with about two or three fingers so I was nowhere near this fast
I had no technical knowledge I didn’t know any of this stuff I mean I still
struggle with a lot of it but I literally had no technical knowledge
whatsoever in addition to that I had no experience
I’ve never done anything online sold anything online
I had no product so I didn’t even have anything to sell at the time I kind of
stumbled into some of the products I have now only because I got started and
you’ll find the same thing will happen you you just gotta get started and I had
no list matter of fact I didn’t even know I was supposed to build a list I
didn’t know what a list was for and basically a list is you know people with
their emails so you can send them offers so you could make money and I couldn’t
type which I already mentioned I just couldn’t do those things so if you’ve
got any of this you’re pretty pretty good you know by
the way have any money either so if you don’t
money it’s another good way to start okay so more billionaires have started
businesses online than in any other way period okay he’s saying sometimes
internet I want to hug you and I felt like that before we’re all get up in the
morning and I’ll see tons of money I’ve made and I’ll go wow that’s great now
have I ever lost money heck yes sure have and it’ll happen to you probably
some and you got to go through that to make the bigger money right I also put
my inner circle link down there if you want to go to that later on don’t do
that now because if you log out now you could lose your place but if you go to
that there’s a video there that explains the inner circle and if you’re on this
all you’re in my inner circle but we have a few visitors today so I always
stick that up there for those visitors that are you know thinking about moving
on in their career that’s a great place to start
there’s no opt-in there you don’t have to give your email you don’t have a
credit card number there’s just a video that explains the inner circle and how
it can help you out alright so get your head straight first this is a class and
if you notice they’re all doing the same dance right not a bad dance really
but what school has taught you to do is to be like everybody else to conform to
everybody else to get a job like everybody else and to do what
everybody else does they teach you hey you need to go through this school in
this school and then you’ll go out and you’ll get a job and you’re gonna work
nine to five you’re gonna work Monday through Friday Saturday and Sunday
you’re gonna take off and you’re gonna just use it for enjoyment and you’re
gonna go party and you go watch your games and go bowling and golfing and all
these things and then one or two weeks out of the year you’re allowed to go off
you’re allowed to take a vacation and you become part of the masses now none
of this is true if you want to get ahead and if you want to get ahead you’re
gonna have to work nights and weekends and I know that for a fact already
because if you know you’re working a job you can’t nine-to-five start working
online if you have no income yet so you’re gonna have to work nights and
weekends on your business which is exactly what I did and I actually work
six seven days a week so I’ve barely had some nights to work on it and it was
like late night from like 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 in the morning type work so that’s
what you’re gonna have to do or you’re going to be like this group here where
you just blend in and if you notice you don’t really knows
anybody’s face because they’re all about saying everybody’s saying
that’s what schools teaching you that’s what our school system has taught people
because you know in the United States and like many other developing countries
you become an industrialized society you know where everybody’s just working for
some big company and the big companies making all the money so you got to break
free from that first off that’s the first thing you got to do is realize
what you’ve been taught is wrong okay so these are no mores okay I wrote down all
these no mores and you got to get all these no mores down if you don’t get
them down you won’t be successful the first No More is no more saying to
yourself if I could just okay and that’s like a small replacement of your income
you know if I could just make 100 bucks a day I could make my car payment or $50
a day I could pay more utilities or something that’s not what the the
mindset you want to have you want to have a mindset that you’re gonna be
terribly successful and make a ton of money so get rid of this if I just could
and here’s one of them right here if I could just make $4,000 a month okay that
would be enough all right right there are four thousand a knife would be
enough and it’s not enough that’s a very very low goal and you say well it’s a
good goal to start with now it’s a bad goal to start with because if you start
with low goals you probably end up with low goals you’ll probably not be
successful so don’t have low goals don’t do that if I could just get weekends off
that’s what I want to do yeah I want to start a business so I can take out my
weekends off don’t start with that goal because when you start selling stuff
online you’re gonna have to work weekends you’re gonna have to give up
stuff that you know you know I’m not sugarcoating this I know I should be
saying oh it’s so easy you work four hours a week and you’re gonna get rich
but it’s just not the truth and if people are telling you that you know
you’ve got to wake up and go wait a second if I’m doing what everybody else
is doing how in the world am I gonna have more than what other people have it
makes no sense none whatsoever if I could just not have
to commute I mean I just want to work from the house that’s it that’s my big
goal I want to work from the house and I’ll tell you working from the house is
not for everybody I know Jessica likes to do that she has an office in the home
but for most people it’ll drive you crazy
you got to get out of the house I mean what are you gonna do you’re gonna get
up you’re gonna go into your office in your house and you’re gonna work
then you’re gonna you know go watch TV and then you’re gonna get in bed you’re
gonna get up you just gonna go in this big circle it’ll drive you batty you
know I have an office but I don’t even go to that I end up going to some
Starbucks or something like that I go to different places different countries I
go all over the place to work so don’t think about this so I just don’t have to
drive to work type thing if I could just pay off some bills that’s all I want to
do just pay off some bills and you see how all these goals here are like super
super low rung goals okay because you know you shouldn’t really even have any
bills none of us should have any bills I mean I guess we all have some but you
know the goal to just pay off bills it’s not fun okay all that is is my goal is
to give other people money I get no enjoyment out of it that’s real
essentially what a bill is right so that shouldn’t be one of your goals or to get
a little extra money I’ve heard people say that I just want to start a business
get just a little extra money just a little extra money
well how successful do you think you’re gonna be youth a really think you’re
gonna do millions a year if your whole goal was to get a little extra money so
what I’m trying to do first off is get your head out of that bad thinking okay
if you get your head out of that bad thinking then of course you’re gonna be
a whole lot more successful next up you need to be all in okay this is not
something where you say you know I’m gonna try and see what happens yeah I
don’t know you know I’ll try a few things see what happens you need to be
all in you need to say no this is what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start an online
business I’m gonna make a lot of money and you know said I’ve said a number
they’re a million two million dollars a year whatever it is and I’m gonna do
whatever it takes to do it doesn’t matter if I have to stay up late get up
early you know put in more hours do things when I don’t feel like it you got
to be all in okay if you’re not all in you won’t be successful you got to do
these things okay and I want to I want to get your head straight on all this
before we get into the four ways to make money because if you don’t have your
head straight it doesn’t matter when I show you what I tell you what you learn
so no more let’s try and see what happens
oh I love that one you know let’s try an ad and see what happens let’s let me try
to sell that product and see what happens I can tell you what’s gonna
happen nothing much okay you don’t try stuff you are determined to make it
successful you don’t just try that be trying is
terrible it’s like saying let me try to run a marathon and see what happens I
can tell you what would happen if I tried to run one right now it wouldn’t
work out but if I prepared for it my knees were so good but if I prepared for
it I did what I was supposed to do and I ate right and trained right and all that
well what happened is I could complete the marathon so you guys you need to do
these things okay it’s no BS time anymore it’s time to look in the mirror
here’s your three must-haves okay when you’re thinking about making money
online here’s your three must-haves number one if you’re gonna start off you
need a low cost of entry I would not recommend you put a lot of money out to
get started now the only thing I would say put a lot of money out on and this
is where people really screw up his own training learn how to do this stuff I
mean if you got to spend money on training from somebody who knows what
they’re doing that makes total sense I’ve been in the business for 10 years
now and you can join my inner circle down there they cost money to join the
inner circle it sure does but you’re gonna also get
all kinds of training a matter of fact I give you forty six thousand three
hundred eighty two dollars for the courses that you can access to learn how
to do all this stuff so yeah if you’re gonna spend money don’t spend it on
products you don’t know if it’s gonna sell or running ads that you don’t know
if they’re gonna draw any attention you want to spin it on training from
somebody who knows what they’re doing if you don’t get my training get somebody’s
but don’t just go out there and spend money not knowing what you’re doing it’s
just the dumbest thing in the world to do little or no technical knowledge
that’s okay right so some of you say well I don’t have any technical
knowledge so I can’t get started no that’s okay that’s a must-have okay if
you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge in the beginning that’s not a
big deal you can still do these things and the last one you want to have is a
fast startup okay so you want to have a way of selling online you can quickly
get results okay not something that’s going to take six months to build up to
a year and those things are well worth it and I have products like that have
taken like time like that but in the beginning you need to you need to get
some wins in you know if you get a couple wins and you sell a couple things
it’ll get you motivated you’ll keep going so let’s talk about the number one
way that you can make money online the number one way is affiliate market
now affiliate marketing has a lot of advantages and disadvantages and I want
to go through all those with you and if you don’t know what it is affiliate
marketing is essentially selling somebody else’s product or offer okay
they’ve already got it they’ve already got all the stuff to sell it and they
just want more traffic driven to it so that you get a cut or a commission okay
so what are the advantages of the first advantage is you don’t have to have a
product okay so you know you don’t have to go figure out what products gonna
work you don’t have to develop a product you don’t have to come out with anything
you don’t have to know what the market you have know anything okay because they
have the product already you’re promoting their product you little drink
of water here next thing is you’ll have to have inventory now this is really
good because you don’t have to put up any money for all these products that
you’re gonna sell online it’s somebody else somebody else already got the
product whether it’s digital or physical you have to ready shipping so if you
don’t want to sit there and put shipping labels on and ship stuff out and go to
the post office or you know go to UPS or any of that you don’t have to worry
about it they’re shipping no ad design okay so if you haven’t done ads and you
don’t have do ads for the most part affiliate marketers that have a good
product already have ads designed for you they’ll give them to you all you got
to do is go pay to have those ads run and all you can do is send traffic so
that’s it your your whole contact with the customer is almost zero you’re just
gonna run traffic to these offers you’re gonna get a cut of whatever you know you
sell and you don’t have to do anything else you’d have to talk to the customer
if anything out you don’t have to worry about complaints or refunds or anything
you’re done but there are disadvantages too so what are those disadvantages
number why do you want a brand so you could be doing affiliate marketing for
ten years and you’ve got nothing really all you’ve ever done is you know get a
kind of somebody else’s stuff you don’t have a list so essentially when you send
this traffic to these people for their offers you’re not getting the names of
these people so you have nothing you know as far as that goes you’re not
really building up anything um at the end you’ll have no business to sell
because there is no business really it all it is is you know marketing other
people’s offers you could have a loss of product or an
offer so you know somebody could have a product out there and you’re selling it
you’re doing really really well and all of a sudden they don’t wanna
sell that product anymore that product goes away you have no control over that
or maybe they have an offer of you know training or something like that it
they’re no longer doing that training so once that goes away you’re essentially
out of business and you have no quality control so you know you don’t control
the quality of what that product is the actual manufacturer of that product or
the creator of the course or whatever controls all the quality so you really
have no control over that whatsoever all right but if you want to do it it’s
a great way to get into it let’s kind of look at the best affiliate sites
available out there number one I would really say is Clickbank we use Clickbank
i have used Clickbank there’s six million products on Clickbank so you
should be able to find something that you want to offer to people I mean it
would kind of make sense if you did I mean out of six million products they’ve
been around I think longer than anybody else I think it’s since 94 do you
remember Jessica it’s been a long – 94 97 it’d been
around a long time so you know they’re very dependable ShareASale is another
good one ShareASale has seven hundred thousand affiliates and you can just go
directly to these websites guys I don’t have any affiliate you know agreement
with them or anything you just go there and you can get all the information on
them and I will I won’t really get into explaining each one and how they work in
real detail because I could literally spend an hour on each one
Clickbank has physical products digital products you know they all all different
types of levels you really got to go there kind of educate yourself a man but
I do have some training on Clickbank if you want to get that you could put a
message to me in there or you can just look through some my videos you’ll find
that share sale is another good one I don’t currently use share or sale and I
have not used it the past but I know a lot of people that do use it they get
really good results the next one is Amazon affiliate network now this is
probably the easiest entry one there is because all you do is really sign up to
be an affiliate and then you go find a product and you go up in the top of the
page and you create a link and affiliate link and you put that link somewhere and
when somebody clicks on that late they go there they buy that product you make
money but the upside – it is whatever else they buy while are
using that link you also make money on it’s like it’s a much lower paying
percentage you remember the percentages on Amazon that was like two percent or
three or it’s very small however you know a lot of people buy on Amazon so if
they’re going by your link there and they buy a bunch of stuff you can make
some money and if you have a whole lot of affiliate links you can make a whole
lot of money so that’s a pretty cool one to do next one is Rakuten comm now this
is one of the oldest ones and you got to go there kind of see what they do with
all kinds of affiliates and affiliate offers they now have eighteen million
customers somebody saying that they want to be able to write these down so I will
wait for a second you got Clickbank calm you got ShareASale calm Amazon affiliate
network if you just google that you’ll find you know the Amazon affiliate
network and you can sign up for that and Rakuten dot-com
so anybody got those all right cool cool now the number two way of making money
online is through drop shipping now what does drop shipping drop shipping is well
somebody else has got a product and you go out and you advertise it or you know
you get some social media or whatever and you sell the product and once you
sell the product you collect the money and then what you do is you pay the drop
shipper and they actually send the product out to the customer now one of
the most popular places to do this is through Aliexpress but there’s a lot of
drop shippers out there Aliexpress just has millions and millions and millions
of products but I know it takes time to get the product to the customer but
let’s look at some of the advantages first off number one you don’t have to
have a product so there’s no investment in products you know you can take you
know a hundred thousand products and advertising out there I would suggest
you do that but you know you don’t have to worry about any inventory whatsoever
which is kind of a cool thing that’s the next part there no inventory whatsoever
you don’t have to invest any money in inventory you don’t have to worry about
shipping so if you’re not in a shipping and boxing stuff up and putting labels
on and doing all that stuff that would be a good way to go for you and you can
sell products and you’re you know you’re building up your list and doing all that
stuff here it is you build a list of buyers so through drop shipping you’re
actually directly with the customer you just
aren’t shipping out the product so you’re gonna build this list of buyers
and you’ll have this list of buyers that you can use to sell other things to
right disadvantages what’s a disadvantage as well you got no quality
control so you know you don’t you don’t decide how good that product is you
don’t decide how well it’s packaged you don’t you have no decisions in that
because that’s out of your hands all you’re doing is selling and collecting
money you could lose a product so you know all manufacturers you know have a
set amount of products they can sell and volume they can handle and all that so
you know the product could go away but in drop shipping you’re probably selling
a whole bunch of different products so that shouldn’t be a big factor for you
you’re gonna have a little bit of higher cost to your products and what I mean by
tad is drop shipping you’re doing a one on one thing so you’re selling one
product to one customer and having them dropship but now there’s another site
called Alibaba that’s known by how they express it on Alibaba you can buy in
volume but what you can do is you can start your drop shipping business by
selling a single product you know to people and once you find a product
that’s selling really well if you want to go back and you want to you know sell
high-volume and get a lower price on these things all you have to do is buy
and volume but then you’re gonna be you know having to ship it out but you can’t
get a better price on it by doing that and then you’re gonna have long shipping
times generally if you’re doing through Aliexpress you’re gonna have anywhere
from 14 to 30 days and a lot of people are scared by that they go oh my god you
know there’s no way that people are gonna wait 14 to 30 days but you can get
it on Amazon overnight well this is just not true people will wait as long as you
tell them in advance that it’s gonna be a long wait and you can say hey it’s a
high demand product and you know it’s a limited supply if you want this product
you know you’re we’re gonna give you a great deal but you gotta wait a little
bit for it and if you don’t think that business model will work you’re wrong
because here it is wish calm wish calm is based on that and they do millions
and millions of dollars of products and what they do is they’ll say hey you want
to save 96% on this jacket right here and get it for $16 and a lot of people
you know there’s five hundred look at this five thousand people bought this
and they tell you you know to do that okay you’re gonna
have to wait 14 to 20 days that’s just the way it is okay or 30 days or
whatever the heck it is so this entire business model was built on this so
don’t think that you know it can’t happen I don’t know what this is do you
see this just gonna get this silver tape and they silver taped an entire car I
would not do that I know I would not do that to my car I don’t think let’s look
at some of the other products they got here this one here what is this thing
off to the left Jessica says almost gone it’s in the center 83 percent off 100
people bought this you know it kind of does now if you notice in here guys
you’ll see little things that say ads see an ad so they intermix ads on wish
calm for other people’s companies and products here’s a watch for seven
dollars and you go wow that’s a really good deal now that’s probably on
Aliexpress for two dollars so you know and they probably get two or three
dollars shipping so they’re making a few bucks on it
but if you sell a thousand products like that you’re doing pretty good and that’s
what they do so it does work don’t tell me they won’t wait for them they will
wait for them okay number three your next way to make money is online courses
or memberships this is something we do matter of fact the inner circle down
there is a membership you know you pay a monthly fee but you get access to
thousands of dollars of software and training that you wouldn’t have to buy
or excuse me you would have to buy otherwise so if you want to check that
out go to the inner circle com4 slash and roll and that will tell you all
about it there’s a video there you can watch so let’s look at let’s look at
these online courses of memberships advantages number one you don’t have a
product now you do technically have a product but it’s a digital product you
don’t have any inventory you can’t run out of your membership okay so you could
sell it to 50 people you could sell it to 50 million people which is kind of
nice next thing up you’ll have any shipping you know if somebody signs up
for your online course or your membership you don’t just ship anything
out to them they get a link they log in and if you don’t know how to do this I’m
getting some people asking me how do you do this where do you do I’m gonna give
you a places you can do this and set all this up and it’s really super easy so
don’t worry about that I’ll give you all the inside scoop you know I do I always
do alright and you get to build a list of buyers that’s exciting because
you know what when you build a list of buyers you know that you can sell them
other things but there are some disadvantages to this okay let’s look at
those disadvantages first one is you need to have some skill okay you know if
you don’t know anything about anything it’s hard to do a course but I know a
lot of you do you know maybe you know about weight loss maybe you know about
you know marriage counseling maybe you know about you know fulfilling your
dreams maybe you know about you know videos maybe you know about artwork
maybe you know about music you know whatever skill you have you can do a
course around it and it’s it’s pretty easy to do you know you just you do some
recordings you can do it on screen you can do PowerPoint screens you know I
would say you know do all your modules about 10 minutes something like that
excuse me videos about 10 minutes and you’re gonna want to have a number of
modules and there somebody came to me the other day and they said they had a
course they went to sell for $1000 and they had six videos on each one was
about 10 minutes I’m lying old I don’t think anybody’s gonna buy that but you
know you got to have something to it it’s got to be worthwhile okay next up
it takes a lot of time to build that’s the downside to this you know doing all
these videos getting all this information together putting it on a
site you know I’m you’re setting it all up it does take time this is not
something you’re gonna do overnight depending how much time you have it
could take you days weeks or even months depending on what you you know are
trying to do you need to have a host site so this is not something you can
generally just do you’re gonna have to put it somewhere now you can put it on
your WordPress site or you know plugins that’s what strengthing there are
plugins you can get to do that or you can actually put it on sites that are
designed for memberships or courses you can do that and in the next disadvantage
is you’re gonna find an audience you know who’s gonna want to buy this where
are they at you’ve got to locate these people maybe it’s social media maybe
it’s ads but those are the disadvantages to it so sites to host your courses so
once you get this course put together you got to put it somewhere right it’s
kind of a place where they can see it number one place guys car truck car
truck hard for a Karcher Karcher and I tell you this because it does
memberships but it’s also an email platform it’s also a sales page platform
it’s also a funnel platform it’s also a video hosting
platform it’s so many things and if you want to see a free video on this and get
a $1 trial you’ll want to go to BI t dot ly ford slash car Trac aar tra –
uppercase jr. that is an uppercase and when you get there it will show you all
the things it’ll do and one of them is a Membership course or you know digital
training or whatever you want to call it that’s the number one place okay there
are other places though and they’re good they’re just not as good as cart run you
can go to digital access past comm that’s another place you can build out
your course it’s a huge company but that’s all you’re gonna be able to do
there it doesn’t do all the extra stuff that Karcher does next one is membership
wished wish list products comm this is a plugin for wordpress so if you’ve got a
wordpress site this actually goes in your site they actually go to your site
to gain membership access but you know it’s there for them and then kajabi and
I’ve used kajabi before but once again it doesn’t do all the things Karcher
does and it’s gonna cost you a little bit more money some people just happen
to like it and it’s it’s a good platform and they’re reputable so I would also
recommend kajabi so that gives you some places to go to and guys be thinking
about whatever questions you want to ask is in a couple minutes I’m gonna have a
question and answer period and you’ll be able to ask those questions about any of
this stuff next up and the last one is on line and
coaching now coaching has really taken off in the past I would say eighteen
years something like that I do some coaching also and if you’re interested
in that you can try to contact me you know through the page or whatever just
give me an email I have very limited spots I don’t have any open now but
maybe the next week or two I would and you can also go to junior inner circle
comm Forks I should enroll at the bottom because that is a group coaching thing
which you know about because you were on this right now and you are an inner
circle member or have been invited through a VIP link okay advantages no
product okay so you know when you’re coaching it’s just you and the person
and you’re telling them what to do and giving them instructions and all that
good stuff you don’t have any inventory you can’t run out of it because it’s you
right you’re talking to them on skype and maybe you’re recording your
conversations that’s what I do and then I put
up on a site where they can go back and watch it you don’t have any shipping you
have to worry about that because you’re just talking to him and you’re just
helping him out so you’d have to worry about shipping anything to him uh and
you are building a list of buyers and when you build this list of buyers and
you know you’ve coached them if you come out with courses and all that of course
you can sell this courses to him too but you can also sell them other services
you may have so maybe you coach them on how to sell a sell online but maybe you
also now to build websites you can build a website for more find products for
them or something along those lines disadvantages you need to have a skill
okay so you know to coach somebody at something you got to be good at
something you know I always get a kick out of it I go to the gym in the
afternoon and there’s a guy that manages the gym that I go to and he’s severely
overweight and he’s selling gym memberships and I just I wonder about
that I don’t know how he does that but he’s there and he’s been there for a few
years he must be doing a good job so you know but I would I would suggest that if
you’re teaching people how to be in shape you should be in shape if you are
teaching people how to you know build websites that you know how to build
websites that type of thing your time is limited now here’s the
problem with coaching everybody starts to get into coaching they’re like man if
I could get to my opinion hundred dollars an hour that’d be awesome and
then they’d get enough clients and they realize their income is capped and the
only way to increase that income is to increase which a charge I did that and
my my charge just kept getting higher and higher and higher and higher so you
know you got to be kind of careful about that because then it can get to a
ridiculous stage after a while which are charging give me thousands of dollars an
hour which you say oh no that’d be great it would be but then you gotta say well
is the value really there for the customer is it best for the customer you
know you got look at that you need to design some type of process don’t think
that you’re gonna be an online coach and just get on there they’re gonna ask you
questions and you’re gonna answer them because they won’t and here’s why they
won’t they don’t know what to ask is they don’t know what they’re doing okay
so if you’re gonna coach people you need to design a process that somebody should
go through so you know if I’m coaching somebody on how to sell products online
I’m gonna you know sit them down and I’m gonna get all of their assets together
I’m gonna say hey you need to have a site that you can you know put your
sales pages on that you can build funnels on that you could put your
videos on then we need to go out and find products
that are popular and then once we find the popular products we need to run ads
to them on Facebook once we run ads to them we need to have a funnel behind it
to sell them on the project so you need to have this process excuse me
written out so that they can follow it and you know maybe handouts maybe do
videos with them you know give them something to value and they must get
results okay so you know if you tell them to do all these things that nothing
works if they can’t find products and they you know run an ad so nothing
happens you know then you’re not doing them any good so you must get results so
that’s the disadvantage you got to do all those things all right so let’s look
at them once more top four ways to make money online number one affiliate
marketing selling other people’s stuff number two drop shipping once again
selling other people’s stuff but it’s your brand you’re building a list number
three online courses you know sell some of your knowledge you can sell it over
and over again you can have memberships a pretty cool thing and the last on
there is on line coaching where you’re actually helping people one-on-one or in
a group setting so where do you build your email automations once again I’m
gonna tell you the number one place to do it is car truck I’ve said this over
and over again I don’t push too many software’s I am an affiliate for car
truck you know full disclosure but I’m telling you it’s probably the best piece
of software you’ll ever get and it’ll do so much for you and it’ll make you so
much money if you use it you just go to vit dot ly forward slash car truck –
uppercase J R so if you do that you’re gonna really be happy and and there’s a
video there you don’t have to opt-in you don’t have to give a credit card or
anything like that but if you do decide to do it and you go to that link that
I’ve given you right there you can join up for one dollar which is pretty cheap
right a dollar a dollar okay so people are asking the few people that
I do have that are invited here are asking about the inner circle what do
you get you are gonna get access to my current courses you’re gonna get access
to my private Facebook group you’re gonna get bi-weekly coaching calls which
I’ve actually done them weekly now but I say bi-weekly that way I over deliver it
under promised yearly or more masterminds in San Diego we all meet
together get together and have a mastermind you’re gonna have cool
relationships with cool people right other inner circle members and of
course you have networking and networking is really really super
important guys because you learn a lot from other people who are around you and
you’ll get insight into the high level masterminds like I said I’m going to
Cancun soon I just got back from a cruise to five countries I think it was
and it was a mastermind went to another mastermind in Texas before that and what
I do is I bring back this information to you guys you know show examples of other
people what they’re doing and you get free access to it you don’t have to pay
twenty thirty thousand a year to be a member which is cool now how do you use
the inner circle inner circle is really super simple you’re gonna have a bunch
of courses in there one of them is web cash Academy which is my training where
I train businesses one-on-one you’ll get to see those live trainings and
on-screen training you also get access to EECOM road which shows you how to
build out a Shopify store using Aliexpress it gives you step-by-step on
how to do that you’re gonna get access to that course in addition to that
you’re gonna get the email earning systems you don’t know how to write
emails and do emails and set up emails the email earning system will help you
with all of that and you’re gonna get that free also in addition to that
you’re gonna get Facebook Ads University which will teach you how to do Facebook
ads and deal with Facebook and sometimes they are really difficult to deal with I
know I’m dealing with them this morning over some errors but we’ll show you how
to you know navigate through all that and how to get your ads up on Facebook
so they’re yay right what a community a lot of fun if you’re not a member of the
inner circle which I know 99% of you people are on this call today feel free
to go to junior inner circle comm fork slash enroll watch the free video there
and you can learn how you can learn more about this stuff if you thought this was
useful well hey you’ll want to go there okay so
because when you join the inner circle you can submit stuff to me you can
submit your ads landing sales pages websites products that you’re thinking
about pricing funnels emails subject lines headlines ideas frustrations you
will have those but you can submit all those Jimmy’s and your failures and
successes so you can submit all this stuff to me and I’ll actually help you
out with it a matter of fact on a lot of these calls we will cover a lot of these
things when you go there to fill out the form to submit this and of course you
got to be a member but when you get there this is the form you’ll fill out
you and all your stuff in there you can
upload files right here so I can see them and we’ll actually analyze that
stuff for you to help you out which is pretty cool once again the best software
for running your online business has got to be cartridge
you get a $1 trial at bi tly forward slash Carter – uppercase J R and now
we’re down excuse me to the question section Jessica so guys please post your
questions I don’t have time for a whole lot but I mean this is free and I charge
like thousands of dollars for consulting so why not get some free questions in
and just put your questions off to the side there if you’re an inner circle
member we appreciate you being here and you can put some stuff off to the side
there of course you know you can actually submit stuff physically to
Jessica do you have some questions over there for me you know that’s a good
question Lena’s asking what to sell if you’re an affiliate marketer and I
wouldn’t really even I wouldn’t try to categorize it that way I would go to a
Clickbank go into their marketplace and sort a niche that you like and you’ll
sort off to the left-hand side and look for ones that have a high gravity what a
gravity rating means and you’ll see like a gravity rating on 20 or 50 or 100 or
200 whatever that means that it is that number of affiliates a day that are
selling that product now that doesn’t mean that let’s say that gravity is a
hundred that they sold a hundred products that day what it means is a
hundred affiliates sold that product that day so one affiliate could have
sold 50 of those see what I’m saying another affiliate could have sold 25 of
them so that just represents how many affiliates a day are selling that
product and that gravity rating will help you determine which products sell
this great question and in you know the tools are there
because you know they sold millions of dollars of the products they know what
sells so instead of you trying to figure it out they already know ray is asking
the most passive way to make money alone and I would tell you don’t go into it
trying to be past number one number one don’t do that and
I understand everybody wants to get money and not have to do anything but if
you’re gonna sell online don’t think of it as passive think of it as a lot of
hard work and one down the road then it can be a little bit more passive now you
know I built up survival k food for years and we’re actually slower and when
we have a Republican in office than a Democrat in office but the thing is with
survival game food excuse me it’s a little bit passive for me now because we
have a warehouse that ships out all the products and you know there’s all the
manufacturing and all that and we just kind of take in sales at this point we
built up a book of people but in the beginning it wasn’t like that it was us
you know getting in a car and going to shows and physically selling the product
to customers and so I you know I guess if I had to pick passive I would say
affiliate marketing because all you’re doing is driving traffic to an offer but
don’t think of online sales is something easy in the beginning because it’s not
you’re gonna have to work it’s hard work and don’t forget post your questions in
there I got time for a couple more questions Jessica Katie wants to start a
blog and wants to monetize it I would not suggest you doing that Katie if you
want to make money soon a blog is a fine thing to do a lot of people do make
money in blogs but it’s a long drawn-out tedious way to make money and some
people are terribly successful at it don’t get me wrong but it’s not
something you’re gonna see any money anytime soon you know when you’re doing
a blog you’re gonna maybe be blogging and reviewing products and having
affiliate links in there or you know trying to get them to your page and then
you know selling courses or something you still got to sell them something a
blog itself doesn’t make any money whatsoever so you know be careful in
that just be super careful understand that you gotta sell them other products
to make any money yes well David I tell you I’m not a fan of FBA
and I’m not a fan of it because number one it’s gonna cost you a lot of money
and number two you don’t know if the products are gonna sell number three if
it does really really well and it takes off Amazon will knock off your idea and
do it themselves and undercut you so I’m not a fan of FBA I know people do it and
I know people make some money at it majority that people do not just I’m not
a fan of it I have to tell you and I got time for one more question here
somebody’s asking how much can you make in a day doing affiliate marketing you
know once again yeah it is really dependent on your efforts how much time
you put into this how hard you work some people will make nothing because they
put very little time into it I went to a coffee shop this morning I know the guy
that’s the general manager there the screen went away you see here what’s
going on here we lost our screen guys we have a lot of
technical problems today I don’t know why that’s happening can you see it now
Jessica okay I see it online guys can you post in there once again if you can
see the screen Jessica is Reed logging in so we had a little glitch there for a
second Thomas says I went away for a while
Bob says he sees three dogs that’s a good thing Roderick’s season awesome
awesome let me get back to her real quick guys so anyhow I was talking about
affiliate marketing and putting forth the effort into it that is just so
important guys it’s like you know I think I think the biggest problem with
people not making money online is that they’re the number one problem number
one problem is they don’t get the training they don’t get the training
they just go out there they hear a few things they talk to a few people they
don’t get guidance from people have done it guys you know I’m not pushing the
inner circle but if you’re not in it that is a great place to start
it’s junior Fisher inner circle calm /and roll you’ll see a video there I’ll
tell you all about it you guys who are already members that
are on this call you know it have access to all these courses you’ll
have access to you know drop shipping courses and website courses and
advertising and all these things and you really can’t get it you know any other
place I mean that those courses are worth forty six thousand three hundred
eighty two dollars and you know for a small you know monthly subscription you
get access to all that plus support plus extra training so you know in obviously
I’m gonna sell my courses cuz I think they’re good but the thing is to learn
all this on your own you’re either gonna have to you know buy something from me
or somebody else and if you have somebody else you trust that’s fine or
you’re gonna have to go out there and spend money and figure all this stuff
out so you’re gonna spend money you cannot cannot make money online without
either learning how to do it from somebody else or spending a ton of your
money trying to make mistakes and you know figure it out that way it’s just
one way or the other it’s just the way it is so with that I’m gonna go ahead
and close down today I appreciate you guys showing up I hope this is very
helpful to you feel free to message me in the group send me if your inner
circle member go ahead and send me your pages your ads all that stuff we’ll
review them on one of these calls we’ll be happy to do that for you and I’m
gonna go ahead and get out of here we’re gonna have lunch today and Jessica would
you like say goodbye to everybody yep and if you’re in the US and you’re
got your holiday going on take a day and do some work instead don’t party all
weekend cut out five or six beers and go and do a little work just my suggestion
I’ll talk to you guys later thank you so much for showing up really appreciate
you being here and have a great day hey thanks for watching my video don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel and put that little bell right there
seem to be notified every time I do a new video also click on one of those
videos there keep watching on my channel

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