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Top 4 Betta Tank Mates

Top 4 Betta Tank Mates

– Hey guys, Cory from Today, I wanna talk about the best tank mates for your betta. Now, you might be thinking,
“Wait, is it ‘beta’ or ‘betta?’ Can you put stuff with bettas?” Yes, you can, you just gotta be a little bit cautious when
selecting the tank mates. Now, all of these recommendations
are for tanks that are at least five gallons, if
not ten gallons or more. If you have a small bowl
or a two and a half gallon, something like that,
usually it’s a little bit too cramped on space, and they’re gonna be just too territorial to
make anything happen. You might be able to fit
some snails in there, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. So my first recommendation
is Kuhli loaches. They typically hide
underneath stuff, so get some plants in there, they’ll
hide in the roots, they’ll hide under rocks
and pieces of wood, and they’ll eat after the betta. So, if you feed the betta
some frozen bloodworms and it eats 90% and there’s
10% left in the gravel, they’ll come out at night and eat it. And it’s a really safe one, because they typically
hide during the day, and then when the betta’s
asleep, they come out. So they’re kind of
working different shifts, and you get around it that way. That one usually works even
with an aggressive betta. You gotta kinda test yours, see if yours is laid-back, which most are, but the more space you give them, the more laid-back they typically are. Next up, I’ve got a specific
tetra for you: the ember tetra. In at least five gallons, but really I’d like to see it in ten, get yourself a group of
five or six ember tetras. They’re nice and red,
they’ll school around. Now if you have a red betta,
maybe don’t choose this one. But if you have a different
color betta, it works out okay. They’ll school around, add a little bit. And the reason why you
want a group is so that, initially, when you add in the tetras, that betta’s gonna
chase them a little bit, but it can’t single out
any one in the group. Now if you only added two or one, it could single that one out,
tire it out, and kill it. So adding a group of them,
they’ll mesh in well, they’ll eat food just like they will, and you’ve got a lively tank. Alright, next up, I’ve got
Malaysian trumpet snails. These guys will burrow under
your sand or your gravel. They’re a live-bearing snail, so they make more of themselves. You don’t have to buy that many of them. And they will eat at night pretty much. So again, kind of that
different working shifts. And they’ll clean your glass
for you, they’ll eat algae, they’ll eat debris, they’ll eat fish poop, they’ll do all those wonderful things that snails do for us at the cost of not that much of a bio-load
and not that much space, whereas something like a mystery snail or something like that,
they tend to be bigger and they’ve got those big antennas. Well, they also like to eat during the day and a lot of times, the
bettas think those are worms, and so they try to eat them, so that one doesn’t always work out. But the Malaysian trumpet snail, it’s almost always gonna work for you. I’m not sure I’ve seen it not work. That being said, I’m sure
that person’s out there and they’re gonna leave a
comment down below going, “Hey, that didn’t work for me!” But it works for almost everyone. Last but not least, my recommendation is, for a ten gallon or larger, Rasbora hets. They’re pretty peaceful, they get about two and a half inches, add that orange color that you
don’t really find in bettas. They’ll school around the tank and should leave the betta alone, and they won’t dominate the
food or anything like that. Get a group of six or so, see how it goes. See how your betta interacts with them. Hopefully, it chases them
a little bit every day, keeps the betta nice
and healthy and active, and no one gets hurt, and
you have a beautiful tank. So thanks for listening. If you have great betta tank mates, leave a comment down
below and let others know what worked really well for you and then also what tank size you had. So if you have, you know,
giant oscars and a betta and they all live in a
5,000 gallon aquarium, that makes a difference
instead of living in a bowl. So let us know what you’re keeping and what you’re keeping
it with and what size, and we’ll crowdsource this thing, and we’ll see you in the next video.

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  2. I have a 40 gallon and my purple betta lives with platies, 2 mollies and ramshorn snails. So far, no problems. Some of my snails are missing their antennae, but it's not necessarily the betta doing it.

  3. I had neon tetras, bentosi whitefins, mystery snails and otocynclus catfishes and no casualties. The beta would chase after the BWF but would eventually leave them be

  4. Hello! I have a 5 gallon tank with a female betta. Do you think 6 neon tetras would be okay with her?

  5. Kuhli loaches will they eat the Snail ? A friend told me that will eat my Nerite Snail( Bruce ) 😞

  6. In my betta fish tank, I had a 5 Gallon tank, and kept my male betta fish, 2 mystery aquarium snails, 3 cherry red shrimp, and 4 ghost shrimp. That tank turned out very well, and they all lived a long happy life. 🐠

  7. I have a 120 gallon loach tank with a wild type male betta. I have most all kinds of loaches except zebras dojos (to big to have multiple) and skunks (spawn of Satan horrid nasty destructive brutes) and a small multi collony eith a nice big male Bolivian ram whom the betta is somehow always glued to. Not agressively. He just wont leave the rams side. They will not however go near the back left corner however cuz thats where the rock pile is. In the rock pile lives Bageira. My clouded leopard loach. He rules with an iron will and tollerates only the reticulateds around his rock pile…killed the 8 inch pleco i put in with him. And the multis all live in the discarded snailshells from the snails i feed to the tank regularly. Theres also some otos for general cleaning. About 30ish

  8. My son has a rummy nose tetra. He didn't intend for it to be but they all kept dying except that one(he wanted a school) but yea he tossed him in there and he is as happy can ben

  9. I have 2 ember tetra, a African dwarf frog, a scarlet gem badis, and ghost shrimp in a 3.5 gallon. No problems. I put them all in at the same time. I find that they dont get as territorial when introduced all at once. Hes a dumbo ear betta. Red and white. Looks like a swimming ribbon.

  10. I got 4 otocinclus catfish with my Betta in a 10 gallon and two snails, my Betta actually seemed excited when I introduced them and the catfish arnt even scared of him anymore. They are best friends. my Betta is a very sweet boy he doesn’t even try to fight his reflection. I want to introduce some tetras to his tank but maybe in time I’ll get there.

  11. We bought 5 female bettas on the recommendation of a very trusted pet store in our area.  They were all in a tank together but once we got home, one of them killed the other 4 in less than 6 days.  She also killed a few ghost shrimp and 5 black neon tetras (over time).  She is mean, but pretty.  Works very well with our pleco.

  12. My betta tried to eat my ADF’s 😂 Didn’t work out for him. Also, I need to express how angry I was just now because I was just at a Petco, and I found a BEAUTIFUL betta that was black and blue, and as I was running to show my mom (we were about to buy it) Someone took it and bought it. I let that one slip right out of my fingertips just like that 😢😭😡

  13. Hi there – I have a 16lt tank
    With a bristle nose
    2 Corydoras
    And a Khuli Loach
    And my Betta just isn’t happy he would just stay in one corner and didn’t move around the tank , Iv put him back in a small tank I originally had him in before deciding to do a community bigger tank- and he’s much more happy swimming around enjoying him self lol
    But I’d love for him to be in the bigger tank ? Any suggestions ?

  14. I have an 8.8 gal tank. With a white betta. Think I'd be safe to do 5 black neon tetras in that size of tank?

  15. What about otto's? Bad idea ? I have a 5 gallon and want algae eaters that wont litter my tank with eggs.

  16. I have a 20 gallon Aquarium , with my Betta , 18 Ember tetras and 6 julli corys with a few shrimp . A great lively tank .

  17. I was very cautious which Betta my Bristlenose Pleco would go in. El Gringo was too territorial but Alucard was a perfect companion for the new Pleco. They had plenty of space for themselves and didn’t bother eachother at all.

  18. 20 gallon tall
    dumbo ear male betta

    5 peppered corydoras
    3 ghost shrimp for now till i purchase more
    2 african dwarf frogs
    they all live very happily, never had any of them fight, have a lot of hiding spots, log, rocks with holes, a bunch of plants, mainly artificial , black gravel, they are all living happily
    also i added Indian Almond Leaves to give it a more natural coloring to the water

  19. I had a snail before the betta to keep the tank clean. It’s been about a month and the betta doesn’t seem to care but I want to add a snake like fish that wonders in the bottom by not sure

  20. I have a 10 gallon.. I know form my schooling fish I want Neon Tetras but I can’t decided I should get a gourami or a koi betta.. help!!

  21. I just got my betta today. He’s a beautiful dude, but I got one Amano shrimp and two nerite snails with it. Clearly not a great idea with the shrimp! I have them all in a 1.5-2 gallon right not but I’m going to move them into a 10 gallon soon. I’m afraid of the shrimp getting eaten though… what should I do?

  22. i have 5 galon tank

    an adjustible
    external filter

    1 betta fish and 2 aspidoras depinnai

    can i fit there ember tetras too?

  23. I have a 36 gallon tank with my Betta which had been in his own tank for two years. Now he is with 7 zebra danios and 5 soon to be 8 neon tetras. Things seem to be fine. But I would like to add more.

  24. I have a question!
    How many of can I have in a 10 gallon?
    Can I do something like 3 Ember Tetra, 3 Harlequin's Rasboras, 1 Snale, 1 Loache?
    (Including Betta)

    Or would that be too much in a 10 Gallon tank?

    Also, do schooling fish school together even though they are different species, or do each specie like to school with the same specie?
    Thanks for the feed back in advance!

  25. I got a male betta call him Orlando He was always hiding in his tank so I got him two black male guppies and now he is a lot more active but I think he is starting to fin nip my guppies he never flares his gills at the guppies .What is your advice

  26. My fish share food and seem to be fine but I think Orlando is fin nipping when I'm sleeping during the day he knows I'm watching him

  27. Im setting up a community 55 gallon. Should I wait till I get the other fish or can I put the Betta in first?

  28. I have a 5 gallon tank with a lot of ground cover, my blue mustard betta and albino Cory’s get along just fine!!

  29. My betta lives with 10 ember tetras and 3 panda corys in a 10 gallon and every one has enough space and is peaceful. The ember tetras are so small that while 10 sound like a lot it really isnt.

  30. I have a planted 10 gallon with 5 neone tetra 5 panda Cory's and z few snail may betta started off in a 5 gallon with 3 algy esters but t the algey eaters died after u upgraded them to the 10 gallon

  31. What’s good my man! What’s seems to work for me as I have a 10 gallon planted aquarium, I have some Amano shrimp some ghost shrimp I got 2 cory catfish and 5 zebra danios I also got this 1 little slime water fish that wanders around in that tank. The beta I have minds his business all day. He used to be an aggressive fella but he found to realize he’s very slow to catch anything

  32. Im not looking for any tank mates at the moment but is a 3,5 gallon tank good for just one betta? Hes pretty small, and ive had him for a little under a year so i think he’s full grown.

  33. 10 gallon with 2 cory cats( one albino and one brown light color gravel) 2 fancy guppys and one black betta

  34. I have a 55 gallon tank. I am still setting it up, been putting plants in it for 4 months now. I will be putting gouramis and snails and some guppies in there as well. I plan on having 2 male bettas when my tank is heavily planted. All live plants

  35. I've got a 10 right now but moving everything to a 44. Betta, two Siamese flying fox, and a common pleco (very small right now) I had 5 guppies but two of them killed the other three before I got the betta in there. After putting the Betta in it chased them a little bit but now the guppies swim up and try and snip at it. the flying fox chill at the bottom and are very quick while the guppies are at top and the betta roams everywhere. and pleco I only see if I get up at night.

  36. My male koi betta (Lothric) is housed in a 20-gallon long tank with 11 harlequin rasboras, 7 neon tetras, and 9 panda cory catfish. It's been almost two years and no fatalities.

  37. I have a 20 Gallon tank, with a peakcock eel, 2 rubber lip plecos, and 2 koi’s , they all get along so far , which I love .

  38. So the 20 gallon long has a crown tail male who is in with black Mollys, corrys and guppies. One mystery snail. The 15 custom has small clown loaches ( waiting for a large tank build) guppies and dalmatian Molly's and some other type (orange and black). Yes lots of Molly's . They bread faster than rabbits. And in the 17 gallon custom I have a five female sorority there is a mystery snail and some baby's from wild lake guppy's ( mosquito eaters) anybody need some Molly's? Lol

  39. I was thinking bout adding a betta to my 29 gallon guppy tank, has anyone had success/failure with this combo?

  40. Some good tank mates with female Beta’s in a 20 gallon or larger are Cory catfish in a heavily planted tank 3 tetras and 2 danio’s and anything that schools. No cichlids obviously have some bottom feeders and middle and the betas don’t care about them

  41. i put reticulated hill stream loaches in with my female betta sorority and they are all doing great! love your videos <3

  42. So how many khuli loaches would you put in a 5 gallon? That is the size I have, so I might get them!

  43. What I've discovered but haven't really seen anywhere is that, yes, your betta can be aggressive and attack the other fish; however, as with my betta, it can also become stressed and back off. My betta, Xiao Da Bian, is very timid (so timid that rather than flare up at his reflection he swims away) and having tank mates majorly stresses him out. He hides between the heater and the filter for the majority of the day and sleeps there too. When he's majorly stressed out he hides directly between the filter and the tank wall (the wall is curved so there's a pocket of space that he can easily get in and out of). He started eating less and would barely move around so eventually I moved his tank mates into a different tank. After that he was back to his usual activities.

  44. 10 gallon tankI have a blue mustard beta, and 4 guppies..he chases them but can’t catch them, my issue is guppies getting stuck to the filter..

  45. Hello! Thanks for the video! Very interesting! Sorry but I have a question: is it possible to add neon tetras with a betta?

  46. my betta never bothered any of his tankmates (shrimp and plecos) but i think it's mostly his personality – he's very peaceful and easily scared
    that's the reason i was shocked with how aggressive my sister's betta is! she bites fingers and bullied one of my shrimps (who was supposed to clean her tank) so much it jumped out of her aquarium ):

  47. I had African dwarf frogs 2 with a female betta in a five gallon she nipped both first night after that no real interaction

  48. I have a 10 gallon heavily planted tank with a dumbo halfmoon in with 5 lemon tetras and 2 corydoras, as well as Malaysian trumpet snails. They all get together fairly well.

  49. My betta is the most laid back guy ever. Not sure he knows he’s a betta. He’s been in my fry grow out tank with no problems, he’s currently residing in my 29 gallon with guppies, Platies, mollies, dwarf gourami, mystery snails, ghost shrimp, and Cory cats. No problems here!

  50. I’ve seen someone with a betta and 3 otocinclus (dwarf suckermouth) and his tank look like it’s around 10 gallon

  51. My amazing Betta is red and named Hannibal bc he does eat the insides of some fish – he is super cool and knows me and gets excited when I come near tank – he's by far my favorite one Ive ever had!! He has SO much personality that I don't mind the occasional "murder" – Its circle of life.

  52. I kept 3 cory cats with a female betta in a 10-gallon tank and it worked well, definitely need a sand substrate for them, not gravel- learned that the hard way.

  53. Could I keep a male and a few females in with my guppys an Molly's there's about 20 guppys and 10 Molly's so shouldn't be able to target just one

  54. I keep my first betta with
    5 Balloon mollies,
    3 platys
    5 male swordtails and probably 15 females
    4 bristlenose plecos
    And he's the nicest betta i own

    I kept a red crown tail with 2 of the platys, since moved them to my community tank because he was to aggressive,. My male in the community ate the swordtail babies!!
    I also have another crown tail and veil tail in a 10 gall divider 🙂

  55. I have a betta in 3.5 gallon vertical tank and I have snail and 2 goldfish color danios (I cant remember name). They all get along the Danio mainly stay near the top and upper middle and Prince (my Betta) stays at the midlle and bottom ge also hangs in the tall plants when he goes to the top. They all some to enjoy each other I'm jumping them to a 5 gallon all planted tank today. (my first attempt at full planted) If it goes well I'll upgrade it them to 10.

  56. Can bumblebee gobies live with a peaceful betta in my community tank with Cory's and shrimp in a 21ltr tank which is heavily planted

  57. I have neon tetras, golden cloud tetras, corydoras, mystery snails, and they all get along great, Poseidon is a blue and purple veil tail betta, harlequin rasboras are going in next.

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