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what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing you my top 5 fish I’m wondering how the
hell did we let these fish Packers my number 5 fish it has me wondering how
the hell we let this happen I’m talking about the balloon moly Who am I kidding
the balloon anything look the Center for Disease Control says
that thirty six point five percent of Americans are obese what are you taking
our collective fat frustrations out on this fish this poor fish has no shot
look I know Molly’s are easy to breathe that doesn’t mean we need to breed them
to look fat intentionally and my number four fish has been
wondering how the hell we let this happen I’m talking about the long fin
Oscar fish yes I have now done four top five videos that include the Oscar fish
but this one is special the long-finned Oscar II seriously who
came up with this I know let’s take a fish with a great personality and all
kinds of masculine traits and make him look feminine that’s right let’s add
long fins to him what does this fish say to his buddies yeah I’m just a little
more feminine little slower version to you longfin Oscars how did we let this one number three fish that has me
wondering how the hell we let this happen I’m talking about the globe fish
Chloe chigan Dustin yeah it gets worse folks I did some research
apparently the globe fish was first created by Zhu Li I’m gone from the
University of Singapore apparently mr. gong have been hit in the bong when he
won develop a fish – check this out when it would go into polluted waterways
would glow but it was in regular clean water waves would stay the same so what
did he do he took regular golden zebra danios bred them and then injected
jellyfish gene into their embryos once the eggs were laid yorktown technologies
apparently ran by the crazy scientist from South Park that makes monkeys with
four asses jumped all over this as you can see now we have a wonderful product
line of glowing fish including glowing danios glowing tetras and glowing Tiger
Barb’s make it stop Blowfish my number three fish has me wondering how the hell
we let this happen number two fish it has me wondering how
the hell we let this happen I’m talking about the overly bread or and a goldfish
now look folks I’ve got tons of videos Rob got nothing but love for fancy
goldfish straight up the read right you could be the slender bodies one of my
favorite fish on the planet but the aranda goldfish has me wondering how the
hell we let this happen what is it we’re in America land of the free home of the
fat people we’re obsessed with making fish that can barely move look at this
fish do these fish look like they’re living a good life do these fish seem
like it’s easy for them to cruise to the other side of the tank how about this
guy I’m sure he loves floating half out of
the water brilliant control of his own existence all right forget about their
immobility in their fatness for a second what about the girls in the front of
their heads look at this fish this fish can barely see can’t move around can’t
see overly bred or in a goldfish how the heck did we let this happen one fish we wondering how the hell we
let this happen I’m talking about the parrotfish blood-red parent formally
knows the parrot sick though it’s a hybrid between the – cichlid and the
redhead cichlid this fish was first developed in 1986 in
Taiwan oh snap we nailed it we’ve got a fish it
has a hard time swimming around and it looks extra stupid because the mouth
can’t fully close but wait there’s got to be a way we can make this fish look
dumber I know let’s inject it with some glowing colors perfect the glow injected
parrotfish my number one fish has me wondering how the hell we let this
happen do me a favor drop me a comment on your favorite fish as you wonder how
the hell do we let this happen tank on everybody light

46 comments on “TOP 5 Aquarium Fish HOW DID WE LET THIS HAPPEN?

  1. Fany goldfish and parrot chichlid are two who are the most ugliest fish in freshwater hobby. Why people throw high bucks on it. There are tons of natural beautiful fishes we we should support that.

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  5. I'm glad to see someone speak up about this. Animals being treated as hobby objects or even toys with little regard for the life of the animal. Even the humble Goldfish is playful and social…these deformities deprive them of their normal actions. Decades ago I fell in love with the fat, Redcap Oranda…I brought 2 home only to end up with buoyancy (swim bladder) problems so bad that they were tumbling around the tank head over tails. I went back to the store to find the store's fish in the same condition. I tried everything to treat these fish, and then found in a detailed book that it's incurable: you live with it or destroy the fish. My kids didn't want them put down, so I ended up putting them in a shallow wide 5 gal fish bowl. This seemed to help, but I was sad that they were trapped there. They only lived 1 year and I was glad when they were gone.

    I also hate the stupid habit of long-finning every fish. It's not an improvement, they have to live in gentler currents, they can have trouble competing for food and they can become victims to other fish by getting nipped.

  6. Just about any bubble or fancy variation of fish….. they need to stop. Long fin isn't that bad so long as you make sure their tankmates won't fin nip… that bothers me less.


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  10. I have a balloon molly I love him his name is butterball lives in a 55 gallon tank and eats flakes or sometimes it steals the pellets that the angel fish eats

  11. You know the actual Glofish pass it down to next gens. It's now part of their genes. I like em, they live long, they're never targeted in my tanks or anything.

  12. Long fins neons are an atrocity ! it makes them so clumsy when they should be all about speed and agility.

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  18. They now have glo-fish rainbow sharks. It wouldn't surprise me if they took albino cory catfish and turn them into glo-fish.

  19. If GloFish only glow when they're in polluted water then that explains a lot about the water quality of the places that sell them…. Just saying.

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  21. Theres worse goldfish than oranda ,bubble eye gold fish its a fish tha cant swim because of freakin bubbles on its face.

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