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what’s up fishtank people all
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you with my top 5 rainbow fish how’s everybody
doing now before I get into my top 5 rainbow fish I just do want to quick a
quick second and say I click the link surrounding or check out mr. Gary don’t
carry the legendary United States rainbow fish keeper at a nice long video
you can see how he talks about keeping rainbow fish in all kinds of varieties
I’m a little talking about my top 5 that I’ve kept I keep rainbows with an equal
number of males to females think of it like girls in a bar there was an unequal
number of girls two boys in the wrong direction too many boys not enough girls
there would be fighting in squabbling same deal with rainbow fish I go 1 2 1
males to females some people like the role just like no females at all and
have all males the male’s generally speaking are better looking than the
females but you gotta have the females to get dressed up think about it you
think I dressed like this if I was going to get chicks hell no same thing with
rainbows you got to have the ladies around and make them color up for you I
also like to feed them periodically live foods good flakes blood worms then they
have to fast for a day Gary don’t care he talks about that around here so here
come my top 5 rainbow rainbow fish I want to talk
about Mellott anemia Fred Rickey also known as
the Darwin rainbow not a rainbow fish you see around a lot but I got love for
this fish because back in let’s see here Nolan was born in 2009 ah 2009 I went to
an ACA convention when it was in Cincinnati north side of Cincinnati wife
was about to have my first kid and I was like yo honey I’m going to the ACA up in
Cincinnati to keep your phone on talking about nervous moments y’all with your
first kid you know what I’m talking about
so yeah roll up there in the ACA and purchased 5 of these they were called
Darwin rainbows they were sold to me by Mark denaro he’s friends with Rachel
Illyria they wrote a book together and clinically surrounded check out Rachel’s
channel y’all know she is and um there were a fat fish I asked him I said what
do you know about the fish she goes there there from there called Darwin
rainbows that’s all I know we didn’t have a scientific name or whatever I
grabbed them anyway now look one of the things you don’t understand when you get
rainbows it’s like when rainbows come and you generally go to purchase them
they don’t look that great when you go to buy them like bidders don’t look that
hot these were so so looking Indy you know oh my god I just got let loose and
out of this bag three hours ago tank at the ACA I took them home they color it
up like crazy the old owner of the now defunct just fish Tony Roberts said they
were some of the hottest rainbows he’d ever seen what was tight about him is I
used to have him in a 75 that now he’s been replaced the bookcase over here I
had them in my office when I tore down my old planted tank in my office I uh
I ripped that out I brought them home I threw them in a 75 I just floated a
bunch of plants in there huge water change stirred everything up and bam
baby so I had all kinds of babies in there it was awesome I came home from
like a week out with the boys and came home and I had a ton a little fry all
over the place so melted in your Fred Ricky my number five and my top five
rainbow fish man I miss those fish boy my top five favorite rainbow fish I want
to talk about the Irani red not the millennium rainbows that’s right I’m
going on rainy red with these these are some hot rainbow fish the problem is
they are not hot when you see them in the pet store in fact they’re very drab
and they are pretty crunk looking and the reality of it is most people pass
them on by because they see them in the aquariums at the shops or whatever and
they just don’t look great and it’ll look great a and B they’re like fifteen
sixteen bucks because they’re just I don’t know there are really really hot
fish but you have to pay your uniform so if you’re seeing like that this looks
like crap like where am I gonna drop fifteen bucks on that because when you
get the rainbow fish home like most fish but especially rainbow fish when you
bring them boys on home and you feed them up good and you give them some time
they look amazing these are no different yo I did talk to Joey when he was
thinking about putting rainbows in the 375 and I did say yo man you should get
somebody so I did say that and they’re a hot fish and they were one of the first
might even be the first type of rain fish that I ever kept I kept them in a
55-gallon in my all office with them nothing but a bunch of Cory cats on the
bottom and every morning that tank would get like hit with full morning Sun and
those fish would just pop the male’s would chase the females around rainbows
do a dance I don’t know if you guys know this haven’t kept rain because no
rainbows in the morning they wake up they’re shimmer and they’re trying to
get chicks I mean they’re all about it so these irani red rainbows were awesome
bright colors I kept ugly females with them because you have to but check out
the I read read read aliy available I like them more than the millennium
rainbows because of this I think the millennium rainbows which have a better
read and are a better looking fish they do not have the personality of their
rainy Reds I don’t know what it is with the millennium rainbows but they’re a
little more shy a little more skittish you can see the clip of Gary Lange’s how
they’re a little more scared so I’m rolling I really Reds over millenniums I
think letting him look matter they got a more robust red but Iranian Reds have a
better personality and come out more for you I ready Reds my number four my top
five favorite rainbow fish favorite rainbow fish these boys parking sonar
rainbow fish I had my love for this fish rekindle when I went to my man Lucas
Brett’s house got a collab coming up with him at some point and I saw his
here’s were bastards he had a mixed with something else they still were not even
with the crush but the parkansas my rainbow hot hot hot orange fish rainbow
fish I would argue give you some of the hottest orange of any freshwater fish
this fish is no exception it’s got the like point of your fins on top which is
really hot they’ve also got the black on top and then this fish has the bright
orange fins and also like orange splotches on its body it’s just got a
more torpedo looking aerodynamic shape i melted melanie however you say park and
so now super hot used to keep them up in a 75 i clicked links around here check
out some old school videos of them I missed this fish great contrast with you
grab yourself some parkinsonian rainbow they’re worth the 15 bucks wherever you
gonna spend on parking sonar rainbow my number three favorite rainbow fish rainbowfish in my top five favorite
rainbowfish I’m talking about the boesemani rainbow
oh yeah and I’m doing it in front of the 220 with a Denis boesemani and part of
me doesn’t feel right about it because at one point this aquarium behind me had
probably 35 boesemani rainbow in it that I bred myself the story on the boesemani
rainbows goes like this I went to MVP pets here in the lexington kentucky and
i bought myself and i wasn’t even thinking about like getting rainbows but
i checked out the rainbows that they had they actually had a juvenile boesemani
wistful coloration which you typically don’t see boesemani had been in the
hobby for quite a long time the problem is they’ve been bred with such I don’t
know piss-poor genetics that like what you see in the shops are not that great
of a representation of what the fish can actually look like this fish was the
exception he was the og if you will I snatched him up along with two of the
ladies in the place with style and grace and bagged those suckers up and brought
him home and threw him in with a mix of all of my rainbows in the 220 behind me
here summertime came and I was trimming some star grass out of my 220 I took
some star grass out of my 220 I threw it in a pond a couple weeks later my boy
Steve the real steve was all over my voice is like bro you got baby fish in
there we were out of my back pond turns out I had accidentally brought some
rainbow fish I’d love to tell you they don’t burn us out in the Rose
I brought some rainbow fish eggs on some star grass out of here they spawn in the
morning had some eggs and some star grass I brought those out to the back
pond in the backyard and raised myself up about thirty boesemani rainbows click
links around here you can check out all kinds of videos on the boesemani
rainbows the problem is this you see this fish in the shop and it’s just a
drab look at half blue half on the other half of it when the reality of it is
when you get this fish home and fed up if it’s got good genetics it’s gonna
look really hot also you click links ready to check out Gary don’t carry legs
version of the boesemani rainbow easy to breathe get big get brown and get that
nice robust body sadly when I to Yellowstone a couple years back I
came back in my oh gee boesemani rainbows was no longer with us I don’t
know what happened that he’d got him or something so rested bees both my new
rainbow can you tell I missed the boesemani rainbows money my number-two
favorite in my top five my number one rainbow fish in the words
of nasty knives there’s one life one love and there can only be one king I’m
talking about a rainbow fish back in the day I had collect the rightest you know
what it’s like when you get into a fish and you just buy all kinds of fish you
see let me carry them up and I got my hands turquoise and you have lime and
instance you lucky bastard did you get those from here are you kidding me this
rainbow is a land man come on lawmen Ensis I had to be taught the scientific
name of it for mr. Gary don’t carry Ling click the links around here this is what
a real wanna menses looks like now these are still juvenile so they don’t have
the fins but notice the dorsal and the anal fin they really touch the back tail
and this is this is the emerald rainbow that we see with shoddy colors around
knotty colors and no and no no anal fin nice short elephants I think they cross
these very early on and that’s the problem I got some have some great
nights green colors but the fins aren’t long and that’s what the guys looked
like the wom’n Ensis has the good wom’n Ensis has the the dorsal good an anal
fin all the way back all the way back and this is another fish that Michael
Wagener has collected in the wild and I hope to get some some without that f1 or
f2 stock in the very near future wow you told me at the aquatic
experience you wanted to bring these into the hobby and a better quality so
yeah that’s what I want to do Wow I wanna Waman densest wom’n Nexus
rainbow oh my god now look the wine the Nexus rainbow has gary just said
supposed to have the long dorsal fin that flows all the way to the tail mine
and that it was amazing I had it in this 220 right here was one of the early ones
but guess what I did I got all excited like a little schoolboy and I put too
many fish in a new we set up aquarium right away and everybody got it and then
once I treated him for the ick I realized that they got internal
parasites and my womman dentist had a little something swimming out of his poo
you can actually see that in the video right here
and it had internal parasites and it ultimately was a demise of my favorite
fish to this day I cannot find a womman Ensis rainbow that is – the genetic
makeup that I like they’ve been crossbred with stuff early on as Barry
said I don’t know if anybody knows where I can get a woman that’s as Gary can I
please buy some Waman answers from you Bob growler has some as you saw let me
know why Manette’s is folks you find yourself a good-looking mo rainbow you
snatch that sucker up and you bring that sucker home make sure
you buy some females for Robin incest rainbow folks oh my goodness both I need
some I want some I gots to have some get yourself a llama Nansen’s get yourself
an emerald rainbow my number one rainbow fish do me a bear be like what I’m doing
hit the subscribe button hit the notifications button drop me a comment
on your favorite rainbows and take on right you

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