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Top 5 Fish Tacos in Ventura

Hi, I’m Carson Peterson from Top Chef
Junior and these are some of the best fish tacos you can get in Ventura. First
on the list is Spencer Makenzie’s. Spencer Makenzie’s has been a local
favorite of Ventura for many years. Their tempura fried fish is the
lightest and crispiest I’ve ever had. Along with their many sauces, you can
customize your fish taco any way you’d like. Don’t forget to dress it up
Brooklyn style. Number two on the list is is Snapper Jacks. With two locations, this
restaurant is the more casual of the bunch. They have an amazing salsa bar and their
special sauce is the ticket to getting a great taco.
Number three on the list is Beach House Tacos that sits right on top of Ventura
Pier, and you can’t beat a view like that. Not only are their tacos flavorful by
themselves, but you can add Pasilla chili to spice it up. Number four on the
list is Rumfish. If you’re ready for an upscale taco, this is the place to go.
With house-made corn tortillas, they offer authenticity you can taste. You can
enjoy this upscale taco in Rumfish’s great patio right in the heart of
downtown Ventura. Number five on the list is El Jarocho Seafood. Not only are their
tacos filled with flavor, but they’re huge.
If you want a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives feel, El Jarocho Seafood is
definitely the place to go. Make sure to come out to Ventura and try these
yourself, and let us know what we missed.

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