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Top 5 Hobie Fishing Kayak Accessories

Top 5 Hobie Fishing Kayak Accessories

Hey, my name is Hunter. I’m here at the Next Adventure Paddle Sports Center. Today I’m gonna look at my five favorite accessories to add onto a Hobie. One of the coolest things about Hobie Kayaks is that you can buy the boat and then you can accessorize it and make it yours. And make it fit the system that works for you when you’re fishing. Or works for you when you’re out on the water, whether you’re taking pictures, or just cruising around, or trying to catch really big fish. Hobie brands all of their pieces and parts. Within the Hobie pieces, you’re able to build and customize as you want. They’re kind of like Lego parts, you can build something really cool or you can make it really simple. The first one we like to suggest for people is to put on a sailing fin (Large Rudder). The rudder that comes stock on your Hobie is functional and works and it helps you steer your boat and it helps your boat track straight but, compared to the larger blade option, it’s pretty small. As soon as you get into choppier waters and you get into windier days, having a bigger rudder is gonna help your boat stay straight and it’s gonna help you manage your stability a lot better. It makes everything easier when you’re out on the water and you feel stable and feel comfortable, even when the wind and the waves are smacking the side of your boat. The next upgrade I like to work with are the turbo fins. Hobie boats come with this awesome MirageDrive. You pedal forward and back, and it drives the fins forward and back, almost like penguin wings, so it’s a winged shape. The one that comes stock on most Hobies is big enough to get you through the water and you can get moving pretty quick with them. But, an easy upgrade to a Hobie Turbo Fin turns your boat into a power machine. You can move a lot quicker with a lot less effort. If you do feel like you’re trying to do longer days, or maybe you get tired really easily, Sticking with the smaller fins might be a better idea so you don’t wear yourself out. After you’ve used your Hobie for a little while, you’re gonna get comfortable with the movement and you might find that you a little bit faster. Upgrading to the Turbo Fin is really easy. They’re pretty easy to swap out, but we can do the installation here at the shop as well. The next thing that I like to suggest is to get a leash kit for your drive. Under the horrible event that you actually flip over your Hobie, you may lose some things that aren’t clipped in correctly. But the big thing that you don’t want to lose is your drive here. This is the motor to your boat. If you lose your drive way out in the middle of the lake, then you’re gonna have to paddle yourself back. Or maybe you didn’t even bring your paddle because you just use your drive all the time. So this is a pretty easy accessory. It’ll clip into either this little piece here, or you can drill an i-hole piece right here and then the leash will clip to this little guy on the bottom there. Or you can clip it either these guys on the back here. That way if the boat does flip over and this lock mechanism isn’t working, if your drive falls out it’s gonna be at least with the boat. These are very expensive to replace. It could be up to about a nine-hundred dollar charge to replace it. And that’s not what you want when you’re out with your boat having a relaxing day. The next good upgrade to your Hobie is to be able to start putting accessories off of your boat like a rod holder, or a flag, or maybe a camera. You could need a camera mount. Installing a fish finder is always a good thing to do as well. Some of the boats come standard with a gear track that’s built in, but you can also buy these gear tracks and that drill them in wherever you’d like on the boat. They come in different sizes. You’ll have a base plate on the underside or a nut and bolt system. It’s very secure and you’re able to slide different accessories into this, and move them around, and remove them, and put them back on fairly easily. Lots of different things can go into these. This is a Scotty Gear Head track adapter. That lower piece there, that little square piece, is going to slide into the track and then you spin it to tighten it. The female end on this top-end here can fit a rod holder unit into it, or you can put a tower with a couple of arms and have a camera mount, or you can have your fish finder plug into this thing fairly easily. So this is the first thing that I like to give people when they’ve got gear tracks and they want to start putting more stuff on their boat. These rod holders are a good example. You could screw this guy straight into the boat, but actually that piece slides straight into this piece as well. So you can take the whole thing out and turn it as you’d like. We’ve got several different sizes for rod holders for those. Whether you’re fishing for trout or salmon or a giant halibut out in the ocean, you can mix and match depending on the trip you’re going on and use different rod holders on your boat on the track adapters. We can do all those installations here at the shop. Come on in, we’ve got suggestions for you. We’ve got the right gear for you to buy, we can get you set up and ready to roll.

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  1. nice channel keep it up…
    ive subbed u and hope u can have a look at my south african bass fishing channel and sub back..
    tight lines!

  2. Can you make a YouTube video on how to replace the standard fins to turbo fins on a marage drive hobie outback 2018 . tks .

  3. Top 5 Hobie accessories and no mentioning of AMA sidekicks? Not good!
    For sea fishing in conditions different from ideal, these are worth their weight in gold.

  4. That is the first video I have ever seen showing two seaters. What would a (13,5 two seater) cost in comparison to the usual  one seater? What would be the weight capacity of a two seater? Do they come bigger than a 13' 6"?

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