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Top 5 Shark Movie Death Scenes of All Time!

Top 5 Shark Movie Death Scenes of All Time!

Hey Collider fans, I’m John Rocha. “The Meg” swims and chomps its way into theaters this weekend and we thought we’d count down the Top 5 Shark Movie Deaths. Now there have been many memorable shark attacks on film #Batman1966 #SharkRepellent but we wanted to look at some of the best deaths. A warning to all of you: if you’re squeamish then make sure you’ve got a trash can nearby to drop your Chum into [Vomiting] We start off our list with one of the most horrific shark deaths on film, yet one where we never even see a shark Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” has scared generations of film-goers for years. One of the many reasons why is the opening scene of the movie: a young woman has swum out into the ocean at night after enjoying a beach campfire. The water is peaceful and the buoy dings in the distance. We got a peaceful easy feeling, but it doesn’t last long – the young woman is suddenly taken underwater three times and begins to freak out, realizing the terror she is in. The shark drags her back and forth in the water. We hear these horrible sounds of absolute terror bursting out of her mouth. The attack lasts 45 seconds and Spielberg (that crafty mofo) even teases us that the young woman might escape when she is dragged to the buoy and the shark attack stops. The respit only lasts a couple of seconds before the shark returns and takes her underwater to her death, the water is calm again and we are left with a terror that will carry us through the rest of the movie. Our #4 Movie Shark Death comes from “Open Water” in the film a couple on vacation Susan and Daniel gets stranded when a tourist boat accident that leaves them behind and they spend the movie fighting off a shark in you guessed it open water (boom, nailed it!) Susan’s death is a scary unsettling yet surprisingly empowering one after daniel is attacked earlier and eaten overnight Susan spots Daniels remains floating in the water the next morning she has almost no time to grieve her loss however because she also spies with her little eye something that begins with an S and that’s SHARKS. More have shown up to join Daniel’s attacker and are thrashing about whipping themselves into a feeding frenzy realizing she is about to become a KFC meal Susan makes the surprising decision to take her air tanks and swimming goggles off let them float away and defiantly chooses to drown herself. Yeah there’s no blood or ripping off body parts but it’s a powerful shark movie death nonetheless. I mean what would you do? #3 in our list is a 2-for-1 deal from “The Shallows” directed by Jaume Collet-Sera. In the film Blake Lively plays Nancy a young woman who’s coming to terms with the death of her mother and visits a remote beach in Mexico after a long day of surfing with two locals one with a GoPro on his head Nancy decides to wade out into the water one more time and notices a humpback whale carcass as she swims towards it a shark suddenly attacks her biting her leg and shattering her surfboard she eventually swims to safety on a rock formation patches up her leg and spends the night there the next morning the two local surfers return and begin to wade out to her Nancy yells them to go back but they do not listen suddenly one of the surface is attacked by a shark and eaten amidst his screams the other local server he swims towards Nancy he eventually disappears under the water and we think the shark has claimed him but he pops up moments later screaming in Spanish for Nancy to help him get onto the rocks we see the terror in Nancy’s face through the surfers GoPro as she desperately tries to save him the shark ferociously takes him underwater and Nancy is left with a nice pool of blood bubbling up to the surface Nancy you in danger girl. #2 our list of the top 5 shark movie deaths is Samuel L. Jackson in “Deep Blue Sea” Yeah you know this was coming. The film, directed by Renny Harlin, is set in an isolated underwater facility where a team of scientists is researching how they can genetically engineer sharks to help fight Alzheimer’s say what yeah it’s Renny Harlin let’s just move on Jackson plays Russell Franklin a corporate executive who’s been sent to the facility to figure out what’s gone wrong with these experiments the Sharks are worn out super-intelligent eventually break out and terrorize the scientists and Sam Jackson Sam steps forward to try to rally the troops to deliver what could have been the greatest film monologue ever! Unfortunately he never finishes it as one of the motherfucking sharks suddenly jumps out of the water, grabs Jackson in its jaws, and drags him to his death. It’s one of the most shocking shark movie deaths ever and may be the last time anything man or creature ever got the best of Sam Jackson on film. And finally our #1 shark movie death is the death of Robert Shaw’s Quint in “Jaws” Quint is one of the last remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis a ship that was torpedoed by a Japanese sub in World War two 1,100 men went into the water were attacked by sharks and only 316 men survived going to spend the rest of his life hunting sharks as a revenge he chief Brody and Hooper are chasing a 25-foot shark that was terrorizing Amity after thinking they might finally be getting the better of the shark in attacks Hooper shark kage and then quickly launches itself almost full-bodied onto quints slowly sinking boat this causes the boat to become a ramp essentially and Quint starts to slide down it he desperately tries to hold on to a shelf but an air tank of Hooper’s rolls over his hand forcing him to let go he tries to grab on a Brody’s hand but slips through and slides down to the shark he furiously kicks at the Shark’s snout trying to avoid its mouth but to no avail the shark sinks its teeth into Quinn’s body and squeezes the life and blood out of him amidst his squeals and futile knife stabs he has slowly dragged into the water to join us fallen comrades from the USS Indianapolis. Well there you have it our top 5 shark movie deaths – hope you like them! Remember to catch “The Meg” in theaters this weekend let us know what your top 5 shark movie deaths would be in the comments below. Remember to like and share this video on your social media and subscribe to Collider for more fun videos just like this one [More Vomiting] [Music]

55 comments on “Top 5 Shark Movie Death Scenes of All Time!

  1. Actually watched The Shallows last night. I liked it, though i do wish for a bit less digital shark at certain points. The less is more Jaws angle would have worked better.

  2. Whoever thought of putting open water on here is an idiot…
    That was the worst piece of shit movie that was ever made

  3. Meg was trying to be a parody to jaws when iwatched the filming counted seven things that was every similar to the jaws filming give them a b minus

  4. Personally, the Kintner boy and rowboat man in Jaws are the two most realistic and disturbing shark deaths. You don't see much and they are over quickly.

  5. Samuel L says''I tired of all these Mother Fuckin' Sharks in this Mother Fuckin' clip!'' and "does Quint look like a bitch!?!?"

  6. the shallows should not even be in the top 20. that movie was fucking terrible. I wanted to get my money back the worst ending ever. my daughter even thought it was lousy. the shark can tear apart a metal buoy, but only bites Blake Dingbats leg and don't break it in two or hack it off. lousy.

  7. What about Sean Brody's death in Jaws The Revenge? That was a brutal one, despite its an awful movie. Its the only scary part in the whole movie.

  8. Jaws movie is still the best shark movie. It's still suspenseful to watch even if you already know the outcome because it was masterfully done by Steven.

  9. Deep Blue Sea is my favorite Shark movie and the only one to have make me have some reaction it was surprise at Susan death, didn't expected that.

  10. I agree with Quint's death, that was a good shark attack. However, the girl who got killed in the beginning of Jaws was a silly attack. Sharks don't push you around, back and forth for 45 seconds. They bite you, and leave you swimming to bleed out, or they take you down under the water, so I don't agree with that being a top 5 shark attacks. The girl from Open Water drowned herself, so it doesn't even qualify, in my opinion.

  11. 47 Metres Down had some great deaths. Love shark movies. They scare the shit out of me (unless they're sharknado or megalodon based).

  12. As if the death of the scientists on deep blue sea wasn't worse than Sam Jackson!
    He falls in the water on a stretcher bed and is thrown into the glass by the shark. What a horrible way to go… He is still alive against the glass staring at the crew and his wife.
    Why this didn't make the list is ridiculous!

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