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Top 5 Supplements for INCREASING BRAIN POWER!

Top 5 Supplements for INCREASING BRAIN POWER!

Awesome! Glad to have you the king and
queen on board! We are about to go on a journey on improving your brain power! All
right! Let me ask you! Are you experiencing brain fog?
How about trouble memorizing? Are you having a tough time learning the steps
of solving a type of problem for that extremely important calculus exam that
you’ll probably never use in the future? Feeling too tired to even mentally think
throughout most of your day? Yeah? Now you can’t even think about breathing?
Oh wait… that’s normal you’re supposed to breathe without thinking about it.
Gotcha all right! all right! Please don’t panic and please don’t beat yourself up!
Especially your brain! Let’s understand the brain in order to know how to
utilize it! First off the most important thing about our brain it is the
mastermind organ of the human body but also it’s a very greedy one when it
comes to consuming energy! Did you know that your brain consumes 1/3 of your
energy source you get from your day? So give what your brain needs! Here are
the top 5 supplements for increasing brain power that many studies recommend
and they are natural supplements, what your brain requires to function at its
peak performance, and possibly even expand your mental capability. All these
supplements that I recommend are not ranked in order and you can check them
out after in the description down below! Alright!
The first supplement is omega-3. You’re probably thinking, oh I already have that!
My grandma, son, dog, already uses them now, I’ll hurry up to the next one, but you
sure first understand getting omega-3 supplements are important to have plenty
of DHA and EPA because your brain is mostly fat 60% of
which is omega-3 DHA. DHA is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid important for brain
development and EPA in short is great for ligaments and joints of the body.
awesome benefits of omega-3 is it can help speed up recovery time which is
beneficial after studying and even for working out
to help speed up muscle recovery. It can also help calm the mind and increase
focus and concentration and another great benefit is it can help a lot to
improve your memory! A recommended dosage is a minimum of a thousand milligrams or
one gram of DHA and omega-3 per day. If you’re not convinced a true story of a
boy had a traumatic brain injury during an accident. When all hopes were lost his
mom gave him 20 grams of fish oil per day and thanks to that the boy recovered
from the traumatic brain injury and he’s back to normal till this day. Now the
second supplement on the list is phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine
has a widespread functions in the body. It is part of the cell structure and it
is the key in the maintenance of nerve cell functions, especially in the brain.
Lots of benefits are like, it can help stop memory decline and rejuvenate it
instead. It enhances cell to cell communication especially in the nerve
cells and because of that it increases learning ability in my experience
results become obvious in couple of days. Alright so in terms of recommended
dosage it’s just 100 milligrams per day. You may have heard this supplement
it’s called gingko biloba. Gingko biloba is an ancient plant extract that’s been
used in China medicinally for thousands of years! This plant contains two very
powerful antioxidants they’re called flavonoids and terpenoids. Lots of
benefits are like to increase blood circulation to the brain, increases
energy metabolism improves short-term and working memory
helps prevent age-related mental decline and helps increase concentration and
focus. The recommended dosage for this guy is 120 milligrams per day. The 4th
supplement is called coenzyme q10. What this is is a compound present in the
mitochondria of every cell in the body. Your body needs this antioxidant for the
brain and heart to function properly. So remember when I asked you if you feel
mentally tired? With the help of this supplement you should notice an increase
in mental and physical energy. The recommended dosage is 30 milligrams or
more per day. Alright the real 5th supplement is alpha lipoic
acid, this supplement is a super antioxidant that it can help protect
brain cells from free radicals which cause brain disorders.
It helps regenerate other brain protectors too. It also helps to control
blood sugar and insulin levels for the body and mind health. It can decline the
onset of mental decline through age and it can restore a youthful memory if you
have lost this. Studies have shown the recommended dosage is a hundred
milligrams per day. Hey everyone, thank you for watching! So
you enjoyed the video? Did you find it helpful? Well feel free to like it and
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  1. Awesome stuff! I'm happy I found a kind of similar channel to mine! Also – our channel has almost the same life span! Subscribed and looking forward to your next videos. Best wishes!

  2. Hello mate, cheers for the feedback, thought I return the favour on here. Like the animation, especially the custom intro. Which editor are you using out of interest? You've done a good job with this video.

  3. Hi I'm very happy to see this video is there any supplement that is natural with all this ingredients that you recommend is for my child , he is 6 years old but I can also benefit from this

  4. I think the overall content of this channel is good however the anecdote with the mother giving her son fish oil is ridiculous!

    Fish oil is toxic and full of harmful toxins including pcb and dioxins!

  5. Where's one of the very first "nootropics"…..caffeine?
    In terms of energy, focus, and cognitive ability…..very few can beat it!

  6. The best supplement for brain nd the most powerful antioxydant know to human kind is: put your bare feet on the earth! I guarantee you if you walk or stand still for one hour bare feet on the soil, you will have a whole body super energy… Try it. With your supplementarion together, you will feel like superman! Put off your rubber isolating shoes which blocks the charging of your body of electrons

  7. Thanks for the video! I`m taking Organic Alpha GPC Choline because it gives me the best results yet. Amazing information in the video! I also researched to see what substances the brain needs and I am feeling better than ever!

  8. I like this vedio very much it is really helpfull
    can I use ps for a month and then stop it without suffer or I will suffer after stopping that

  9. Thanks for watching! The 5 Supplements 👉
    Simple Hack to Read FASTER with BETTER Comprehension

  10. What do you think of stacking nootropics. Is there a safe way about it. Im thinking of purchasing several things like L-theanine

  11. Hello
    My mother has either vascular Alzheimer and/or Alzheimer disease. Which product is most effective?
    Choline? CDP choline? Acetylcholine? Phosphatidylcholine? Alpha GPC?
    Would you please tell me? I’m really confused.
    What other supplements should my mother take to treat Alzheimer disease?

  12. Nice video. But all of these supplements share the goal of brain longevity. If you want acute improvement from personal experience I strongly advice you to try Vitamin D3 and Creatine Monohydrate.

  13. Dobt try to use brain supplement yung memory plus. Ive tried it once but afterwards it results to headache. Just eat the good food.

  14. Thanks for putting this together, am a slow learner I can't follow up to understand a class lectures, I tried to memorize but just can't hold it for long . I failed 3 times in my exam at university I feel depress and want to drop out from school, pls is there any one that u will like to recommend for me am 29y

  15. Yoooo thank you! Ever since freshman year in high school It's been hard for me to remember stuff and I can't even talk without stuttering nowadays. I am beginning to realize that something is wrong with my brain

  16. This video should begin by recommending that the viewer consult with a physician or pharmacist before using these supplements, particularly when combining them with prescription medications.

  17. Certain aminos increase neurotransmitter production in the brain. Tyrosine, 5-htp, DLPA, And a good complete amino blend.

  18. Omega-3 Min 1000mgs
    Phosphatidy Iserine 100 mgs daily
    Ginko Biloba 120 mgs daily
    Co-Enzyme Q10 30mgs or more per day
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mgs per day

  19. Is it possible to try all of them? If yes, then how would I know which one really worked for me? I am afraid of supplements because of my kidneys. I know people who have been taking supplements for a long time had developed kidney stones. Is it possible to alternate them? Which brand of all these supplements can you recommend to us? Thank you.

  20. Brahmi
    Chia seed
    A2 cow Ghee
    Indian goosberry
    Honey .All are good for memory cognitive power according to ayurveda.

  21. ALA can also be extremely dangerous if you do not use it correctly. Also, ALA grabs ahold of metal in your body, after 3-4 hours ALA is no longer working, which means that it stops being magnetic to the metal in your body, which means that it releases ALA in your body again. So if you’re going to use it, you need to use a low dose and take it every 4 hours. That’s the only way it will stay magnetic to the metals and helping the metals until they pass through your kidneys. Oh and you need to use magnesium with it.

  22. Which natural supplements provide the above nutrients . You forgot to mention that. Whether all these supplements are available across the counter ?

  23. Did you notice things that improve are always fucking weird and strange items not readily available

  24. Which one is the best for memory and also for the brain to start processing things better and learning faster?

  25. Everything this man says is true. But add. Magnesium. L. Threonate. For mental function. Its great. Better than regular magnesium. By far.

  26. Real food > supplements. First learn to implement proper foods to your diet, then if you still feel it's neccessary: buy supplements.

  27. What this video does not say is that Omega-3 from plant sources (called ALA like in flax seed) does not readily convert well to DHA and EPA. To get sufficient DHA/EPA you need Omega-3 from animal sources including eggs (the yolk).

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