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Top Five TETRAS – Tetra Fish types – Tetra Fish Varieties – Tetra Tank

Top Five TETRAS – Tetra Fish types – Tetra Fish Varieties – Tetra Tank

what’s up fish tank people dustin’s fishtanks bring it to you on a Tuesday baby how’s
everybody doing I hope you’re doing well today a top 5 Tuesday I want to bring
you my top 5 tetras you’re ready for this cuz there’s a lot of tenders and I
like them here we go number 5 rummy knows Tetris yes rummy knows
tential they got the red nose ah rummy action the problem with these fish
is the reason they are higher up on my list is this there are a little bit more
sensitive tetris than some of the other ones were about to talk about ah great
colors on them though red nose they got a little bit of yellow action and the
cool little like lines off the back of their fins really a type of fish and
what I like most about these fish they’re very very tight school but
they’re not just a schooling fish they’re a low schooling fish I got like
the rainbows up here and they’re all over like row Minos stay low and kind of
like zipping around I used to have my day off already tall neons at the top
row me nose at the bottom kill me they’re all in place real tight school
or two so I really like the way that they school the only reason they are
higher sitting a little bit lower pH there’s also worth checking out a an
Asian Barbie nosed I’ve only seen like once slightly different look to it but
definitely cool fish to check out rummy knows tetras the ones from South America
and the ones from Asia number four numero Quatro SERP a tetra that’s right
surf and Tetris great little red tetra wire body finish like a little bit like
whiter super awesome red colors you can click here check out my man
Shane church’s video once surveyed hundreds looking real good I hope he’s
still making videos about the way old-school dude for sure Oh a jack
Greg schooling fish super easy tetra like get at least six of all three
pretty easily from what I actually haven’t kept in a while but I do love
the colors readily available just great little finished on the South American
tetra for you number three this is blood fin attentions now blood fin tetras are
great I actually you can click the link here and check out a video
I actually caught blood fin Tetris from Peru their Peruvian blood fins which are
different than the ones you typically see in the aquarium the Peruvian blood
fins get a lot bigger than the standard blood fins but flood fin is readily
available a little more upper stream school or super easy beginner fish I
mean again like with most Tetris get a ton of them get six eight twelve get a
bunch actually they say to keep them in odd numbers for like AM aesthetic reason
but blood fin Tetris cool want to check out definitely one worth noted number
two bleeding heart Tetris now I don’t have any videos myself of my own blood
FinTech excuse me bleeding heart types a lot of B’s going
on bleeding heart Tetris but what’s tying about bleeding heart Tetris is the
way they got their name they have this really awesome like looks like a
bleeding heart when they get bigger you can click the link here and check out my
man Mike barbers bleeding heart checkers which I believe or wild-caught got in
his amazing fish room so the bleeding architecture is cool really cool
behavior to like their schooler but they’ve got like a little bit of a
territorial edge to when they kind of like boss around I had my 125 down
Florida the pre-youtube era and there were money they stay at the bottom and
kind of like control the area they were like aggressive but they kind of had
like a territorial vibe tool real cool school or type schooler like mark out
their own spot but they’re not going to be like aggressive like a cichlid or
anything hand my number one numero uno my top five my number one favorite tetra
this is easy folk this is the world’s favorite tetra the neon tetra me on chat
response oh yeah I mean readily available bred in captivity all over the
place like this staple the standard in the freshwater aquarium hobby you see
him everywhere they’re awesome neon tetras I bought them for five cents
apiece in Peru I had a lot of casualties on toys shipping them back they didn’t
make it to longer my wife said neon tetras one of my best aquariums ever
that I have no footage or videos I don’t think is a 40 tall I had in college I
talked about the roaming those at the bottom the neons at the top I ended up
the rummy nose when I left them alone college things
happen the neon survived I ended up just getting like 40 or 50 neons in a 40 tall
and it was just epic you can click the link here and check out a 90 gallon I
had full of the ends and why am I talking about neon tetras folks because
I am debating getting rid of the rainbows in here and doing like 300
neons 300 neons a bunch of little shrimp doubling down the Cory cats get rid of
some of the aggression chill it out a little bit done with the rainbow so my
number one Katra neon freakin tetris get some tetris did a school attaches the
grade people with shrimp the only problem with UI Tetris is just cuz of
their size so you wanted to like really acclimate them slowly I’ve one guys like
there’s a chance they could all just kinda get wiped down that just happens
but neon tetras not Cardinals neon tetras so there are your top 5 tetris
with me on a Tuesday if you like what I’m doing subscribe check out all the
links to a bunch of different videos about these tetris all over the
wonderful little youtube universe make it an awesome wait subscribe and see you
on Sunday baby tank on boy you

100 comments on “Top Five TETRAS – Tetra Fish types – Tetra Fish Varieties – Tetra Tank

  1. Just got my 55 planted started up, and I got a few neons and serape tetras. Gotta agree with you, they are both super cool.

  2. Sorry but no tetra beats Cardinals 🙂 check out my aquarium videos on my channel, mine are almost adult size.

  3. Never had luck with neons.. Cardinals on the other hand are just more beautiful, sleek and hardier although more exp..

  4. kinda disappointed you stuck with mainstream tetras and didn't pick any of the less common tetras like poecilocharax weitzmani or Crenuchus spilurus

  5. I like Congos and Cardinals the best tbh.

    In my experience, Congos go great with just about any fish thats the size of a Severum or smaller. Colorful, fairly active and peaceful.

    Cardinals are the best with Discus.

  6. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of
    30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK

  7. with my experience
    1 cardinals: most beautiful in numbers and tight school always
    2 rummynose : fast moving most active tight schooling fish ever .
    3 long fin red serpentine tetra (not normal red serpentine tetra) : very beautiful schooling fish with a striking red color with long fin .
    // all these three are soo peaceful in all ways //

  8. Красивый аквариум! Хорошо смотрится! Удивительно, что в аквариумах на разных сторонах планеты живут одни и те же виды рыб!

  9. I love Neon Tetras since I was a kid, now am passing the love off to my g'kids and they want other fish in the same tank so they want get lonely as they say. What do you recommend .

  10. Emperor Tetras are incredible, and have bred readily in my tank. Shout out to the good ole' Black Widow tetras too. Not those horrible " Glow Fish " man made types. Oh and how good i forget the awesome Diamond Tetras as well…..

  11. Columbian red tail my No1 . Neons are not and no way near my 1st choice, but each to there own. never kept Rummie's b4 but will grab 13 when they are next stocked in LFS. Good work as always Dustin.

  12. I inherited a bleeding heart when I bought a second hand tank and the thing was massive, he also jumped and was ugly as heck. Of all fish to get stuck he was not one I'd ever like to get. I had to find him a new home since I have a tank of guppies and shrimp.

  13. Check out this playlist on setting up a No Maintenance Tank
    from beginning to end!

  14. i have a tank with 7 freshwater angels and I'm thinking about lemon and Serpae tetras. I saw since pink jewel tetras but i can't find much info on them other than they are supposed to be less fun nippy than Serpae. Any thoughts?I know this vid is older

  15. Is it weird I'm not a big fan of neons? I've kept both neons and cardinals at different points but I always found the colours too…I'm not sure how to explain it 😅
    It was always other family members that pushed for the neons, while I myself preferred rummys and lemons.

  16. I like most of this list but I think you should have done a top 10 . Cardinal ? Congo? Black phantom? Silver tip ? penguin ?

  17. Here is a recent video I did on like 7 types of Tetras

  18. emperor tetra(instead of bloodfin tetra) is also very colorful and interesting tetra species. i'll recommend them among top five tetras.

  19. hello, could you tell me what are the violet and yellow fish swimming behind you in this video? They're beautiful! Love watching you, thanks!

  20. I have 3 serpae tetras and they are a little aggressive and I can always tell which fish they picked on because they leave square shaped bite marks on the fins.

  21. Bleeding hearts gross me out.  I got one with a tank I bought, the fish was about 3" and not cute like you get in the store.  It was like that cute little skinny guinea pig at the store, when you buy it they have fur then about 3 weeks home they lose all their fur and look like a mole rat or in this case, just a really big, ugly fish with a red spot.

    I noticed you didn't put Glofish tetra. 😉

  22. I've never been into the smaller fish but just recently I've decided to try a planted aquarium. I was at the fish store today and saw some head and tail light tetras…I don't know how they didn't make the list but I thought they were pretty cool looking.

  23. I have rummy nose tetras and had no problems with them they can't jump in my tanks because my fish tank is beta with a lid that won't lift up when they jump there pretty hardy

  24. I prefer cardinal tetras opposed to neons, they have a full red belly and tail and they’re a bit bigger, so they are a little less sensitive and stick out more, they also school with neons. Otherwise I agree.

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  41. I have just bought 6 2inceah r e tetras. And they r causing utter nuisance to other small fishesh. Constantly chasing and fighting / playing (I dont know). I am having 1 neon 4 guppies and 1 fighter. Pls guide urgently ifff i should replace or keep. Bz i m very much concerned now

  42. I’m looking for a colorful tetra that has a tight school, that’s hardy. My water is 8.3ph, hard, temp 79-80 year round. I would like 15-20 in a 36gal bow front.

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