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Top Seafood Restaurant in Trivandrum | Fish Meals and Seafood | Not about Home Delivery

Top Seafood Restaurant in Trivandrum | Fish Meals and Seafood | Not about Home Delivery

Today we have come to Pankayam Restaurant in Trivandrum. If we check for the reviews of this restaurant, we find that people love the food and ambiance. Seafood specialties are said to be good here. Here they have fish meals. That is what we are going to try today. There might be other dishes too. This is what I found best on internet. We will see more after going inside. If possible, we will see cooking shots too. Then we will taste it too. Near the entrance, they have juice arrangements. They have named the juice shop as Parangipetti We are inside the kitchen of Pankayam restaurant. It is a very neat and clean kitchen. People are handling things in a professional way. Fish frying is going on. Beef preparations are also going on. After seeing this, we will have food. If you come here at noon, you will get fish meals. Veg meals are also there. Meat items are also available. I am a little too fond of fish. So I am ordering fish meals. We will just have a quick look at the preparations. Tilapia and mackerel are being fried here. Here it is anchovy. There are other fish fries and tawa fries. So we saw the scenes from kitchen. Let us now go and have food. I heard a comment that they have a good ambiance. I also heard their seafood varieties are tasty. Let us taste and see. We will talk more while having food. You all know Vijilesh. He and his wife Poorna are there with us. They are with us for food. So we are ready for lunch. Papadam, gooseberry pickle and chutney are already on the table. Rest of the items are yet to come. This is cassava. Vijilesh says that this looks like Kesari. Cassava is made in thick consistency in Kottayam region. In Ernakulam, it is more powdery. As you go further north, coking style changes. This is well-mashed cassava. Hot rice. By the time other items come, let us try gooseberry pickle. Poorna is their regular customer. She doesn’t come here. She orders packed meals. People from her office regularly buy from here. All the gravy dishes are kept here. This is fish curry. Pulissery. Buttermilk. Sambar, and what is that? Lentils curry. I am starting with lentils curry. All fish items have arrived. There are a lot. We saw the cooking of most of these. Poorna, what do you want? This one. Give her Tilapia. Anchovy is there. I am taking crabs. Kanava or prawns? I will take prawns. Let us start now. Before having rice, let me try cassava with fish curry. Fish curry and cassava is a good combination. This is fish curry gravy. Fish pieces might be there. I didn’t check. If we order fish meals, we will get fish curry. Our fish curry is yet to come. I saw a lot of good comments about this restaurant. I already told about the ambiance and the food. I saw a few comments that food is expensive. You check the price in the menu before ordering. I will post a copy of the menu in Food N Travel blog. If you feel that it is pricey, you can manage accordingly. I haven’t started eating. I will tell you about the taste after eating. Fish curry with fish meals has come. Let me try this. This fish curry kept here is not that spicy or sour. I will now tell you about this fish curry. This is not a very hot curry. Ground coconut, with average spiciness. Less than average hot. Lightly sour. This curry is not made with pot tamarind. If we want that, we have to order specially. I am taking a piece of the prawns. We don’t need to remove the shell. It is very crunchy. Very tasty. Shell is very crunchy. It is slightly rubbery. But the shell is crunchy and the taste is good. Last time, I didn’t take papadam. This time I am deliberately taking it. Viji’s mother makes excellent kanava thoran. Yes, Kanava thoran. I tasted it once. I loved it. We will go to his house and do a video of that one day. Is that okay? Now I am giving anchovy to Vijilesh. It is very tasty. Very crispy and hot. It is a fresh fish. Let me also try. I am tempted. As Vijilesh said, I will try this mixed with all masala. A bit of spice mix and the fish pieces. I loved prawns. But this feels better to eat. As Viji said, they have added fried chili and garlic in this. Curry leaves too. All these give a special taste. It is superb. Now we will try crabs. We will first ask Poorna. Poorna is tasting crab for the first time. So we will know how her first experience is. It is good. Crabs have a specialty. Shell is very hard. But when we break it, the inner part is very soft. Very soft and tasty. I am taking a small piece. Prawns also in between. Let me try a piece of crab. I took a small piece. Small pieces will have more shell. Big pieces will be more fleshy. This also has flesh inside. When we break the shell, we get the flesh inside. Taste of crab depends on the type of masala used. And also on how it is fried. People do this in different ways. This is good. I will give the rating about food and ambiance for this restaurant in the description below. You can check the description. We will get both water and lemon juice with lunch. Lemon juice is unlimited supply. We can have as much as we wish. Light lemon juice. Now for Tilapia. Masala mix is sprinkled on top of tilapia. I think it is dry red chili. We can see the seeds too. Take a bit from this. Any problem if I take with hands? No, we are friends. We have eaten African tilapia. Our Indian tilapia is tastier than that. We worked together in Uganda. We caught tilapia fish from Victoria Lake in Uganda. I don’t know how to catch fish. They all did it. We made curry of the fish. No, we fried it. Africans fry fish without much spices. This is our Indian tilapia. How is it? Very tasty. Let me also try. I took a bit of tilapia. Just for the taste. Tilapia gets a muddy taste sometimes. This has a slight muddy taste. Masala is all perfect. It is not the fault of preparation. Sometimes, this happens with these kinds of fish. I couldn’t make out. I felt it. Maybe, it was in the part I took. Generally, food is tasty. I loved anchovy the most. I loved crab too. Crab and anchovy were the best. Lunch is nice with good curries. So this is all about Pankayam restaurant. Poorna, did you like everything? Yes, it is good food. Vijilesh, what did you like most? Vijilesh loved crab. All of loved crab a lot. I loved crab and anchovy. Lunch is also good. Let us end this video here. We will come soon with another video. Be happy. Smile a lot. Always be with us. Bye for now.

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