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Top Water Stripper Fishing at Lake Pleasant

[music] [Splashing] well folks let me show you what we are catching and you can guess where we are at you are right Lake pleasant out here today and we finally made up here to a stripper show this is what these babies look like and I am sure you will see them jumping these are what you have to be careful of because these things will get some hooks in you you can see the lure I am using is pretty big it’s a gun fish this is the biggest gun fish they make but these things will tear up will tear up up ah… will tear up your baits I am sure we will get some bigger ones but that is what they look like they make great fish Tacos in fact we are going to keep a few of these to harvest them this size is perfect the two pound size so alright so let me put this back in the live well and as you can we are up at lake Pleasant it’s a the hottest day of the year was yesterday I was up at Bartlett and today we are at Lake Pleasant it should be interesting they are feeding all behind me in fact while we are talking Dave is going to be coming to be showing you all these terrific strikes we get on all these strippers this is really gonna be a fun show So this is a walking bait let show it to you first before it gets all tor up this is your typical gun fish and ah.. you can use just about anything I got a bunch of things tied on that I gonna show how to catch em I put this big one on just to try to.. to get a big fish to hit this thing and I can just walk thid you just have to find what Cadance they want sometimes there are so many fish jumping you do know witch way to throw now there a lot of bait that are different I got I’ve got a whooper poppers on I got… I got about everything on here I got swim baits on so probably swim baits might be the best so what I do is just kind of just look at that just Stripper everywhere as far as the eye can see sometimes you can throw out without a boil and they will come up and actually hit it so if you can get to a fish as soon as he boils that’s when you can get one and they are all over the place you can see the boats are starting to come in ther one over there and one over there to get into the action and a smaller bait might be a little better because the shad are real small the suns gonna.. [splash] oop! Oh! he missed twice..oop! he came back he got it oh! boy when get them on they fight hard [splashing] they are a fun fish to catch I’ll tell you you can have a blast out here [splash] it’s pretty this water is real clear you will get an idea what these things beautiful fish [splash] they look to be 2..3 pounds some four… some of them get up to 6..8 pounds some of the guys are saying they are catching [splashing] let’s go ahead what I like to do is get the net and bring them up and.. [splashing] so they do not trash your boat they are not like a catfish but they do.. [Splashing] they are hard to get out sometimes I will tell you they destroy your feather and your baits and your poles that’s just a hair bigger then we had last time but they sure do fight a! that one is just a little bit bigger they feel heavy they chuncky you get a slab of meat off of these make some good fish tacos there were no fish jumping I was just moving my bait back and forth and he bit it [splash] came up for a second try and missed it well let’s try it again one thing about using a big bait when they hit it they grab on to it! they still seem to be coming up farther down so we are kind of.. take the trolling motor and get to a real active area were there a lot of fish jumping [splashing] there’s a live hit oh boy! [splashing] not a giant one but you know what it’s a fun one [Splashing] these are ones you hope get off get off you know up by the boat come on guy they have got some sharp dorsal fins he already sliced me open boy I’ll tell you.. you have to be so careful that’s the only thing with these things taking these hooks out they will cut you open got one out got both of them out let’s let this guy go see that one! he missed it missed it again! oh there’s a good one that’s a good one [splashing] boy they fight so hard they are so much fun to catch let him quiet jumping a second man! these guys really can you can see their back fins how sharp those are look at that they are needle sharp! so you want to be really really careful taking these out that’s probably a pretty good eater right there alright we got to get busy there are some good ones out there jumping this breaze might help a little bit too alright there’s a big one that jumped way out there [splash] oops! come on you can have another try at it there’s one right there it’s so neat you do not know how they could miss it but they do just simple walking the dog just like you do for large mouth every once in a while you will catch a large mouth doin this but.. like I said they do appear to be in large schools they appear to be in singles one or two chasing shad so you don’t get much of a crack at hitting these things unless there is a lot of them chasing at one time you know all I am doing is is working this bait and it is a walking bait like I said it is Zara Spook a small Zara spook and it is bone color and all I am doing is walking it along the surface it looks like an engaged minnow that was hit and is traveling on the top so you just reel a little bit then jerk you rod back and forth you know like this and that makes that lure lure go back and forht it’s got a lot of bee bee in it a lot of sound we could also take a a smaller swim because the shad are only about this big they are not very big and we could just ah throw that out..I am seeing on my graph that the are are down about 5-10 feet the water is so clear with these bee bee it gets then to come up we will just make a long cast and the wind came up too I do not know if that hamper the.. hampers it a little bit it might help the swim bait a little bit well keep making a few more cast with this just to see if we can one to come up oop he came out right after I throw out way right over there like I said you need a reel that can cast a long distance you know put a lot of line on there I have seen too many guys with not enough line on their reels you got to fill that up on bait casters to make them really cast I take some of these guys out and they.. they only have there bait caster half way full you know so they can only cast 20 feet so make sure that baby is. if you are just a beginner if you are are out trying to get some where and you live in Peoria and you live on the west side this is a good lake to come up here. I am came up.. this is up in the no ski area at the upper end of the lake more or less if we kept going we would be in the river so not being here for a year you wonder where do yo go I just remember from years past I used to come so we just drove up the lake and we where looking for the fish coming up and we came all the way up the river part and see saw all these fish chasing shad up here so that is where we ended up staying so we covered the whole lake coming up just looking for the splashes and the jumping and this is what we ended up with [splashing] got one these are little little guys whoa we got little guy on here oh he is not as small as we thought he’s a bigger than I thought got him on a big bait okay now comes the operation oh that came out come on man there mouths are really super..tough! [Splash] [laughter] [splash] [laughter] it toke him three tries nut he toke it boy folks they are fun to catch I will tell ya! oh ya I thought they were smaller than this but they are not he is a good two pounds we’ll get a nice little fillet out of these little guys oop! maybe I do not want to break another rod I will just lift him right in the boat come on! come on! there we go thank you throw that one in the live well too that’s a nice just a nice eating size right there we should probably take as many of these home as you can because ah.. because they need to get these out of the lake there so many millions of these so we will throw him in the live well [splash] we are on to another one folks you know you never know if you are going to get a tiny one or a big one right now we must be into the tiny ones they are jumpers let them let them kind of settle down just a minute and then then you can dig this out of there system out of there skin there you go they are pretty thou they are pretty fish a lot of people want to know how these strippers got into lake pleasant when they built lake pleasant and they added the new dam and they had the CAP coming in here what happen was those Strippers the canal sucked up all the eggs over at lake Havasu this is were the water comes from this is just a holding tank more or less so they came into the lake the eggs because they had screen ins there to block the fish and they came and ah.. so now we have tons of strippers in here we used to just have white bass but you can’t you can’t keep the eggs out because you can not build a screen small enough to do that so strippers have been in here for quiet a few years now 10-15 years and ah.. Like I said they are fun to catch. if you clean them there’s a little red strip down the middle of them when you clean the fillet just cut that out it’s a blood line you do not want to be eating that it does not taste good you can catch peaty strippers take that out and you will not have to eat the blood line so they are pretty easy to fillet they are just like a large mouth bass or any kind of fish and if you get those bigger fish those 3 to 4 pounders then you can ah.. you can get a pretty good fillet maybe that thick and maybe that long A lot guys say they make fish tacos out of that I grill them on the grill and use some spices and fix them that way they come out great! oh ya another fish so they are not even jumping now guys they quit jumping but I am throwing this gun fish it has got a lot bee bees in it it’s just like a Zara Spook oh boy this one is giving me a a fig……oh no! [laughter] oh no I got two fish at one time check this out! look at this this what you call lucky ! getting two at a time one on the front hook one on the back [laughter] when I was reeling in the one the other came up hit the over hook because he was jealous look at that oh you know what we had two species here we had a stripper and a white bass this is the other specie that was in the lake which is just a white bass looks like a stripper but it is just a white bass these have a lot of meat on them too. these suckers have some gill plates that are really nasty there we go we are going to keep because we are go to do a a little live telecast that is what the white bass look like kind of like a stripper but look at these fins those things you talk about a catfish these fins are needle sharp and these gill plates right here man they will cut you open right there that is sharp. so now we got strippers and white bass same lure top water gun fish [laughter] That was a good one oh ya! this one is pulling pretty good oh boy! he not real real little [splash] they look pretty when they come in that’s for sure with that big old lure I waiting for another one to come around and steals the bait I do not see any of his buddies around let’s bring him in here he comes and let just hoist him in the net right there I let him get a little bit tired out this time so oops lift your toe up Dave this one whoa! easy now easy I do not want Dave gigging any hooks out of my body or thumbs you can see the difference look how big that bait is but it looks like a fish it’s got a little cup on the front you know walks alright you get to live and swim we are not going to eat you there he goes oh look at this guy now thats a small one alright folks here we go if I can get him to stop we are at Lake Pleasant stripper fishing this is a real baby it is the smallest one so with this we are going to close this show thank for tuning in and watching all of our videos [music]

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