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Topwater Bluefin Tuna Fishing in Cape Cod Bay with Riptide Charters

Guys hurry! Halfbeaks breaking! 2 o’clock! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Like right in around here. See if they come up again. They’re moving from right to left. Instead of going to where the fish are, or
where they’re jumping, we try to head them off at the pass. When I yell to the guys to cast, I made sure
I told them you want to lead the fish. Lead them by 10 yards, 15 yards, because those
baitfish are flying and the tuna are hustling underneath. Yeah!! What an eat! It was just an unbelievable eat. Slack tide’s coming. We put ourselves in a good place where we
had a lot of bait. We had halfbeaks jumping out of the water. Had them jump a couple of times. We kept getting a little closer each time. We had a nice spray, not 20 feet from the
boat. Tyler put a phenomenal cast right into the
middle of them with the new Hogy Slider. Tyler twice today managed to put the lure
where the fish was gonna be. When that lure landed, the Hogy slider just
got crushed both times. It’s a perfect match for the halfbeaks. The lures the right length. It’s 4 ounces. It casts like a missile and it matches the
hatch perfectly. It’s got great strong hooks. Once we had those fish buttoned up, they weren’t
going anywhere. These guys could put 38 pounds of drag on
them for 45 minutes and had no problem at all The hooks are fine, the lure is just as it
was. We’re gonna fish it tomorrow. If you get tired, hand it off. Lean on him Grady. Show everybody how you do it. Eugene, you ready to be next? Get on ’em Dad. Get ’em. 45 minute fight. Everybody involved in it. We put the fish in the boat. 68 inches right on the button. Perfect sized fish to bring home for these
guys. It just shows, we didn’t see one other break,
one other fish. We kept grinding and we kept grinding. We got it done. These guys did an awesome job on the fish. We just dressed him out. We put him on ice. We’re gonna take him home. We’re gonna loin him out and we’re gonna have
sushi tonight. That’s how Rippy rolls. Nice work boys. Nice job Grady.

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