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Tortilleria Garcia (Best Tacos in Cincinnati)

My name is Omar, I’m one of the business owners. We’re the first tortilleria in Ohio that came
up here. It’s been my dream for the past 15 years that
I wanted to open something like this. We’re the first one to make everything from
traditional dishes. Everything is made from scratch. We come up here early in the morning and cook everything. The processing of the corn, making the tortillas,
pressing it everyday. It’s just really unique the way we make everything
fresh with no preservatives. We cook our corn for about 45 minutes to an
hour, our corn is cooked, then we let it rest for 4 hours, 3 1/2 hours, then we clean it
out, wash it off all the calcium, and then it goes through a grinder that grinds the
corn, makes it into a masa. The masa goes through the machine which makes
the press and cooks the tortillas and then we package them. You can’t find anything like this in Ohio. We would love for you guys to come and try
our food. We’re unique, we make everything from scratch,
nobody makes tortillas like we do.

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